Peugeot 5008 FULL REVIEW – this or 3008 ?

on auto fuel you could always state your wishes which cars to review next and one of you wishes was the Peugeot 5008 yo nautical fury number one resource for in-depth careless and your number one community to discuss cars today was Thomas an exterior interior and the driving experience of this bigger brother of the 3008 will also draw some comparisons will be in full HD full suite and phalanx let’s go in the prompter 5008 looks pretty strong and modern with this upright grille with this dot structure I think it’s pretty nicely done maybe I would have aligned just the headlights a little bit more like this I don’t think they understand this design curve here it starts with halogen headlamps and the optional dole spawns here available the full LED lamps for sporty style you can also get the GT version year as the same as with 3008 and from the front Bozak kind of similar three thousand eight five thousand eight it’s a little bit different and we had one static review where we had both next to each other you can check that one out later as well when we finish with this one for me 264 15 foot 2 is total lengths of five thousand eight that’s twenty centimeters longer than the three thousand eight you can see it here in the rear area that’s also reason why it looks more van ish however if you compare the predecessor of the five five thousand eight this one now definitely move in the cross over SUV direction also with those plastic SUV cards around the wheel arches rims seventeen to nineteen inch those ones are in the between eighteen inch I think it’s good compromise picked and you don’t lose too much comfort because 19 inch rims often can cause some bumps then you know that they get a little bit uncomfortable contrasting side mirror caps were there chrome part in the lower area and then we have the shaded windows here in the real you do not have to get them but they also appear quite cool especially if they contrast here to the white color of the vehicle what do you think about the design and now here at the rear with this claw design at the taillights I think that’s very well done and for a rather bulky vehicle let’s say I think they’ve done it very well you see that you don’t lose too much room on the inside right there some chrome elements at the lower part and well those ones here act I’m not sure if they even pretend to be exhaust fake exhaust tips because they’re really I mean just a graphic there but I think they could also just get rid of it I think the nice glass look here that’s what makes this car model in the rear and already giving your price preview take a German reference was 25,000 euros and goes up to 40,000 we’ve picked the highest rim here with a smaller petrol engine soon today and with not the highest trim you can maybe get one for something very 35 something that’s a realistic price and by the way two thousand euros more than the three thousand eight so the extra price is still quite okay looking under the hood this days of three cylinder 1.2 litre petrol engine turbo petrol 130 horsepower manual or automatic then there’s a bigger 1.6 litre petrol engine one other 65 horsepower we tested that one already in a three thousand eight and then two diesels 1.5 litre with 130 horsepower and two litre with 177 horsepower the bigger one we also tested already in a three thousand eight also tuned in to those reviews and now with the interior which is really interesting because I really like those fabric Indus here it looks like a Scandinavian living room style I think it’s well done also belongs to this unique aspect for bigger bottles you can put them in a you know strange position right then usually it’s the other way around the other direction but it still works and then here we go you either get pure fabric surfaces or then this fabric leather at mixthru outside leather right inside fabric it’s no no animal harm and really looks amazing I think they have done a fantastic job right there also with some shoulder support some contrast ditches you could put out the lower area of the seat and in the GT line you also get a Alcantara leather ethnics this one here also with the electric seat control all the ways also to memory spots and then this special eye cockpit with a very tiny steering wheel flat bottom and it’s really like in a computer game that’s really funny and belongs to this there is a cockpit screen right there that is really placed very high soon more details to that another interesting detail you can see here the lower part of the dorsal is really low so it will all protect the inside of the car also when it gets dirty and wet let’s get inside and that’s fairly easy because you have this upright SUV seating position it is not that extremely high as in other SUVs so it’s somewhere in the middle part and then it’s so unique and interesting to sit here first of all yourself is it upright I usually put the seat in lower part a little bit higher that’s a little bit more upright in you know in the in the angle and even then you have plenty of headroom so that’s not problem when you have a panoramic roof that’s a little bit less but that’s really cool also with a bright ceiling here bring so much light in the interior soft touch also here on some part of the top dashboard even here in the front we get soft touch at the top part so I’m really cool there are some parts where in some vehicles we have some gaps we’ve shown some customer comments with photos there here in this vehicle it’s actually quite nice the dance maybe it depends from vehicle to vehicle the steering wheel can also be adjusted the thing is you may also enrich but then it doesn’t go any higher and I would like it to be a little bit higher but then it would block the whole visual icon fit there so that’s maybe one thing you could criticize there but then again you have advantages because you can really see what you’re doing and you do not need a head-up display because it’s placed in a very high you know highway electric controls are very comfortable also to use those memory controls it can really I mean also a safe position then when you have to drive and easily switch it around and this is the interior overview you can see the with the popped up infotainment system carplay connectivity is available and this is a hard plastic but this one then is soft touch in the lower part this horizontal stress then is a really cool design here again with the grey fabric I love that such a unique layout and not boring as some other vehicles in this segment you still have some hotkeys right here for the infotainment system because the climate unit you can always control there it’s rather a car where you set it to 22 degrees and a/c on and just leave it instead of controlling it while driving because then it will get really complicated doing it while driving in lower part you can have the seat heating and then one USB power right there putting your phone then automatic gear leaver electric handbrake then you have adaptive cupholders those are we’re done like in the Audi system same supplier and in the middle part you have those arm rests here and then yes a lot of room right here in there it makes up for the tiny tiny tiny glovebox where I couldn’t put basically nothing and really interesting with this small steering wheel again you can see it from that perspective again you can have this digital dashboard is standard and it’s so high that you do not need to help suspect where you can also have different styles for example just a minimum well what you can see or you can also have GPS info right there that’s of the advantage of a digital cockpit that it’s actually that flexible in the short closer look here we’re going to control the temperature and also where the air vents should be coming from again while driving that’s not so good to do at least you can see that very well because it’s also in the height of the instruments and then I’m taking a little at the GPS which is not so much my favorite but the responsive times are still quite somewhat okay so it does the job actually and nowadays usually use also D and you know the smartphone connection was there but you could also just use the standard Bluetooth connection well about this rear part you can say a lot actually first of all in the rear let’s put up the head restraint also with nice design you on the interior then you have this manual shape for the kids and well I cannot really sit here although it’s long a curve in the 3008 in the reason is the driver seat would have it should be really higher than that I can put my knees under this this table and also the whole seat has this form so those tables here are basically bit you get quite good for the kids to put some stuff on there they come with the Ulua and the GT automatic but not with the base version and for the middle trim you can go for them optional so if you just have your kids here in the rear you can easily take them if you don’t have kids here in the rear or maybe not that often or sometimes also adults try not to get those folding tables because they will destroy in your new room here for adults and again if you have a you know family with small kids that’s cool because the seats here are higher than in 3008 that’s easier you know to install child seats putting them in and out and also for the kids to sit here hetero mice it would still be suitable for for adults but again you feel that you really sit very very high here in the rear you can slide those seats forward and backwards actually all three individual that’s pretty fancy you can control a little bit um you know of this of this angle here you can put it a little bit more to the rear a little bit more upright but the thing you can do more with that is first of all you can fold them flat using this lever right there and also the lower part of the seat goes down to a flat area to the rear surface really interesting that’s also interesting you can remove this part well that um you know this this rear part here then you can even out the gap in the track I will soon show you that and always pay attention that the seat belt is in a way well that’s also something right damn yep on the on this you know this part if this is actually to prevent those those bumping sounds if it’s like this it goes like this all the way while driving you will soon hear that in driving review so always pay attention that this seat belt is really in this position here that doesn’t make those songs and then you can fold at the top part because then you can slide it forward like this and access the third seating row but still you have to be super tiny to be able to do that and then you can maybe just sit in the rear if you have this seat here in the middle position but then you only have you know not honey any like room left in the front here so it’s quite tricky let’s see how that one plays out and also the middle seat can be styled forward in the same with the last seat you can put this one here also down individuals so yes you have a lot of flexibility with this vehicle and since it’s front-wheel drive only you do not have a middle tunnel here you can see you have a real lot of room feel relaxed and in the middle part usually would be Middleton right there that’s of course a big advantage then of this vehicle on the cost of not offering always drive and also important for your kids here the ESO figs are available on all three individual seats on the rear so if you have three smaller kids no problem and here we going on with the trunk and also Thomas work hold manual tailgate here which i think is not bad because when you push it through sometimes it can be better than electrical that is really applying a lot of force there’s also an electric one available first of all but I told you earlier this one here those are the covers that you can basically have this gap here between the second in the third row that you can cover it yeah somehow strange for sure this part is very I’m stalled on you know they’re in a safety equipment and stuff this the only place you can put it you with a seven-seater and you know so you can see here that trunk layout already a lot of room you have there there’s of course the advantage and if you compare to the 3008 pretty wobbly with the camera here but the reason is that you need the seatbelts here in the rear somewhere to move freely them for the last seating row and this one then you can also put it out that is actually quite easily done like that and then here goes on you can pull those covers yeah then they protect the lower lip for exam for exam when loading stuff in and then you can pull those seats up awesome easy system like this don’t have to press kit is that much head restraint move it up or then again Nate I pull this one to fold them down again so I’m pretty fancy in this respect but the question is how much room is remained in there with the seat and also to show you when we make everything flat how that one looks like here we go putting this flat here that one and yeah maybe um yeah I think it’s go the other way around and this also reason again you can pull those put stuff here over to make an even loading for surface pull those back here like this here we go this is really exciting you today isn’t it so Oh with with those families vehicles you can do so much in this trunk review part and then you can load things through that’s pretty fancy really flexible maybe also putting the bicycle in here and how large it is you can see how this cabin probably here can be moved in the in the front okay I could see that I mentioned of how much room you really have how flexible it is and now let’s see when we put this seating role up here again if there’s any change that adults could sit right there so when I slide down this seat here and I have to put the other ones down you can really see it better there is the chance I can actually get in here you see it was all the way back now it’s all the way to the front together with the tilting and well it’s somewhere in Adventure and you can see if those ones here would be put up it’s even had a chance to get inside and then we go right here extra crew the bells Reese is also the same nice design in the front seat and one good features also when you put this seat here backward then it doesn’t slide back all the way as it was but just goes maximum to a middle position and then you can see you don’t have much leg room there in the front left but it also somehow fits with my knees lack room also works satin in a way you know this one by the way he does he built for the middle seat right there it’s also a funny thing for sure hey they used to here with a magnet in the top cool finding so this one does not do any rattling awesome because it’s kept with a magnet pretty cool well and you know and and when this seat here is then up as well yeah that gets really hot and you could push it a little bit forward but the thing is when I’m here in the rear like this you know who should be sitting in the front there that’s not a pretty possible knee room wise it just works if you maybe like if you have five people which are maybe or five kids where I was like 150 in meters or something so no either fix in the rear so not possible to fit any child seats so this is not for the very small chair that’s just Rhian in the front this rear party is basically part is just for children that are tall enough not to be half we’re having you know not to be fit with the child seat anymore I’ll just member with a smaller they have to sit a little bit higher but not that old and not that tall that were not fit here in the rear again as I do so you have some flexibility for the small soccer team for example but then again I don’t see any reason to go for that because you know the the the size the size or the height of the body and the age that’s all in such a small niche where I could really usefully have those seats here Nuria what about you do you have a car with a seven-seater setup and would you be interested in going for that one then tell me why and which kids which age in which height would be actually sitting here here again by the way one more shot how I would be sitting than here and well if I have my knees below this gap and this seat in the front is put very high then it somehow works to sit after each other welcome to the driving part aka Thompson’s driving lounge with visual 5008 so as I said earlier we’re going with the 1.2 liter 3-cylinder with 130 horsepower here today which is the base petrol engine for this vehicle and the question is really is it enough for the car same is also available for the smaller brother 3008 and you know take from the exterior interior part let the cars are not that different this one just a little bit longer and you also feel that it is a little bit bulkier to drive it doesn’t make the biggest difference though yes the 3008 is a little bit more fun but the basic driving feeling is still characterized in some way you know by how the interior looks and how it also gives you that feeling while driving and this small I carpet here the very very tiny steering wheel which has total Accardi feeling so there is no natural feel in the steering wheel it feels like in a computer game you don’t have any resistance that is good when you’re parking in an hour that’s really helpful is really easy to do that in my favor drive a little bit faster sometimes you want to have a little more controlled feel in the steering and that’s what this car does not offer however it is still somewhat fun because it’s so unique it’s different and then like cars that are unique and different so trying something new why not and when you’re controlling this small steering wheel that is then definitely something something different so also with the flat and end you always have a lot of fun and now we got some viewers day and the other car so it’s very funny when people discovering hey Thomas from how to get visitors filming here and you know when they are on the other side and usually can take it take a look at that camera there and now you know we often get them come to a look at minute 20:43 that guy looking or something up or something like that it’s always funny so well you can’t hide so back to our driving here well the petrol engine here is actually pretty silent and as long as you’re driving in the city and keeping it rather calm it’s actually also perfectly enough so we’re really fine with that we soon also head out to the motorway and see how that one plays out and you have to bear in mind that this car will also be fully loaded and sometimes maybe with a full family not so much maybe with her heavy carriage but rather persons and some luggage so they had some point maybe then you could say it makes sense to step up the game for the bigger petrol engine what I’ve discovered also with the 3008 already because we had petrol and diesel engines there that the diesel engines are pretty high in the consumption so we Scott almost the same consumption just made one little difference with the petrol in the deal so with the 1.6 petrol in the 3008 we about eight liters on four on one kilometers of consumption no water making the car dirty you are not like this but you know when I want to review the car and doing some shots outsides and that hurts and with the diesel we had about seven liter of the big diesel seven liters cofunction and one kilometers an hour so seven liters on one kilometres not an hour so that was really very strange that the petrol came close to the diesel consumption that was some you know who knows why by the way also by driving with the right thumb you can control the right screen and with a little ya good actually with the left some you can control the instrument screen so wait a minute didn’t who reason to see that from Mercedes with the mb UX well visual already did it here so and you know you can oh ho very well control the stuff while driving the vehicle so that’s that’s actually quite ok they took questions the iographer you not in signal torn drive me to Berlin that’s the voice activation a job is allowed on each curtain destroying chosen ones he is not my father mr. Filene let’s see if that works whoa conversions in a big ian bitterlin Indiana Tyler okay so the car did some suggestions now but was not Berlin it was some other cities so I would say it works 50 percent minimally I’m excited yeah cancel updating operation okay about that so we know those voice activation systems sometimes they work pretty well sometimes they don’t the best one I’ve experienced is definitely still in the Tesla because no matter how freely you speak it somehow always works and by the way the funny thing is um the first consumption figure I can present you with this one here it’s basically there’s every same we had with the bigger petrol engine that is a liters on one other kilometers so you might ask yourself why with a smaller engine well you it’s a way that the bigger engines not always consume more sometimes they do but not always sometimes also the other way around because with a bigger engine you couldn’t run the car at a lower rpm and it’s you know not that stressful for the engine then of course I’ll keep you updated how that one plays out throughout the driving with you so you against steering wise the car reacts pretty fast to that so you have to bear in mind you have you know enough power your hands basically to turn the car around and it also tends to shake a little bit up so the suspension is rather soft the bumps are even out you know not that well that’s maybe the one weakness of this vehicle and so I have experience better suspensions however we recently had the Renault coleus and the suspension here is better than with the Royal because they also within nissan x-trail however there are also other competitors that are better suspension wise you also can get the blind spot monitor by the way I’ll show you that on the motorway is in the side near Austin people argue about this visual eye cockpits also because you know you don’t have a head-up display but the cockpit itself is really high so you can use it like a head-up display because it’s pretty you know high in your side it’s good to see the retail speed and I can follow that argumentation as well why not the only thing is that for a beaker I usually have the steering wheel a little more up and I’m not able to do that here in the visual 5008 or Morphin 3008 so that is the downside and I cannot see the lower parts of the instruments because the APUs Stephen we’ve had is blocking that so yeah about that so of all I mean it is really fun to drive the car still because of that unique steering wheel and you know the computer game style like how it responds then you feel somehow that it’s a little bit longer than the 3008 so it’s not that a time away so that feels a little bit more fun whatever base setup is pretty much the same so that we won’t make the difference so if you want a little bit more family is suitability than the 3008 then you can still have the perfect approximate same driving experience and also interesting that a lot of the manufacturers offer those compact SUVs now also as long revised version you know teego antigone all space for example the codec would be the same as the teague on all space so always long wheelbase and I was you know what they are doing with the Santa Fe for example mmm they were now in the new version make just one before it was Santa Fe and Grenn Santa Fe also again longer wheelbase 7-seater option and stuff and visual also split that in two models naming wise although they could also have set 3008 long-wheelbase or something but that’s basically just the marketing marketing strategy and what’s really behind it that’s our task for you without a goober to tell you so will soon leave the city and give you some motorway also acceleration and also how it is at higher speed insulation wise so far actually I feel quite comfortable and also said earlier with all seats which chef they’re very good to set up they are actually not too soft so and desiccant personal preference if you like to see little bit soft or a little bit harder and also depends on short-term or long-term run so I have heard that little bit firmer seats are supposed to be longer on the lot been long-term run but worse and the short term running I’m not exactly so sure about it also the very surface often plays a role on the long term comfort after told you that couple of times when you have this quilted structure those stitching’s on the seat that is really uncomfortable on long-term run as well you know good that we don’t have that here I think the main two other key factor to this we could here is the same with the three so tonight I feel like driving my own living room with this Scandinavian like design and this really has an effect also on driving the car here we go okay it’s somehow calms you down so overall a very calming experience mmm let’s see also if you can use some rattling sounds where we go over some bumps from somewhere I think from the rear there’s something that is either a seatbelt or is me is maybe there just try to that the winners are I think it’s something like the seatbelt or maybe the top cover of the trunk that’s rattling a little bit so well do you get it also in camera it’s coming from the back and left or maybe this the you know the manuals sunshade from the rear rear door so I think they haven’t paid enough attention to the deal say I don’t want to have that read that rattling sound while driving now getting on the motorway see here I don’t have any response basically from the car and I’m driving sideways you know but that’s just how it is that surprise of the very very loose steering wheel you have so now 60 kilometers automatic gearbox and let’s go what that was 100 so you see the engine deaths tracking a little bit however due to the tower you still have you know some power reserves if you’re on the motorway here and you you want to overtake or something that’s on that 110 so it’s working so I’m sort of karak also want to open it a little bit small in this case I think it’s it’s okay you can live with that the advantage of that small petrol engine is you actually very low in the entry price so I think you know this is also one of the one of the key elements right there that’s also zero the consumption here see how you can get in a meaningful engine if you have just a motorway maybe maybe use the cruise control cruise control here at the left side of the steering wheel so so if you zero it out and then cruise control motorway you get to to about five and a half liters but that’s just you know basically the the idle consumption will drive a little bit further and see how that one plays out and of course as soon as it goes up here for example more accelerations be needed in consumption girls I am we go off here – so you show some more of the agility see that hole that won’t pass out waves by the way are very well even the out by the suspension just not though those bumps so now approaching around about brakes could be a little bit firmer that was just a trunk you know backpack see yeah I don’t have any feeling in the Stephen we’ve been turning it also have to turn quite a lot the only thing is really when you’re parking in and out but it’s easy because you can just with one hand go left and right and then and that’s it again that’s it’s really easy to do that rattling sound then left is really something I’m not so fond of so you know again acceleration or front-wheel drive by the way no all-wheel drive available some acceleration some ways I think it’s still ok and the automatic gearbox is doing a really good job so it is also available as manual but I really feel the menu of gearbox is doing a good job that’s orbiter the automatic gearbox is doing a really good job is really relaxing to drive you hardly feel any gear transitions when you’re driving slowly and also when you’re driving a little bit harder always does a quiet good job you can also use the shifting pedals here so you’re always in control in or for example when you want to roll down a hill and use more engine brake and use the shifting pedals here and there’s also the circles in this this M button then you couldn’t press that one C can if when we drive if those pedals also work we’re without pressing the M button first and one more thing I can show you here it’s this sport mode button and the red s appears in the front of the instruments and then the gears are turned up a little bit higher so a little bit more sporty rpm is being given we can test now and as soon as a traffic light jumps to green right there is enough yeah I got some boostin cars shifting up later and then shifting down again earlier yeah so you do not have to press this M button you can also just use the pedals here but then if you want to switch around again from M to D you can use this M manual button in the lower part ideally so the sport mode is maybe helpful if you’re in an acceleration situation and you really want to have some more boost and you know then then you can actually use it Electric control of the side mirrors we can also do that part laughing it’s pretty helpful easy solution and now some countryside cruising setting the crucible again putting out the sport mode and here we go and it’s actually pretty silent so no explanation wise you may be also realized in the motorway I didn’t have to raise my voice that much so of all things also quite good result if you drive a little bit faster than you know 130 140 then we will get a little bit louder so obviously didn’t pay attention to the very high speed area that is something usually the German manufacturers do that they pay attention at the car is also pretty silent at very high speeds it’s because the truck means the only country where you can really do that but globally seen you can also argue that it’s not that important that the car is very silent above 130 because it’s just poor minority of customers overall you know some might disagree and if that’s important to you then you have to get a car which meets this centre but you can just think about the manufacturers position you and they’re not using too much money on that because when maybe just 5% of their German customers produced it even if that’s maybe the cost of something or losing some German customers same for example as Tesla you know a Mercedes e-class is way more silent at 200 kilometers an hour but who drives tested 200 kilometers an hour besides in Germany you know and then it’s also not such a problem that it’s louder at the high speeds so last remark see to the visual 5008 again a very relaxing calming ride it is somehow that the small semen is not really it is funny and unique but it’s not really fitting to the car because the excuse me feels too small for the car somehow but maybe you couldn’t still also say that this makes this special character out of the car because you know we have enough standard conservative normal cars on the road so I think this interior experience here is still something unique so that’s I think one of the Pro points relaxing garage operating position staff comfort negative points not so much fear in the steering wheel bumps should be a little bit better even our suspension wise consumption should be a little bit lower now with below 8 liters so you can also drive with 7 something that’s possible but still convention should be lower I think it’s again you know what one other aspect is sometimes when there’s luggage in the trunk and I really opened you know the cabin trolley that it has more friction to the whole surface and in some trunks it slides all over the place and then some it’s kept tired and it has to do with the surface they use at the floor bottom and you know we had those covers here which you could remove to protect the trunk and those obviously a very slick surface so here your luggage is being flipped around all over the place a very interesting aspect by the way you do not see when looking at it you just experience it when you really test the vehicle when you drive it over over a couple of weeks or couple of days and I always favor those floor parts which are a little bit rough and I think the most annoying part is really the threatening sound the help mine my guess is that this you know maybe that sunshade cover or something so that is probably the biggest downside here office we could add a yeah that’s just you know they had just have to pay attention to details and I wonder you know from the pressure engineers did no one finally test this kind or that threatening sound but that’s one of the secrets here so what do you think about the driving part here for today and now to our conclusion for today with the visual 5008 and also what about the difference three thousand eight five total Nate first of all yeah always check that in the rear you got the seatbelt rightly aligned that you don’t have rattling sounds while driving so if you keep it in the right direction it will not be there funny fact for sure well the front they are both basically similar it’s a modern design also with a prominent front grille there you could also get the GT version if you want a little bit sportier overall I think a modern likable design although the five thousand eight is a little bit more form follows function in the real you know it just shall have a lot of room on the interior the interior then a lot of nice illusion it’s so unique with a great living room look they are with a great fabric I just love it well with the room you have and the rhea specials with those you know tablets right there i think you should get one without so go baseball or the middle trim and not pick that option it’s really annoying when you sit in the rear especially as an adult so but over a big difference from the three thousand eight and the five thousand eight is really if you have kids then you should go with this one if you have small kids for all other cases remain with a three thousand eight pay two thousand euros less because the rear you know is really high from the seating position then unlike to the three thousand eight and well with the trunk you’ll still be you know getting along with the three thousand eight it’s a little bit more fun to drive for sure with the seven seater set up here i really don’t get it that much so as i said earlier it’s not really for very very small kids who need the child seeds but if the kids are too big you don’t have any room there in the rear so my tip would be if you have kids then go for this one without the 7-seater option just that you have some more trunk if you don’t have small kids then go for the 3008 thanks so much for tuning in to our dual fuel looking forward to your comments what do you think

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