Planning for Click Frenzy 2020 and an early start to the festive and holiday season

Australia’s online mega sale kicks off the 2020 festive and holiday buying season and is shaping up to be a substantial jump on the previous year (2019).

Retailers will need to act now to be prepared for the upcoming season to increase the sales opportunity and recover the revenue deficit in the past 6-8 months. A successful season will be essential for the survival and future success for many retailers.

While the online shopping trend has been growing steadily, the anticipated uptick in revenue for Click Frenzy 2020 will be significant. Since COVID hit in March 2020, there was a substantial increase in earnings across digital retail stations. The expansion was continued up until April, where it began to drop slightly.

COVID-19 has also motivated more Australians to buy and store with local companies. Seventy-two percentage of these shoppers said they wish to donate to Australian firms, to help them endure post-COIVD. Additionally, 59 percent said they would encourage local to preserve and create jobs for fellow Aussies.

Click Frenzy places Australian retail brands in the spotlight, with its strong member base growing this season.

The Click Frenzy Mayhem event saw a 135 percent increase in visits, reaching almost 2.5 million. There were more than 19 million pageviews at this year’s event, up 222 percent from 2019. Of these visits, 5,309,929 were to retailers, up 103 percent.


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This year, Click Frenzy begins at 7pm on Tuesday 10 November and finishes on Thursday 12 November.

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How do you prepare for a successful Click Frenzy 2020? Here are some tips:

  • Strategy — analyse your merchandise by taking a look at the best performing lines, slow-moving stock or what things sold well at precisely the exact same time this past year. This can allow you to prepare stock levels to keep up with need and the way you utilise your promotional efforts in preparation for the day.
  • Make your deals exclusive — for the best exposure, make your deals exclusive to Click Frenzy. Interest will be sparked when clients know the offer is not available anywhere else.
  • Ensure site rate is optimized — Click Frenzy is an eCommerce play, do not miss out on potential sales because of a poor site experience. Make certain you have the appropriate codes available, and that landing pages are loading fast.
  • Build anticipation — have pre-event advertising in place and allow your clients know that you’re engaging in Click Frenzy well ahead of time. This will hype up the event and get people excited about the deals you need to offer, in addition to makes you top of mind once the day rolls around.
  • Direct link to deals — do not make your clients search for the bargain they clicked on. Minimise the amount of clicks it takes for your customer to put their items into shopping carts.
  • Optimise for cellular — based on Click Frenzy, 55 percent of visitors throughout the event comes from mobile devices. Ensure your website is optimized for cellular to capture and convert client visits.
  • Use FOMO — fear of missing is a key driver of the success of Click Frenzy. Build suspense by adding a countdown to your site, and by implementing other time-sensitive strategies.
  • Customer support is key — Click Frenzy will drive visitors to your website that might not have seen otherwise. Ensure these clients have a fantastic first experience. Be sure you’ve got inventory available (based on real-time information ), speedy shipping and excellent and speedy communication. This can help drive repeat visits from such customers.
  • Have a customer onboarding plan — new clients that you acquire through Click Frenzy might even be new to online shopping because of COVID. Have an onboarding plan which caters to those, which makes them feel comfortable and protected through the purchase procedure. Also have the physical experience once the purchase arrives. Include a note in the package and possibly an offer with a call to action that will encourage them to become a repeat customer.
  • Have variety in pictures — if customers see the same picture more than once, they’ll assume it’s the same. Vary your pictures to present a broader array of merchandise and services.
  • Make it time-sensitive — 24-hour events produce a sense of immediacy. If buyers think they have more time to consider a purchase they may abandon it completely. You need to appeal to bargain-hungry, impulse shoppers, so make your deals so exclusive they will need to check-out fast or risk missing out.
  • Be clear — ensure that your customer knows exactly what they are getting. Have transparent messaging around the discount/offer, sizing / specs and terms and conditions.
  • Maximise ROI — As you acquire more clients during Click Frenzy, make certain you’re maximising ROI by reaching these clients for the long term by applying initiatives that you are able to introduce throughout the customer travel.
  • Maximise rate of home delivery — this may include Ship From Store
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It Isn’t too late to Prepare for Click Frenzy 2020

The unprecedented nature of the year is guaranteed to generate a holiday season that’s unlike any other. If you’re looking for ideas or to find out how other retailers are preparing for this holiday season my team of retail experts are always happy to talk and discuss what we’re seeing across the thousands of merchants which we associate with.


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