Retail In-Store Customer Experience and Omnichannel in 2020

Regardless of what doomsday reports might have you believing, in-store is still very much alive and well. Actually, 71% of clients say that they spend $50 or more every time they shop in the store. True, the development of ecommerce has increased competition, but in the event that you can employ the perfect strategy, you can guarantee your in-store operations flourish in 2020.

The best way to do this is to give a superior retail customer experience, not just in-store, but during all your channels. Here’s how:

First Impressions

The first impression you give to a client has a enormous effect on the overall retail customer experience. A fantastic first impression can build loyalty straight off the bat, but it is hard, if not impossible to return from a poor first impression, with 17 percent of customers saying they will walk away from a new after only one bad experience.

Factors that can result in a negative first impression comprise slow-moving checkout lines, muted touchpoints, and bad support, to name a few. Ensure that you aren’t losing customers to these drawbacks. Be certain to train your employees well, and create change schedules that ensure you have complete coverage.

Leverage line-busting technology such as a robust point of sale (POS) solution to accelerate the checkout. You can even try equipping your sales floor personnel with rugged mobile tablet technology so that they can answer questions and ring up transactions right from the sales floor. Self-service kiosks can also greatly enhance the speed of checkout.

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Build Loyalty

87% of consumers that are happy with the benefits provided by a merchant’s premium loyalty program will select that merchant over a competitor that’s offering a lower price. Premium programs provide customers a feeling of exclusivity they don’t often find with free loyalty programs. Perks and benefits can be provided from day one, and are not earned through dollars spent or points gathered.

That having been said, do not overlook the advantages of free customer loyalty programs, either. You can offer the chance to earn rewards to customers who might be reluctant to pay for premium programs, giving them a reason to return and enhancing the retail customer experience.

The ideal time to provide these are during visits. Persuasive sales partners can pitch the program better than a site can, and they can encourage clients to sign up.

Offer a Multi/Omnichannel Approach

Consumers are gravitating towards e-commerce, yet many still have to see physical stores, and that’s why omnichannel retail is the best way to go. Amazon has set the bar pretty high when it comes to customer expectations out the brick-and-mortar establishment. To maintain, all stations, whether e-commerce, buy-online/pickup in-store (BOPIS) and in-store retail client adventures, must align and operate together smoothly and cohesively to provide the advantage and expertise your customers demand.

E-commerce sites have to be protected and easy to navigate to guarantee ultimate convenience. Shipping should be fast, and returns should be made simple for purchases from any station. Be certain you integrate each channel in your POS hub, so you will always have the essential stock on-hand constantly, for all stations.

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The Correct Strategy for 2020

As the industry changes to omnichannel, it is important for retailers to be smart about navigating these business changes. An omnichannel approach will not be as effective if you do not have the ideal strategy, or the perfect technology to use. Be certain that you understand what your customers want, and that you have the ability to deliver it.

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