Retail Sales Training: Ask This Issue To Handle Objections

When looking to manage objections, you need to ask an additional question to actually get to the core of the matter.

You have heard me say the worst thing you can say when attempting to sell something at the conclusion of a purchase is Anything Else? That’s because you’re shutting the door on the client’s interest.

After a client has decided on a single item, a great salesperson would paint a picture of suggestively selling another item that goes with the first thing the customer opted to buy.

Sometimes though, especially with higher-priced retail sales, you can ask Anything else? To smoke hidden objections.

Linda Abrams Fleming, a salesperson with Haynes Furniture at Virginia Beach, Virginia, shared another story about refusing to give up on a client by asking this one last question.

She had engaged a girl who needed new carpets for her dwelling. Her furry friend had passed away and the carpet needed replacing. The shopper hadn’t purchased new carpets in over ten years. They had a conversation about her lifestyle…she had just retired, was on a fixed income, had a new puppy, and dwelt alone.

“Jane” fell in love with three goods and Linda worked up a quote. The price was much greater than Jane expected.

Linda mentioned they’d interest-free funding for 36 months but Jane wanted to cover it at one time without having a monthly bill. They looked for alternative products which would be less costly but Jane kept coming back to her first selections.

As Linda attempted to close the sale it became apparent Jane wanted to consider it.

Linda merely requested, Is there anything else about you about buying the carpeting?

Jane confessed she did not believe she could move the heavy books from her bookcase and the curios from her cabinets. Her kids were sprinkled over the U.S. Linda told her she’d come over and help her move everything a week ahead of the installation.

Jane asked Linda, “How much will it cost me?”

Linda responded,”Lunch; peanut butter or tuna fish are my favorites.” Both girls laughed and Jane asked again how much deposit was needed as she got out her checkbook.

Older customers have enough opportunity to shop, most frequently the financial means to buy, and are searching for that connection.

When you truly make that relationship first, Anything Else is used to smoke hidden objections to the sale.

This is the heart of great retail; being of service to someone and helping them see you’ve got their ideal answer and the abilities to make their lives better.

In Sum

When trying to manage objections, bad salespeople replicate the negatives Is it too expensive? Or bring up earlier objections the client had said Are you afraid it will not fit into your kitchen such as the previous one? Those are fishing expeditions where you’re attempting to name the objection.

Trust me, it is futile to guess.

Terrible salespeople guess like this or just fold their tent, feel hurt and sheepishly ask the wavering customer to Request me when you return.

In this market, the greater the price of the item you are selling, the longer individuals might want to decide to part with their cash for it.

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But a lot of times, there is something lurking under the surface, that if you just ask, Is there anything else keeping you from buying today? Customers with whom you have built trust will frankly tell you.

Then all you’ve got to do is resolve the named objection. In this case with a sandwich and a laugh.

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