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The growth of Delivery ManagementDelivery is not new to the restaurant area. While the initial adopters of this concept did not exactly have a sophisticated shipping management solution in place, the act of transporting ready-to-eat food to others has been around for centuries. In actuality, in its core food delivery could be traced back to ancient Rome, albeit at a very basic form. The idea as we know it in western civilization now gained fame after World War II. Pizza and Chinese food–two restaurants often seen as synonymous with takeout choices –were equally ancient offerings for takeout and delivery in the U.S.

Obviously the concept has caught on with other foods,. Today, the most prosperous options remain the ones that travel well in a vehicle and delivery container. Delivery Adoption Accelerates in 2020Fast ahead to 2020 and the rapid outbreak of coronavirus. Suddenly restaurants of all types, including fine dining establishments, are taking a look at options for off-premise support. In consumer behavioral statistics offered by Yelp, takeout and delivery searches were up 148% since early March. For many companies delivery has changed firmly from a”nice to have” alternative to a requirement.

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Unlike its roots in Rome and the 20th century, delivery management comes with greater customer expectations so as to truly succeed. In this blog post we will take a close look at the latest tools that will assist you maximize your delivery operations. Keep reading to find out what you are now able to offer at your restaurant. Key Features for a shipping Management SolutionEspecially when on-premise dining is not an option, the shipping experience is the business’s chance to inspire repeat clients. You will want a shipping management solution that’s easy, intuitive, and generally pleasant to use. It is also one of the only choices for a branding touchpoint. Normally, you will want to think about features that ensure smooth delivery order stream. Including everything from order placement, to kitchen prep, to final delivery. Start looking for a platform which enables constant contact with your clients.

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Communicating with clients in every phase of the ordering process can allow you to manage their expectations, and quite literally, deliver on them. Another factor to consider is a delivery platform which integrates directly with your point of sale (POS). This will encourage operational efficiency. And, with all the data aggregating at a central location, it is going to provide you with clear insights on your business performance and areas you might want to adjust. A Closer Look at Delivery XTDelivery XT is the latest delivery management solution from Revel. It provides a custom, fully-branded user experience.

Especially if your clients’ experience is totally off-premise, you will want to take advantage of every chance to showcase your brand digitally, from tailored visuals to persuasive brand messaging. This is your chance to deliver customer experience directly to every diner’s house. Besides some branded delivery experience from start to finish, here is how Delivery XT will help drive the next business objectives for your restaurant:

Speed of Service

With Delivery XT you will enjoy the advantages of direct integration with your point of sale and kitchen display system (KDS). This means kitchen employees can work on orders whenever they’re placed. Reduce lag time between order placement and kitchen shooting. This will save you time and money on every purchase.


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Customer Satisfaction

Communication is critical for client satisfaction on delivery orders. With Delivery XT, you are going to remain in direct contact with your clients during every step of the procedure. Characteristics like estimated delivery time, SMS text upgrades for order status, and real time driver monitoring ensure your customers are not in the dark in their purchase.

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Order Accuracy

Nothing kills the mood–or your gains and internet reviews–quite like an erroneous purchase. Since Delivery XT integrates seamlessly with your KDS, you will be able to instantly capture order alterations or see if the customer changes their favored dining type (as an example, switching from shipping to pick-up). You will also have each client’s contact details. If they have asked a product or modification that is not accessible, you can manage their expectations and fix the order accordingly.

Resource Efficiency

Does Delivery XT provide dictate category, in addition, it optimizes route mapping for every purchase. This ensures that your drivers get from the restaurant to every diner as fast and economically as possible. Maximize each driver’s time and wow your clients with lightning-fast support to lock repeat diners and rake in profits on each and every order. Case in PointAs restaurants have begun testing the waters with reopening their businesses following the coronavirus pandemic (though frequently in limited capacities), trends are emerging suggesting how off-premise service will fare with the reintroduction of dine-in alternatives. In accordance with an post by Restaurant Business, chain operators say they have been amazed by how gently their takeout and delivery business was affected by the restart of on-premise support. Revel’s product group wanted to deal with this development in shipping as a growing requirement for companies.

In actuality, the company adjusted its 2020 product roadmap in March to add an accelerated focus on shipping once the pandemic and its lasting impact actually crystallized. “we would like to help restaurants produce a native branded experience that makes loyalty through the appearance and feel of the platform or benefit systems which are extremely simple for customers to use,” says Mark Harris, director of product management at Revel and former café manager. “We also need to complement a while tag online ordering solution with easy delivery direction. Delivery is a logistical service facilitated through our software which helps operators manage orders from both possessed platforms and third party aggregators.” Delivery XT is the solution, designed to fit seamlessly into wider restaurant operations all connected via a central POS. Already showing signs that it’s a lasting demand as opposed to a short-term tendency, delivery will continue to add valuable gains to restaurants that execute it well.

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