The all-new BMW 7 Series review. All you need to know.

Allow me to introduce to you BMW’s respected flagship The new BMW 7 Series It is a concentrated expression of BMW’s beliefs A large number of innovation highlights you have never seen before This looks like a cool car that only appeared in Hollywood spy movies But BMW technology makes it a reality within reach The new BMW 7 Series can park automatically You just need to press the parking button on the electronic screen car key You can remotely control the car in and out of the garage or narrow parking space Multiple sensors can be automatically monitored Braking, acceleration and steering Make sure your BMW 7 Series enters and exits the parking space safely You don’t need to go back to the car again after parking Engine can be shut down automatically Of course, you can start and stop the engine remotely with the electronic car key This is a thorough interpretation of luxury in modern cars High-quality materials, superb craftsmanship and elegant design Let you immediately immerse yourself in the world of comfort It is not only a happy space newly created by BMW Will become a model masterpiece leading innovation You just need to sit in the driver’s seat You can immediately feel the comfort and dynamic driving Extraordinary driving quality Equally impressive There are also refreshing interactive controls on the new BMW 7 Series You can control the system with simple gestures while looking directly at the road ahead There are four types of preset gesture commands and one type of custom gesture commands Answer the call, or reject the call Turn up the volume, or turn down the volume This gesture command is for you to define You never need to use control buttons You can also choose a new touch screen For example: zoom in on the map to better view driving directions Or call You can even talk to the car Intelligent voice control function can interpret common commands “Show the next gas station along the way” Vehicle handling has never been so arbitrary The new BMW 7 Series is equipped with a new generation of head-up display system 75% increase in display size Before introducing you to the upgraded comfort space Please pay attention to this wireless charging function You no longer need to plug in to charge You can also enjoy the Executive Lounge, the perfect space for work and relaxation While you are dealing with pending office tasks on the telescopic table Enjoy the tranquility in the car BMW touch panel is another innovation This tablet has all the common functions of a normal tablet But it can also be used for multiple remote control operations Full control of comfort, entertainment and navigation You can use this tablet after a hard day’s work Enable the health application or enjoy a seat massage Want to relax? You can adjust the seat position Control the interior lighting or control the air conditioning system You can also enjoy a variety of entertainment options And check the received newsletters In short, the BMW touch panel allows you Confidently play with 24 excellent functions You can also take this Adjust the seat angle of Executive Lounge Enjoy another dazzling innovation in a more comfortable posture Sky Lounge skylights add luxury to night driving More than 15,000 light spots in skylight glass Create extravagance in the car It has six colors to choose from Match and complement each other with comfortable and luxurious ambient light colors At the same time, the ambient light further highlights the personality of the car The new BMW 7 Series is also equipped with Air freshener with eight fragrance types Presenting a multi-sensory luxury space in all directions The new BMW 7 Series with new lighting welcome mat Illuminate the area around the body with elegant white light patterns Create a noble atmosphere for in and out of the car Another breakthrough in lighting Is a new generation of headlamp technology BMW laser headlights are greatly improved Visibility and light distribution The standard LED headlights will reach 300 meters Doubled to a maximum of 600 meters Benefit from cornering car light technology Visibility when driving on curves is also improved In addition, the dynamic beam ensures that it does not interfere with oncoming traffic Blue beam in the lamp This is the BMW 7 Series laser headlight technology The kidney-shaped grille on the front of the car not only shows its majesty It also helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions Additional grille on the rhodium-plated grille Automatically open and close according to engine operating temperature to improve aerodynamics BMW is the first car manufacturer to use carbon fiber material BMW i or BMW M is the leading masterpiece The new BMW 7 Series also uses sophisticated carbon fiber technology Part of the body structure is made of carbon fiber With the help of this efficient lightweight strategy Compared with the old model The vehicle weight of the new generation models can be reduced by up to 130 kg Carbon fiber also makes the body structure extremely stable Build a model that is hard to match Lightweight and sensitive driving experience The new BMW 7 Series is naturally also fully equipped The latest driver assistance features provided by BMW Connected Driving Technology For example: Lane Assistant can actively help Prevent side collisions and improve driving safety You can also use the preview assistant to avoid congestion and use electric power steering And effective lane departure warning system within 210km/h This is a big leap in the field of autonomous driving Another feature that improves driving comfort and dynamic driving level Is Executive Drive Pro Active steering chassis system ensures perfect driving balance Almost completely eliminates roll when driving in curves It can also minimize the impact of turbulence This panoramic camera can provide traffic information for vehicles So that it responds and adjusts to drive over bumpy roads at low speeds Owners of the new BMW 7 Series Enjoy multiple connected driving services Including internet connection, real-time traffic conditions And existing mature services such as the most popular journey consulting And new features such as gesture control and remote parking Within a few months of the launch of the new BMW 7 Series The eDrive version of the car will set a new benchmark for energy efficiency in similar models Limit CO2 emissions below 49 g/km If you want to know more about it Especially in-depth understanding of M Sport and Design Pure Excellence equipment packages Please visit

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