The Launch Imperative

The Launch Imperative

Merchants were suddenly thrust into an e-commerce-only reality by the 2020 global pandemic and the current rebound in 2021. They realized how important it was to choose the right e-commerce platform. To engage customers effectively and quickly, they needed a platform that allowed them to transact, increase revenue, maximize their presence and improve their brand image. The platform should be easy to integrate with their existing technology stack, while also allowing merchants the ability to rapidly expand to support new business realities.

We examine the five keys to success when using aRapid Delivery Package (RDP).Magento Commerce

“When we developed our Kemana Accelerator strategy, it was crucial that we chose the most flexible and robust platform and structured it around the Rapid Deployment Packs provided by Adobe. We were able to create groups of clearly defined work areas that fit perfectly into the Magento Commerce framework. Every client’s digital commerce plan begins with leveraging our RDP package to Magento Commerce projects hosted on the cloud, in conjunction the Kemana Accelerator, as the foundation.” – Christopher Benz CEO,

1. Scope.It is difficult to control scope and avoid the dangers of “scope creep”. This adds cost and time to goals that were clearly defined. Every merchant changes, pivots, and evolves their online presence. It is important to keep your project in a box with “Nesting Dolls”. Magento Partner Rapid Deployment Packages, (RDPs), provide the Scope Control, you provide the Willpower.

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2. MVP = Minimum Viable Product.“Many merchants have a very broad vision of what their website’s user experience should be. No matter which RDP you choose (STARTER EXPRESS, ACCELERATOR), each covers the essentials of creating products, placing orders and receiving payments. Each RDP offers a unique view of the MVP approach. Launches can be either sustainable over the long-term or provide the foundation for future business releases. Like nesting dolls for business, the next instance will be more focused and improved. No matter what your journey, an RDP will help you create a website that generates revenue. You don’t have to try to do everything for everyone at once.

“Using the Express RDP Magento Commerce from SHERO Commerce enabled us to speed up our implementation and get our sites up quickly. We launched quickly and it was the most flexible platform on the market, which will continue to grow with us. Another benefit to starting with Shero’s Express RDP was that we limited scope creep. You can start small, and then grow your online store gradually. You can use the data and feedback from customers to guide the investments you make on the right areas of the website.
Kristi Williamson is VP of Business Development & Marketing for US Water Systems and Fleck Systems.

3. Perfection is the enemy to good.Strive for perfection is a noble, but difficult, goal. Understanding the parts of your project that require deeper analysis and discovery is key. You might be able to think of one complex order type. This order type should not be a hindrance to your launch goal. You can launch and process the order type in the same way as you have always done. This will make it a goal for a future business release. Perfection is not possible by launching expensive products.

4. FinanceReduce your expenses. You can use both strategies simultaneously. RDPs use the agency’s best practices in order to create “economies at scale”. Agency’s know-how and proven capabilities are used to reduce costs and timeframes, while still incorporating maximum capabilities in their RDPs.

  • Strategie 1. Strategy 1.
  • Strategy 2. Strategy 2. Budget approval is easier than money siphoned away. You can request less budget approval if you know you could subsidize costs with your “savings” account.

5. 5. Keeping Focus & Gaining AgreementRDP guidance can be accessed from your partner, who has developed it over multiple merchant launches, and the expertise of your team. Your solution partner can help you align your project vision for an MVP approach to the RDP. This will allow you to work within your timeline and budget. Don’t ask for items that are not included in the RDP scope. This could indicate that one party has unrealistic expectations for the relationship or the project.

RaveDigital recently used the strengths of one their three RDPs from Echo Engineering in order to get Magento up-and-running quickly. Todd J. Darland (Vice President Marketing, Echo Engineering) said that Magento is the future and how we will capture a larger market share. Orders are flowing much more smoothly now than ever before. We are seeing faster processing times and less manual labor as more customers opt for online ordering. Marketing is also less stressed now that we have more control over making any changes needed.

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