The top 6 things to look out for in an employee management software

The top 6 things to look out for in an employee management software

Every organization places employee management at the top of their priorities. Companies have tried many different methods to improve the employee experience, from streamlining HR operations to improving daily employee management practices. A comprehensive and intuitive employee management program is essential if you want to support your employees better.

These are six things to keep in mind when you design your employee management system.

1. Management of employee databases

You should select a system with an employee management platform which allows you to centralize all HR data for each department, region, or business entity. This feature allows you to manually add employees in just a few clicks, or sync data from compatible third party applications. This system allows you to easily classify employees by department, location, or designation. To ensure that records are accurate, employees can access and modify their personal information.

2. Management of time, attendance, as well as leave

Your organization should have an employee management system that helps streamline and automate its time management. The system should include a robust attendance management system that allows employees to track their attendance from anywhere they are. You can keep track of each employee’s check in time, check out time, overtime, leave balances and user permissions with a great system. It can also help simplify payroll calculations by allowing you to accurately track attendance and leave data. Online timesheets should be part of your employee management system so that employees can log their time on different projects.

3. Self-service for employees

A self-service portal for employees is vital to an efficient employee management system. Employees can access the portal to view and complete required HR documentation. They can also access files and view information about their compensation and payroll. The portal can be used to log time, track attendance, make leave requests, check balances, and record work hours. The portal should allow them to submit requests and reach out to their HR department via the system. All questions and requests are handled promptly and organized in this way. A portal for employees is a great place to share announcements from the company and encourage team interaction.

4. Performance Management

An robust performance-management system is a key feature to look out for in an employee management software. This allows you to see where your employees are in terms of their performance. You will be able to conduct regular performance reviews according to your organization’s needs. It will also allow employees to do self-appraisals, and receive valuable feedback from their managers and peers. The best performance management system can support modules such as goals, KRAs and competencies. This will allow you to conduct fair performance reviews.

5. Learning Management

The key to improving employee experience is career development. That’s why you should choose an employee management system with a comprehensive Learning Management Platform. Flexible platform design should allow for different learning styles such as blended learning and self-paced learning. This allows employees to have a pleasant learning experience. Employees should be able create multiple courses, and they should also have the ability to take pre- and/or post-course exams and complete assignments. Employees should be able to access the platform at their own pace and from any location. Learning can be made even more flexible by the ability to access the platform via mobile devices.

6. Analytics for people

People analytics is a key component of improving employee management. It helps organizations understand employee expectations, and discover the root causes for workforce problems. An intuitive people analytics tool should be part of your employee management system. It uses employee data to determine the “why” behind workplace and organizational issues. You can track your organization’s growth rate and attrition rates, employee diversity, attendance trends, performance trends, and project status through the system’s reports.

The right employee management software

It is crucial that you choose an employee management program that can automate and simplify your HR operations and enhance the employee experience. This blog should have given you an idea of what to look out for when choosing your next employee management software.


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