Utilizing POS Search to Recommend the Perfect Products

Discover how your POS search capacity can directly affect your earnings, margins, productivity and profitability levels.

It is a competitive retail environment on the market. If your staff can immediately locate the goods and recommendations that they need, this can make all of the difference between making or missing the sale. Let us take the case of a client trying to find a new dress to research how, with the ideal system in place, the POS Search purpose can increase earnings, margins and loyalty for a merchant.

Trying to Find a Particular product

Suppose that the client walks in and asks for a particular brand and fashion of black dress. With a modern POS system your employees should be able to search by these new, style and color parameters to bring up hints till they can see the thing the customer is speaking to. They need to be able to see at a glance whether inventory is available in shop, on hand (as an instance, on layby) or available in one of the other outlets. And even if personnel misspell the product descriptions, a intelligent POS search function may do fuzzy logic to identify possible matches, saving precious time.

Providing alternative ideas

If an item isn’t available you may want to suggest similar goods instead. Having the ability to rapidly propose choices will help your clients and minimise time spent hunting shelves. A POS with appropriately advanced search functionality would enable your staff to perform a wide search for all black dresses that come in under the client’s price limit and in the ideal size. They can then filter by manufacturers and other factors to hone in on a selection of alternative choices.

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Up-selling into a higher value product

A successful POS will have an up-selling recommendation engine that identifies the higher-value equivalents of a product. This can benefit both your client and your margins. It might also help you alter old or discontinued products in that higher-quality variety.

Cross-selling related things

Likewise a cross-selling function offers product recommendations which would complement or add extra value to the selected product. When choosing a dress through innovative search, by way of instance, the system may bring up related items like a belt, bag and pair of shoes to match. This system prompts staff to boost the basket size and value to each sale and incredibly, can enhance the experience for your client also.

The outcome of successful searching

With a couple of clicks or key words, you have helped the customer to get what they need with additional value so they’re more likely to return for another positive client transaction. With their details on your system you might also retarget them later on with similar products and offers, building additional customer loyalty.

The success of your search function finally comes down to the POS system you select in addition to the quality and construction of your information. The more granular your system’s product search and up-sell/cross-sell capacity is, the more likely you are to win the sale and repeat business.




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