What the Three Tier COVID Restriction System Means for Business

The Prime Minister has now announced a new three-tier alert system, which is meant to simplify and standardise lockdown rules around the nation. The new”traffic light” system categorises the alert level into’moderate’,’high’, and’very high’ – with the maximum level mandating the closure of bars and pubs for a period of four weeks.

The new system comes as COVID-19 cases continue to grow at alarming rates across the midlands and north of England.

What does every tier mean?

  • Tier one:Principle of six‘ stays in place, in addition to the closure of hospitality venues in 10 pm
  • Tier two: no mixing of families inside
  • Tier three: no social contact with anyone outside your family. Pubs, bars, gyms, and casinos shut

Which areas will be affected?

Tier one is going to be the default setting, meaning that many regions of the country will remain under the rule of the 10pm curfew, but with no additional steps. Any places that already have added restrictions in place are expected to move into tier two mechanically. So far, only the Liverpool City Region is moving into Tier Three.

Which businesses will be impacted?

Despite speculation over the weekend that all hospitality companies would be forced to shut in grade three places, restaurants have actually been exempted from the most recent measures. This raises the possibility that food-based bars could stay open even under grade three constraints. Needless to say, all hospitality venues – regardless of where they’re located – will need to close by 10pm.

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In grade three lockdowns, bars and bars, in addition to casinos, betting shops, and fitness centers will be forced to close. Retail establishments will have the ability to continue working under the exact same social distancing measures which have been set up since June.

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Will there be financial support for companies?

The new restrictions follow a statement from Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, that workers working for companies forced to close will have two-thirds of the wages paid by the state. The scheme will start on November 1 if the furlough scheme will finish, and will apply only to companies forced to close by government restrictions – instead of companies impacted by the pandemic.

The agreement to cover two-thirds of wages will be worked alongside the assortment of measures set out in the winter economy program.

Additionally, affected companies will be given a cash grant of up to #3,000 per month, and a further #1b has been made available for local governments to distribute.

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