WooCommerce Stores Should Sell on Amazon and eBay

It can be tempting to keep your WooCommerce store in focus and not expand into other markets. You have control over your products and can connect with those who love them.

You’re missing out!

You can reach new audiences by using marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay in conjunction with your WooCommerce store. This will allow you to build additional revenue streams and increase your reach. They also offer tools that can be particularly helpful for new store owners.

Why Amazon and eBay are Important

1. Reach a built-in audience.

It can be difficult to reach an online audience, especially for a new store. This requires time and money to market, develop content and build a reputation. You can start building a customer base by using a platform such as Amazon or eBay, which already have a large audience.

What type of built-in audience is this? What kind of built-in audience are we talking about? Every day, eBay hosts more than 250,000,000 searches.

It is easier to reach your audience than launching a new website, as they already shop on these platforms. People who find your products on Amazon and eBay are searching for the exact same thing you offer. They’re much more likely to buy than cold leads that you reach via advertising.

Customers who shop at your WooCommerce store might be tempted to buy a product from a marketplace that charges fees. They are often two completely different audiences.


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CNBC conducted a survey and found that 57% of Amazon users buy on the platform all or most of their time. This audience is unlikely to shop at your store so ensure you are still able reach them!

2. You can also add an additional stream to your income.

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He recommends creating multiple streams of income to increase overall revenue, and reduce risk. Multiple streams of income can be created faster than one.

There are many ways you can make extra income.

  • Repay business debts
  • You can save up to buy equipment or a new facility for your business.
  • To fulfill wholesale orders, invest in more inventory
  • Hiring a new employee

Remember that Amazon and eBay have seller fees that will reduce your margins on any income you earn.

3. You can take advantage of other tools.

Amazon and eBay both offer tools that can be extremely helpful for those just starting out.

  • Shipping calculators. Shipping calculators are available on both Amazon and eBay. You can, for example, add weight and dimensions to an eBay product listing and then compare shipping rates between carriers and methods.
  • Recommendations for price. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the correct pricing for your products. eBay offers pricing recommendations for many product categories based on recent sales of similar products. You can search for sold items to view additional data and filter by model number, condition, and other criteria. Find the closest match.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to store your products in Amazon fulfillment centers and then they pack and ship them for you. This allows you to save time and hassle, and your products may qualify for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping.
  • Shipping discounts. eBay has negotiated shipping rates for major carriers. Shipping through eBay can help you save up to 25% and allow you to print discounted labels for your parcels.
  • Advertising opportunities. Advertising on Amazon and eBay comes with many benefits. eBay Promoted Listings make your products stand out from the rest. You only pay when your item sells. Amazon allows you to promote your products, brand, or store. You pay per click.

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4. Amazon and eBay have your back.

Amazon and eBay offer seller protection to help you deal with unfair claims and unpaid merchandise.


  • Items that have not been paid for. You can file an Unpaid Items Case if a customer fails to pay for your item. eBay will then refund any fees you have paid and allow you relist the item.
  • Shipping protection. eBay offers shipping protection if a buyer claims they didn’t get their item.
  • Returns. eBay will accept returns if the item is returned in its original condition. Sellers can choose to refund a portion of the purchase, or all of the parts, if an item arrives damaged.

You can also choose from a range of settings on eBay to help protect yourself. You can have PayPal pay immediately or allow only buyers with no unpaid items to purchase your products.


  • Reasonable claims. Customers must have good cause to file a claim with Amazon. These include a misrepresented item condition, an item that has not arrived or arrived very late or an item that was damaged or lost.
  • Correct any negative feedback. Amazon will not remove any reviews that contain inappropriate language or include personally identifiable information.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA offers sellers additional protection because they handle shipping. If a customer is unhappy because of a mistake made by them, such as a damaged or lost product, they will take responsibility and reimburse you.

Be aware that scammers can take advantage of these marketplaces and have learned how to circumvent the rules. It is important to be aware of warning signs and how you can handle customer complaints.

5. Marketplaces are used by many customers to compare product prices.

Customers are searching for products on Amazon more than Google. About 55% go to Amazon first. Customers often check Amazon’s price before purchasing your product.

CNBC found that 90% of Amazon customers compare pricing and selection before purchasing. This is often due to Amazon’s great search and filter capabilities.

If your product isn’t available? The customer might decide to not purchase your product or buy a competitor’s product they find on Amazon.

6. The platforms are immediately trusted by customers.

It can be difficult to solicit first-time sales if your business is new, not in your area, or if you don’t have a strong brand. Customers must feel at ease giving their personal information to you (email, address, payment info, etc.). trust and their money. It can take some time to build this level of trust!

Your potential customers are likely to trust Amazon and eBay. Most likely, they already shop on Amazon and have an account that allows them to check out quickly and easily. There is a level of security that comes with knowing that Amazon and eBay are there for you.

Get started with Amazon and eBay

It’s easy to connect your online shop with Amazon or eBay Integration for WooCommerce.

This free extension is not only easy to set up, but it’s also very simple:

  • In minutes, list all products in your WooCommerce store on Amazon or eBay
  • You can create new Amazon or eBay listings either individually or in bulk
  • Link existing Amazon and eBay products with items in your WooCommerce shop
  • Based on WooCommerce products, sets pricing and fulfillment rules and product details for Amazon listings and eBay listings
  • Syncs inventory details, orders, pricing and product details in real time

Follow the Setup Wizard to install the extension. You can then bulk list your products on both your Amazon and eBay channels by clicking a button.

You can think of Amazon and eBay as tools that can help you expand your reach beyond your WooCommerce store. Although you will make the biggest profit and have the greatest control over a platform that you own, these marketplaces can be a great way for you to attract repeat customers, find customers and build a reputation.

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