2016 BMW 730d G11 Review

welcome to a new episode of heart for cars tv today i am going to you bring in the new bmw 7 series it all started this morning at it received the key it is a smart key from b & w never seen before car has some functions with this one key so you can lock the car and unlock you can set the lighting read out the action radius so you can set the climate with you and for place heating do you want to be nice with 9 o’clock in the morning rows that is possible also has a car with this smart key and parking function that you can import and unpark the car remotely, however, on this copy, this function is not yet because the car has been ordered before the feature was available so you will certainly remember that later go back to see where photos this is a 730 d with m package ordered in the color singapore grau metallic will ill and if you look in that interior, the new design is really insanely soft and whole car has many new features car is of course a very luxurious experience and about 7 series you what you see is that the mood lighting is in color you can then also set a color again, I will show you later some new features including AI turning system has changed slightly we still have the turn-out system with turn and push function real focus display of the printout system now also with touchscreen too operating as well as the climate settings is now also all touch screen we have digital display we up our nose what the earlier also saw back a number of BMW models for which the 7 series is not what you mainly see is that the whole 7 series is just very focused on tasty comfortable driving and you feel that right when you are in such a car but the 7-series is of course not just built for those behind the wheel but also for its passengers we are in my short 7-series so just normal model when I now sit behind myself with a meter 90 I still have enough legroom, of course, I all want something more luxurious, then you should go for an extended one is not necessary in this case, which is also a nice feature is this tablet are tablet made by bmw and developed by samsung altogether for the bmw 7 series with its own software in which you have some settings can perform but under the interior lighting after it is green of course a bit of a dirty color so we want it purple on white if you want it yourself, you can also use it with two colors you can adjust the seats electrically seats climate in the back you can adjust yes and so many more options will put your way back again which is automatically charged yes most of you will think you are on the road with his new 7 series of yours why didn’t you go from 750 that four point 4 liter large v8 ie yes delivers so much power to the reason we have not chosen the v8 petrol version is because we previous week so went on the road with the mercedes s class the 63 amg has a v8 petrol engine bi-turbo with 585 hp and what you notice is of course it is wonderful so much power actually it is not necessary and with 350 kilometers driving about tank empty you are just refuel twice a day if you drive a little and then you say yes but no with this we 7 series buys that side still so much gasoline pay yes of course to that much gasoline but does he feel like going under 350 kilometers in the cold in the rain to fill that car again no, I think that again not co-drivers with the 730 no and 3 liters six-cylinder diesel engine with 265 hp and a range of more than 1000 kilometers then you think of 265 hp a heavy car that is just joking to the first what strikes me so you he almost not above 2000 rpm yes any seven goes into burping on the highway but really goes upside down You just feel that now you really put it down then it is also fast enough just drives 250 km per hour exactly as you would expect at one car like this the bmw 7 series has become a bit lighter and you can feel that at all sorry there is just a completely different material usage in the steep here and layout roof construction is made of carbon fiber that is even stronger steel and also lighter in total weight is just under eighteen hundred kilos over this new one series and you just feel it with the rows which also feel very light on the feet go sends to not too heavy not too light just dynamic enough to be a nice to have a car, this 7 series is fully equipped for comfort if you are going to drive his car it is just a luxury experience in luxury experience you actually share with your passengers then you say yes I can buy 7 series then I always sit as a passenger in the back no this is a bmw 7 series and then you just go behind the wheel yourself the chassis are also very beautiful adjusted it has active stabilizers what you notice so we have a setting that is adaptive driving modes has been added to the program and that is actually a system itself anticipates the road so all cameras remain in the car but now just looks at what is going to happen, but are the irregularities and everything he does is make sure that the car goes so on the road, not that it does this because that who does this remains a plank to me and of course you can feel when something happens but it is all intact very drowning and that is just very tasty actually a bit like the idea that I’m cutting into a kind full of glory then the Question of course yes we drove as class i also drove their jaguar xj and ridden old year 8 and now today so the 7 series where will then choose for her what is the best car and i think this bmw 7 series on it area of \u200b\u200bdynamic comfort yes is very much at the top but in the end they are natural all very good cars and then the skin is just the question which brand suits you best and what exactly do you want i think 7 series effect my load of s class also very nice quite a bit of a fault look and that BMW now there exactly in between and also has the latest techniques

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