2017 BMW 7 Series review : Executive Seating

the 2017 BMW 7-series was’s luxury car of the year for 2017 and one of the reasons is all of the electronic goodies in it we happen to be sitting in an M760 which is one of the highest trim levels but that’s not relevant because the features we’re going to show you here are available in the more affordable ones specifically aspect of the rear executive seating package it’s difficult for luxury manufacturers to justify their existence as luxury vehicles when so many affordable vehicles have incorporated a lot of the features for example two screens in the back seat you’ve seen it you feed it on much cheaper cars so how do you make it better well how about another screen in the center console here which you turn on and wait it gets better it comes out a little finger actually pushes it up it’s a touchscreen that serves as a remote to control a lot of the cars functions and in addition happens to be a Samsung tablet an android-based tablet so you can use it for other things as well there are many things you can control directly from the tablet interior lighting some protection climate stuff like that there are a lot of options for the entertainment system right now we got it showing a blu-ray but you can also do screen mirroring from a compatible phone that says casting that’s my dog Elwood there playing with his buddy so you’re able to play more than just CDs you can stream movies or whatever you happen to have on a compatible device now in addition to being able to control things directly from the wireless tablet you can also use this as a remote control to operate the screen up there see it’s allowing me to select communication navigation my vehicle which is nice especially because in some cases you’re leaning back and the seat is pretty far in front of you so you can use it as a remote to control what’s on the screen here which give you some options you don’t get directly on the tablet but honestly the tablet is the most fun because of the many things you can do for one thing you can control the seats you get to actually choose which seat aside from the driver leave the driver alone please this is the one next to me this is this one and you can see you just grab it it’s totally intuitive and it moves either the backrest or the bottom cushion even cooler than that perhaps once you choose this seat here you can actually change the pitch of the screen that you’re looking at now perhaps the coolest thing here and really that’s what this is all about you can control these seats usually using regular controls on the side etc but it’s just not as cool here you go there are preset positions including recline so you see this one is going into a comfortable position the front seat is going as far forward as it possibly can and there’s actually even a warning to the driver if the seat is blocking your view to the right they counsel you to move it back so it does not block your view so while that’s doing its thing here will show you something else you might have seen before perhaps on an airplane a little executive desk and now the Ottoman is lowering yes it has an ottoman – I hope you’ll excuse me I have some work to do Oh you

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