2019 Ford F-150 STX: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The BEST DEAL in the F-150 Lineup!

What’s going on YouTube? Now as you know truck prices have been going through the roof over the last few years With some half-ton pickup trucks now starting at over 70 grand But as many of you have pointed out this level of luxury is entirely unnecessary for a lot of people Which is where trucks like this f-150 STX come into play

This truck offers much of the styling and features from higher-end trims, but pairs it with a price tag That’s a whole lot easier to swallow

Of course We do want to specially thank our friends at Jack keen for for giving us access to this f-150 STX in the brand new velocity blue paint color and if you’re in the market for any new Ford Be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So With that said, let’s see if this is the best value in the f-150 line So to start out I’ll cover the ground rules of how to get the STX since it is a Package and not a trim level you start off with the excel trim in either super cab or super Krewe configurations Then you have to choose one of the optional engines add the 101a equipment group And then finally you can add the STX package

That package is what adds all the unique styling elements the biggest one being the sporty black mesh grille with body colored surrounds that makes it the only f150 in the lineup without bars through the grille and when compared with the normal XL the bumpers are also finished and body color as Far as the lighting you’re looking at fully halogen lights including the fog lights that the STX also adds Heading around to the side like I already mentioned STX is limited to only super cab or super Krewe paired to either five and a half or six and a half foot beds And in the back, it looks pretty much the same as other f-150 models Except that the bumper is body colored and there are unique STX badges on the side The taillights are of course, not LED like they are on the higher end shrimps But overall, the exterior appearance is probably the main reason why the STX is such a popular model

Because to my eye, at least it stands out as being one of the best-looking f-150s Now heading on up to the wheels they are one of a few 2019 updates while the actual design and the 20-inch size have not changed the Finish is different since they now have dark gray inserts that stand out a lot more than the light gray finish from last year As Far as the mirrors they stay over from the XL So they are black and you won’t find any features besides for power adjustment and a blind-spot mirror Now the other big exterior update for 2019 is that the STX now comes with some active safety features compared to none last year Ford emergency braking and Auto high beams are now included which gives it a little bit of a leg up on the competition’s affordable models

Checking out the bed here obviously it is pretty basic but you do still have lots of hooks and tie-downs Just be aware that the tailgate is not easy lowering on this trend Finally as the last thing to look at on the outside, I’ll mention that this 2.7 liter EcoBoost 4×4 SuperCrew is rated for 7600 pounds of towing But of course this will vary greatly depending on which options are selected But anyways, that’s everything to talk about on the outside so let’s go ahead and hop into the interior So on the STX f-150 it does require having the 101 a package And that throws in this keyless entry system with Ford’s nice key fob You have the switchblade key. So it’s not the smart entry system So, of course to actually get inside you’re just going to press the unlock button All right, so checking out the cabin of the STX f-150 Of course, this is not as luxurious as the Platinum or King Ranch This is more on the basic spectrum.

But that is what makes this package. So appealing is its affordability As far as the interior color materials you’re looking at the only option This is called medium earth gray and it is the cloth seating. This is things of the only color option on the STX Turnover here to your door trim. It is hard touch slightly padded here on the armrest with the rest of this is hard touch Your front to windows are one touch automatic You do have power lock still As far as the seat it does come with a six-way manual seat with manual lumbar support, of course Like I was already mentioning. This is the only option as the cloth here, but it’s a very nice cloth I like the design with the contrast colors there and it feels both soft enough, but also durable, I Also like that the STX throws in your running board, so getting in is super easy you have a driver’s side handled as well So the design of this cabin is the same as what it is and all other fo these but of course like I was already Saying being a more affordable f150 Materials are you know obviously a little less than what you get in the Platinum or the limited truck So we do have hard touch plastic across all of the upper – as well as the lower areas And then in places where we see


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Wood and stuff and the limited we just have some blank plastic Of course, like I was saying durability is what’s important in this truck, and this is one of our more affordable f-150s We do have these traditional switchblade key here, so just to stick it in and twist it One of the things that the STX does throw in, however Is this 8 inch sync 3 display which replaces the smaller? Non-touch display, which comes usually on the XL trims Alright so checking out the gauges here. This is your typical f150 affair in the middle here We’ve got a 4.2 inch multi-function display and some physical gauges above it You just use the steering wheel controls here to scroll through different All the different features you do have a lot of different Things that you can check out including like off-road status Towing so really this small display actually has the same or very similar features to the larger display in the upper trims Now as far as the steering wheel itself you have electric power assisted steering On this model we do have urethane steering wheel so we don’t have any leather wrapping And then we also have black trim around these buttons as far as the actual buttons. They are the same So the this is for your multi-function display your cruise control and your audio phone and voice commands right here Steering wheel is also manually tilt and telescoping and then if you look over there you actually have an electronic parking brake Which is a nice touch Now as far as storage the f-150 I it really is amazing and that doesn’t change here on this trim So you can open up this center console here Just to unveil this Ridiculous amount of space you can remove that little tray there as you can see, this is an absolutely massive We even have a nice little pad down here in the bottom and a 12-volt outlet Got a few more places to store things another joke So we got a giant bin right here where the shifter is on upper shrimps So that’s nice and tough 2×4 slide that back. We have another big bin our two USB ports We’ve got some storage down here along the edge we’ve got some storage up here on the top Yeah, a little bit of storage right there And of course, there’s a ton of storage down here on the entire door trim and right here So if you can’t find a place to stick things in this truck, you simply have too much stuff Not like I was saying this trim actually saves on space versus the upper insurance because we still have a column shift or instead of the dash mounted shifter, so You just pull that down for drive You can go down once more for manual and you can shift with these little toggles right here We can also press the end of this stock to switch between several different drive modes So here on the STX We have a tow haul mode a normal mode a snow wet mode and eco mode and a sport mode We can talk more about those a little later on and test drive component of the video Heading into reverse every STX does come with this very nice backup camera you have really nice resolution Active trajectory as well as the little line right there in the middle to line up a trailer You can zoom in for a closer look for lining up the trailer and we also have the optional $275 rear parking sensors. So you have a little visualization right there As far as other things to look at over here on the dash What you’re looking at is the manual climate controls very simple as you’d expect just adjust your fan speed right here Temperature over here and then we’ve got physical controls for everything else including our zones. So definitely gonna be easy to get used to You have your 4 wheel drive controls right there and then right above that. We have our audio controls This is going to be Ford six-speaker audio system. So let’s go ahead and take a listen But overall sound quality is definitely satisfactory and probably more than enough for most of you guys But anyways that brings us here to our sync 3 system We’ll go ahead and take a quick look at it won’t spend a whole bunch of time on it because this is the same sync 3 system as we see in for it’s for several years at this point But you do have your home screen with different tiles that you can click on real fast to move into that section so in our Bluetooth audio we can play and pause the music straight from here and we can also switch to our different sources from Right there We also have a phone section where you have access to contacts your text messages things like that The other big thing is the applications because we’ve we have standard Android auto and apple carplay Which make kind of makes up for the fact that we do not have integrated navigation on this trim level So you can still use Google Earth Mass or Apple Maps, whatever you prefer to use through those systems here on the STX That’s pretty much the main features that we’ll cover here But we do have a dedicated tech help video available If you want to learn more about the sync 3 system a link to that is in the video description Now coming on up here to our mirror it is just your traditional Manual dimming mirror. We also won’t notice anything much up here since a moonroof is not available on the STX But overall, I have to say I am very impressed by the cabin of the STX the big thing about this truck is about you You know, we get comments all the time our videos about all of this 65 or 70 thousand dollar truck Why would I need that who wants that And the truth of the matter is most of you guys you don’t need a truck that cost $70,000 and for me this is kind of the sweet spot of the f-150 lineup. You have a lot of the technology The package the styling that you want, but you’re not paying that extremely exuberant price tag All righty, so now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason we’ll check out the back seats All righty, so checking out the f-150s TX’s receipt obviously this is the full crew cab model So this is what Ford calls is the super crew And as far as your rear legroom, you’re gonna find 44 inches of rear legroom and 41 inches of rear headroom Which is absolutely massive you are not going to have any trouble in terms of space back here in the super crew version And if you’re curious the STX is available in the half-door setup as well And that’s going to have 34 inches of rear legroom compared to the 44. So 10 inches less Now turning over here to the door trim It is a very nice as as you would expect is just like the front so it is hard touch on most of it However, you do have plenty of storage bins So you have one right here as well as down here with a bottle holder and some more storage off to the side Now let’s see itself is a nice design. This has an attractive stitching detail going through here And it is also very comfortable now getting in is easy as you would expect You have large running boards as well as an assist grip Now here in the center you do have nice features So you do have cup holders here in the top and coming down you do even have rear air vents Which is a really nice feature, especially for a base truck like this and off to the side. You have a 12-volt power outlet as Well as two smart charging USB ports And here in the center we do not have a central armrest and this is actually set up as a seat But up top, we do have some lighting as well as a nice headliner and a coat hook Now like I mentioned this is an absolutely massive amount of space so behind your seating position I probably have about two and a half feet of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up under the seat Actually, they can hardly get there because there are so much room back here So overall definitely in this supercrew version You’re not going to have any issues in terms of space and even if you go for the super cab You’re still going to have around 35 inches of rear legroom, which is plenty for most families Now turning over to the seat itself, this is a pickup truck after also use abilities at the top of its priority list so I have to do is fold the seat up and You can have a vertical seat and you can fit about a huge by succour pretty much anything You want back here in the super crew version and as you can tell There actually is some storage up underneath of the seat So even if you have a seat in place, you can fit a bunch of stuff underneath of it We fit a huge tripod all the way through here Bullock’s full-length tripod and it fits very easily down here so you can fit plenty of stuff In order to get it back down. All you do is grab this little lever or latch and fold it different Now as you would expect the passenger seat is manually adjusting In front of the passenger you do have a little storage area As well as a dampened glove box It’s actually pretty good-sized in here. You can throw a lot of stuff and it doesn’t even have a shelf Up top you have a very very large Sun Visor. It does have a mirror and it does also detach an extent But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear area is this f-150 STX So now let’s go ahead and get out the road and see how that EcoBoost engine performs All right, so of course an important part of every truck is its actual capability of the powertrain So we’ll go ahead and talk about that a bit now like we’ve already mentioned various points in this video. This is the 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine the STX does require you option on some kind of engine This is the cheapest option at 995 So as far as the actual power, it makes 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, which are certainly very healthy numbers But you do also have two other options available Now not to to not bog everything down with a bunch of details I’ll just kind of mention them for 1995 and get the 395 horsepower 5 liter v8. And then for a $2,600 option you can get the 375 horsepower 3.5 liter EcoBoost v6 Regardless of what you choose though, you’re gonna be looking at a 10 speed automatic transmission With your choice of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive And then like I said just kind of focusing on what we have specifically which is the 2.7 with four-wheel drive fuel economy comes in at 19 City 24 Highway 21 combined But anyways, I’ve never driven the 2.7 so looking forward to trying it out All right, so first launching off in the 2019 f-150 with the 2.7 liter engine I Have to say we’re really impressed right from the start with how fast that is 2.7 liters I heard that It’s really a lot faster than you think and indeed it really is It’s really kind of a very impressive man any type of engine can get this truck going this fast is the massive truck right and It’s one of those things people were kind of like Shocked back when Ford did the 3.5 liter v6 You know v6 in a truck and then their engine just keeps getting smaller and smaller now We’re down to only two point seven liters yet Still delivering really impressive performance And we’re kind of on a country road, so I guess we can talk about like the ride and handling I mean, this is a really very a very large truck It feels big to me at least if you’re accustomed to driving something like this that you’re not gonna bat an eye. I Drive a sedan on a day-to-day basis. So it this it does feel quite big but it’s not sloppy. I Can drive around these corners and stuff and around other people and have a good idea of where the wheels are placed There’s some body-roll, but nothing like I’m neither just bouncing around In a sickening way or anything like that, you know most modern trucks are taking care of those types of problems Yeah, no, we have definitely been in plenty enough Pickup trucks to know kind of what the average is And the f-150 is definitely on par with most pickup trucks If not a little bit better in terms of ride quality and stuff like that because like you said just riding along here I’m extremely comfortable and that’s There’s something to be said about that because pickup trucks didn’t used to be like that and this is even a base model This isn’t the Platinum or anything like that and yet it’s still super comfortable. It’s very quiet inside this cabin My seats are even comfortable. So I really am very Pleasantly surprised at how this car rides. Yeah, these seats are very Yeah, and you know all four of your family members could come you know Three more people in the back could definitely come along and be an absolute comfort in this car Another thing I’m very impressed by is the response of this 10 speed automatic transmission It keeps this engine right in its power band as you expect for having something so many different gears And it doesn’t hesitate to respond. So when we Kind of go up an incline or something like that. As soon as I ask it for more power. It gives it to me instantly I pushed down a little bit more. It’ll drop you can kind of watch the actually see what gear you’re in it will drop Several years at a time, you know Just to make sure you stay in exactly the right spot and it does that seamlessly like yeah I mean Mason you don’t you don’t notice that that I’m dropping for instance, maybe like three years and one time no I just think that might be a rough or something like that. But for it has made this really really smooth Got power in this it’s great You know, I mean, I guess the main reasons to upgrade to the other engines that’s gonna be towing You will have increased towing for the other engines but if you’re just planning on using this as just a truck to drive around most of the time like a lot of people do This is definitely more than how to quit on you our main three or twenty five horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque Really gets this moving And I don’t know if you can hear it on camera since it is kind of faint but Has a pronounced turbo way which is pretty cool so you can definitely hear that as it shifts it kind of goes It was pretty interesting Now auto start/stop system has engaged right now so when this turns green we’ll see how quickly it restarts We start there is very smooth Honestly, I don’t think I would have noticed Like I know I didn’t notice that turning off. I want to turn back on it. You can’t hardly feel absolutely anything But all in all I have to say I’m Definitely impressed by the way, the f-150 drives Like I said, this is my first time with the 2.7 I drove in the 3.5 liter EcoBoost and the Platinum f150 earlier in the year. I Have to say I’m really impressed by this engine particularly because I don’t really notice that much of a difference between it and the 3.5 ya, so like I said if you don’t need the extra towing I’d actually recommend getting this you’re gonna have some fuel economy savings and It’s also a little cheaper from this Yeah, right and you’re paying less for it especially if you’re you know here on the STX model specifically to get the 3.5 liter would be I Believe an extra sixteen hundred dollars more than the thousand that this one cost So I certainly have nothing to complain about that’s for sure Now obviously one of the biggest benefits about the STX f-150 is that it has attractive styling on the outside But yet it still has an affordable price tag So the lowest price for the STX with the super cab half door configuration is going to be thirty eight thousand five hundred dollars Now if you want to opt for what we have which is the super Krewe with the full four doors At the lowest price you can get is going to be forty one thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars Now on top of that base price, we do have quite a bit of optional equipment So we have the equipment group 101 a for 2255 We have the 2.7 liter v6 ecoboost as Drew’s mentioned for 995 black platform running boards for 250 a trailer hitch for 95 box link for 80 Sirius XM radio for 195 and then we also have the STX appearance package, which is what you see here for 1995 reverse sensing reverse sensors for 275 the XL sport appearance package for 775 and the STX sport cloth for 295 now finally when you add in the destination charge of Fifteen hundred and ninety five dollars that brings the total for this particular model as equipped as forty seven thousand and ten dollars but we do have a few discounts for it as just run those in on the sticker for 750 as Well as an STX appearance discount for 1250 So what we’re looking at as the total MSRP as forty five thousand and ten dollars Which is definitely a good price for an f-150 Like we were talking about earlier. You can really hardly get in anything for forty five thousand in this Full-size class of truck and this one really looks good on the outside and yet still has a really nice cabin And it’s always healthy just capsules and there’s healthy discounts as well so yeah amongst f1 that these is a reason why this is Consistently one of the more popular option groups that people want to select Well guys we appreciate watching this in-depth look at the 2019 Ford f-150 STX crew cab Please with those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already And we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest on motor delicacies!

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