2021 Ford Territory Titanium Ecoboost Review

It will make you anxious it will make you confused it will make you insane this is going to be the slayer of your budget Good day guys, and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM and me Ellaine with this episode, we will review the Ford Territory Titanium Ecoboost are you all set? absolutely, let’s go before we start, we would like to thank Ford Cavite for letting us use their unit and this is Sir Anthony Hello fellow “ka-tandem”,

I\’m Anthony Buenavides, from Ford Cavite if you are eyeing to buy a Ford vehicle just click the link below If you are interested in Ford Territory Just click on the link that we will put on the description box below The engine is powered by 1.5-liter Ecoboost Gasoline Engine it has a maximum power of 143 PS at 4,500 to 5,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 225 newton meters at 1,500 to 4,000 RPM mated with Continuously Variable Transmission with Sports mode Did you get frightened in our intro? this one really is the style looks like a predator it’s going to hunt its rivals the hood has a clean and sharp line it’s thick which really matches with the big body

and the bulging wheel arches added more the headlights are like an eye locked on target and fire when ready and divided into sections below is the LED signal lights with a halogen fog lamps the grill has 3D and honeycomb design glossy black with inserted chromes it also comes with a front camera the bumper is extended it has skid plate design and matte black chin it makes it look rugged here another thing this car is well equipped with a lot of sensors it has six front parking sensors and besides, it has a built-in autonomous braking sensor which is responsible for detecting unexpected pedestrians. the car will come to a sudden stop another built-in sensor on the windshield for rain sensing and auto-headlight the side has fully-loaded chromes but what I like best is the one behind the window it is wrapped all around the car to the other side as well as the character line which is extended all the way to the other side it has roof rail and side skirt the side mirrors have embedded turn signal lights and a camera the C & D pillars are blacked out so it makes the roof looks floating the minimum ground clearance is 180 millimeters the mugs are two-tone the tire size is 235/50 R18 looking from the back is a touch of lavishness because of the chrome bits

and pieces design especially the TERRITORY letter badge, it’s already inclusive while others, you’ll have to pay the antenna is shark’s fin the third brake light is incorporated on the spoiler defogger, wiper, reverse camera, and six rear parking sensors the tail light is LED with a robotic look on 3D design there are emboss characters and some disfigure it looks dressed up, isn’t it? the bumper is on matte-black with reflectors on both sides and fog lamp on the middle the diffuser looks cool too there are exhaust-looks designs on both sides the real exhaust is concealed beneath if you are a car enthusiast, subscribe to our channel, you won’t regret it if you have a topic that you want to talk about or a car you want us to review Just lodge your comments below You’re excited to see the interior, aren’t you? but before that, let me show you this. the key fob of Ford Territory has a hard plastic design and it’s light it has the Ford emblem at the back unlock, lock button and trunk opener remote button this is the latch for eject the key blade there you have it why don’t you bring out your checkbook? Before we do the space test the steering wheel adjustment is tilt-only, no telescopic but this is the exciting part the seat adjustment is 10-way, forward, backward (#*#*#*#*#*#*#) I’m sure it’s 10 our legroom, we have a great deal amount of space the headroom sufficient, let’s look at the second row I stand 5’8 tall, the driver seat was positioned in my normal driving posture but look at my legroom satisfactory adequate here’s the headroom I have a decent amount of headroom but how about the trunk, can it still carry our luggage? here you go it’s massive, it passed our G-test it has plenty of room here, we can put more stuff in here but it doesn’t end here, it’s also flexible, look at this so that’s already big here’s another one there is more space in front there is a lamp here

and power supply on the left side behind it the tools are on the right side a compartment on the left side the spare tire is situated in the middle but this is a doughnut not the same size as the one currently installed it\’s “kalikot-time” let’s start with the ceiling the ceiling is sturdy, good quality material, well fitted but the middle is notable, it’s cloth, why? because of this did you see that? it’s all the way to the back there is a nice feel inside, with an airy look but of course, the entire cabin is still enclosed wind and water is not gonna get in, it’s nice by the way, the glass can be opened too alright, the glass opener is up to its half size both visors are equipped with mirrors and both have lightings too For the rearview mirror, the night and day selection is already electronic let’s look at the sidings it’s made up of soft materials the most noticeable is the wood panel design here I am not sure if this is genuine wood, but it looks one it is covered by a piano black finish and the door handle is silver going further down the elbow rest including the touches surround it are leather it’s really soft and the controls are firm and solid the side mirror controls are electronic too the steering wheel is wrapped with leather it’s bulky and nice to grip you can feel the nice finger rests but it isn’t that visible in the middle is its captivating logo- FORD the left side is the control of our instrument cluster on the right side is the infotainment system and Bluetooth the control of the adaptive cruise control isn’t on the steering wheel it has it’s own stalk down here for our instrument panel this is excellent, let’s turn it on oppss wrong it has an outstanding instrument panel, take a look there it’s digital and colorful there’s red, blue, silver it looks great and very pleasing to the eyes it has a temperature gauge on the left side the tachometer is on the left side too on the right side are the fuel gauge and speedometer other controls are everywhere, there’s few on the top side and on the middle it also has a trip meter and odometer in the middle bottom part the engine start/stop button is located on the left side let’s proceed to the dashboard for me, it looks deluxe and luxurious but packed with tech the top finish is a soft-touch plastic going down are the wood panels like the ones on the door sides the aircon vents are not typical rectangular shapes it comes with a good looking shapes complimenting the piano black finish further down is a huge panel that comes in piano black this is where the 10-inches infotainment system and yes, for those who are wondering if there is an android-auto and apple car play this got you covered that’s English on the side of this piano black finish is it has leather and below it is a regular glove compartment below the infotainment system is another leather finish and these are the controls of the aircon

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and the hazard switch but if you noticed our aircon are don’t be surprised because it’s on the screen there, that’s our aircon controls it is integrated on the infotainment system it also comes with a seat cooler and heater both sides further down are the USB ports and our wireless charging panel is located here yes wireless charging, it is in the same area is the big compartment with a power supply on the bottom right side further below are piano black finish designs enclosed on the silver accents. the shifter has a plastic textured plastic in the middle it has a chrome design and a shiny silver touch it looks nice, the shifter looks classic with a big button on the left side going down park, reverse, neutral, drive and it’s sequential the shift lock is located behind the plastic there’s a great deal amount of buttons on the right and left side of the shifter let’s go through it one by one first is the handbrake it’s already electronic, it’s now pushed and pull pull it when you lock and push it down if you want to disengage the handbrake below the electronic brake is the auto-hold function further down is sports mode, yes there is a sports mode on the right side is lane departure warning it has an automatic parking button and parking sensors switch let’s go further down, there are so many buttons is another button this switch is for the infotainment system so you can control the infotainment system you can either do it by touching the screen or if you don’t want to leave finger marks you can control it from here after so many buttons, further down here’s our cup holder one on the right the one on the left is too shallow to hold a cup for the smallest one maybe it’ll fit anyway let’s go further down again, look at how the armrest will open it’s not typical, but it’s cool it has a generous space for your stuff for sure since it’s a leather wrap, nice for your elbow when it comes to the seats, very soft, it’s made up of leather and the middle part is perforated the stitchings are done very neatly nice the second-row seats have a very generous space the overhead lightings are on both sides handles on both sides the door panels are just of same as the front door there is a pocket on the back of the first row seats there are two aircon vents a USB port third seatbelt for the middle passenger and middle armrest with two cup holders now we are done with exterior and interior review let’s go for a test drive, game? game the first thing I noticed the minute we drive out of the parking, I notice two already the first thing the steering it very light second the suspension it’s working very well, so comfortable okay, let’s go we just drive a little and stopped at the traffic but the good thing, this car is equipped with auto-stop function so even it’s traffic oh yes, it’s auto-hold we just left but we got stuck in traffic right away but don\’t worry fellow “ka-tandem” it has an auto-hold function so even if I don’t step on the brake, it’s not gonna roll okay now, let’s see what time can we get out of the traffic for the continuation of the review the aircon is very cold and it’s raining outside our aircon blower is set to number one only by the way, this is on automatic climate control let’s manually set it, so that’s why I’m feeling cold it’ set to 18 degrees I manually set it to 22 degrees so won’t freeze and besides, it’s raining okay, let’s go it’s too quick it’s too eager to accelerate, it can get my head banging I just step on the gas a little I’ll do it again from a stand still okay, go I can only say, it’s fast When I step on the gas pedal isn’t really too deep it wasn’t so deep but the speed continuously accelerating until I stepped out of the gas pedal because it’s fast that was just regular driving, I didn’t depress the gas pedal so much the depth is just like this it drives so comfortably including the seats the suspension, no complain now let me test at 60 kilometers per hour wait, we are really driving so fast at 60 kilometers per hour, the revolution is at 1,300 1,250 to 1,300 the rev is so low at 60 now it’s hard to drive at 80 because it’s raining this is fast, really fast you should be looking at your speedometer at all times because you wouldn’t notice that you are really driving so fast even on the passenger side, you wouldn’t notice that it’s driving so fast, it’s like normal but it’s so fast, that why I was surprised I said, let’s look at the 60 because I thought we were only driving 55 or 50 but when I looked, we are almost driving 80 it’s nice, anyway, the shifting went well because it’s CVT since it’s was very smooth, you wouldn’t notice that you are already driving fast now let’s try the brake a little because it’s raining so yes, it has initial bite, and its succession is really good so we don’t have a problem on the brakes let’s test the turning radius okay, let’s try this let’s give way to the truck not bad, we were able to get it it’s okay, it’s not so small, not too big reasonable justifiable because this car is a little bigger in fact, compared to its rivals, this one is bigger especially on the pricing when it comes to the price range this car is bigger a while ago, I tried the engine braking on the manual mode there, you can feel that the engine is braking let’s check the shifting on manual mode this is surprisingly fast, really fast high speed You don’t have to put it on manual mode you’ll enjoy it even if it’s not on a manual mode it’s extremely fast, surprisingly fast it’s ultra-fast, it’ll make you nervous one more, let’s brake a little there it has a slight lag in the beginning when you step on the gas very abruptly but when it picks up the speed, it takes you to high-speed, it’s scary if you drive really fast, you’ll enjoy this the warranty is 3 years or 100,000 kilometers whichever comes first by the way fellow “ka-tandem” the unit we\’re driving is Trend but they only have few differences the engine, transmission is the same and they also have some differences Sir, what are the differences what features does titanium have which are not here in Trend? number one is the park assist, autonomous braking features okay blind spot information system this one has 18 mug-wheel, the Trend is just 17 wood paneling finish for the titanium this one is matte-silver finishing on the side doors okay 360 camera, there The trend has only cruise control Titanium has adaptive cruise control oh okay that’s it okay and now I’m done with my part let’s hear Ellaine’s comment, let’s go there’s none, it’s raining no power oaky it’s my turn it can be reclined there I can say, we’ll be in trouble later looking for the bad, we’re gonna get a headache okay, my god there’s no way you won’t get noticed the steering as in and the gas pedal, it responds too quickly so you have to manage it because it’s gonna accelerate faster this is literally going to leave you oh my god, hold on then the brake and the brake pedal is easy to depress but it’s responsive progression is really nice it has an initial bite, it’s really good there a small road hump the suspension, my god really amazing the only comment I can say “sharapee” “sharapee” experience and this is the only thing I can say this is the slayer, the slayer of your budget bring out your money, you’re gonna buy this when you test-drive it, you’re going to buy this I haven’t been saying this for quite some time but “Hon, can we?”!!!!!!! amazing! seriously, I got impressed again and I am extremely happy I came from a full stop I have left the cars behind my back, I was too far the light step on the gas which you think runs for 30 or 40 when you look at the speedometer you’re already at 60 to 70 already hold on, this is incredible honestly, this is fun to drive very light and easy to drive you won’t have difficulty, you won’t get body pains and your body won’t complain when you use this and the power delivery is very smooth you won’t feel a sudden pull this one accelerates very well it speeds accordingly its swift characteristic has felt in almost all aspects of the car from brake to the steering wheel, everything is perfectly working swiftly even the suspension on uneven road conditions feels like the road is just smooth I forgot to tell about something what? look at how big the side mirrors are oh yes, it has massive side mirrors, you can see pretty much everything this is certainly a nice car To be honest fellow “ka-tandem”, I was quite jealous about those who are getting the Territory a while ago yeah, there are few who’s getting one they’re paying cash, I thought we could do the same because it’s really nice that why upon viewing, they took it right away and we have one “ka-tandem” there who bought a Territory I just forgot to get the name Sir, we hope you are watching, shout out to you. on the spot bought one Territory he didn’t wait for us, he bought it immediately but he said he will still watch the review, but he bought it already now, let’s try the U-Turn okay let’s try it so it can fit, but it is expected that this is bigger than the competitor so we should expect that it has a bigger turning radius but it’s not that big all good, it’s okay now I opened the panoramic sunroof looks nice let’s feel the rain it’s fun it’s better, outside lighting can come through this is nice it looks pretty luxurious I can see the sky the clouds like the star gazing at night yeah, star gazing at night because the sunroof is extended up here it’s massive you should absolutely try this if you are buying a cross over or whatever on this segment you can’t take this off your list you need to see this, you need to try this I promise you’ll regret it if you didn’t try it, you regret it true it’s really massive, I have plenty of space back here my seat is very relaxing how is it to be a passenger? very comfortable right? yes very cozy and relaxing I can see other people slowing down looking at the car I had a nice car, right? this isn’t mine I just wish I’m just wishing for it can we take this home, Sir? Hon, can you drive when we go back? you can bring this home, but you need to pay this later oh my god Pacundo says that we can bring this home but we need to pay it later If I can only pay for this Maybe car buyers nowadays are having trouble because they have a lot of choices I agree We are not buying but it’s getting hard for us to choose the best It’s gonna get you crazy what to choose right you know what I like a sunroof, it has a different feel it’s very nice other car’s sunroof is just half of this you won’t feel (#*#*#*#*#*#*#) that was 100 already you won’t feel it awesome that was 100 already it was cool it was so swift even if you speed it up, it drives really smoothly but you are ridiculously fast here we go, there’s a hump, a little bit higher road hump the suspension works well, very smooth gliding it’s like Raptor yeah like Raptor besides the ground clearance is a little bit higher so you wouldn’t worry about the road humps unlike when you’re driving a Sedan, it’ll get you in trouble, but this one isn’t and now we will test the most astounding feature of the Ford Territory the auto-park game so now we are on D, and the right is there on the right side we will just press the button with the letter P and steering wheel icon just once and let’s go so we are right across the parking space we will just pass through over a little okay, parking has been found switch to R gear so let’s reverse it so we are on the reverse gear these are my hands I’m just assisting it by managing the step on the brake because it might go faster if you don’t manage to assist the braking because it has a 360 camera, it easy to monitor if you are going to hit something or not there, perfect, you got it, boy there, excellent, there okay, wait for a minute now switch to D D alright, perfect, we’ve driven it automatically oppss, we’ve parked automatically without doing anything the unit we’ve reviewed is the 1.5-liter Ecoboost Titanium plus CVT it’s amounting to Php 1,299,000 and the 1.5-liter Ecoboost Trend CVT costs Php 1,179,000 For the safety and security features It has Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning or Cruise Control Lane Departure Warning, Enhance Active Park Assist System Blind Spot Information System, Electronic Stability Control including Anti-Lock Braking System Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Traction Control Hill Launch Assist, Airbags Seatbelts, Parking Sensors, Camera Tire Pressure Monitoring System High Mount Stop Lamp, and Child Seat ISOFIX Anchorages Point this is the segment of “the good and the bad” you can go first okay my first good here bad first first bad what’s bad? I’ll first for the bad First in the bad, when you accelerate it and the turbo is currently engaged then you step out of the gas you’ll feel it, but very little That’s the only comment I have for this next on the bad, the auto-hold function, you’ll feel a slight tremble at first when you engage and disengage but it’s too minor and it’s very minor, you won’t feel that much my next bad here, it depends on your preference if you don’t want CVT because that’s the difference between 680 or DCT for the CVT the revolution works so seamlessly that’s how CVT works but if you want to hear and feel the shifting and car pulling its speed that’s a different transmission but honestly, CVT is very economical, and and even the revolution works that way this is a very fast car, incredibly fast the next bad I saw, the sunroof the cover is a curtain and not a hardcover we haven’t tried it under direct sunlight, we couldn’t say that it’s can get hot on those conditions but the aircon is really cold now, I think I’m all set so let’s move on the good side the first good is, the speed, this car is extremely fast, the engine is so good and you next for me, I will put them all together Steering, suspension, brakes, and acceleration are exceptionally great very outstanding your turn, I gave everything you said everything, you didn’t leave for me anyway, I can still think of any, this car has generous legroom, very spacious another good for me interior and exterior, no matter where you look at, this type of quality I really like most it has advance technology, very lavish it\’s really “sharapee”, right? next one for me with it’s price tag, it’s all worth it having all the stuff inside with all the features, feature packs space, style, everything for me, the price point isn’t just 1.3 million pesos, it should be more than that I don’t know what Ford did, but the price is really cheap for this that’s really food for me another one for me is the auto-parking and the 360-degree camera my god, where did you see that kind of car I was really blown away when I tried those kinds of functions I really had fun thinking I didn’t expect that there those kinds of stuff the next is the infotainment system it’s very advance it has four spaces to choose from Time, Calendar, Aircon, the Bluetooth controls of your phone everything is in the infotainment system it’s easy to use and control, the infotainment system is very elegant for me too and the sounds as well are in good quality in addition to what he says, there is an android auto and car play the next good I saw, whatever variant you choose, both are equipped with cruise control however, the Titanium has adaptive cruise control another good thing here if you drive fast, it has a sports mode but let me tell you, I didn’t try the sports mode because I got scared in regular driving he is really satisfied with the regular mode another good I saw here for those who have poor eyesight, side mirrors are big so wider visibility of the side plus a 360 degrees camera so obviously, it easier so let’s go to verdict, you go first my verdict here If you’re starting a family, or with one kid, you have enough to buy a car try this, very spacious very comfortable, it’s nice to drive every day very stylish, you won’t regret it every single cent is worth it for me this is our favorite segment, crossover because if its flexibility, you can bring anywhere whether it’s a rough road or in good road conditions it has speed it’s not too high to get in, steering is very light, easy to maneuver in tight spots for city when you go on the highway, it’s fast it can be driven on a rough road because of high ground clearance so this is the most flexible 5-seater crossover car for us overall, this is excellent I can’t say any, perfect, can I say that? perfect for me can I say that? Anyway that my opinion, nobody cares this is really perfect for me, what I need is money to buy it we hope you learned from this video thank you so much for watching let’s go for the next video

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