2021 FORD TERRITORY: Adaptive Cruise Control, Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning

To Active our Cruise Control, We are going to use this stack to enable the system Good Day to all, we are here in Tollway to cover 3 features, Adaptive Cruise Control, Cruise control and Lane Departure Warning.

Lets Go! We are going to cover today – Adaptive Cruise Control of Ford Territory How are we going to turn ON, we have stack here for the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) Just Push Forward to ENABLE, So now ACC is enable, push down to Set the speed So now we are set, the current speed is 71kph To increase the speed, just push UP the the stack So now speed is increasing, going to 85 to 90 To set the ACC point of reference Twist the stalk outward, to set the distance to reference At this point, it will look for a point of reference for the ACC it will reduce speed once something is detected for now it keeps on, until it reaches its set speed ..

we will increase the set speed to 95, then 100kph Lets try to change lane This time, it detects a point of reference, that is why it is slowing down Now it can detect the vehicle in front, lets try to reduce our distance to catch up some speed So now the point of reference is cruising at 70kph only So now are only cruising at 80 kph because our reference is only running at 80kph aswell We are not stepping on pedals, lets try to change lane to catch up again to our speed So our lane clears up, so it will speed up we are still accelerating, No foot on pedals, ACC is still enable Set speed is at 100kph, lane is clear So lets try the LANE DEPARTURE WARNING Ford Territory has Lane Departure Warning, but its only Audible warning Please take note, it has only warning, NOT Assist. Meaning it will not intervene on our steering wheel. So now we are nearing Tool gates, so it reduces speed still no foot on the pedals we’re just maintaining the distance to our reference to cancel ACC Because we are here at the Toll, just step on the break to cancel, so you have control

so ok if you want to Resume again, Just toggle up the stack to continue Ford Territory has two driving aids Adaptive Cruise Control

and Cruise Control only Trend has Cruse control while Territory Tatinium + has the Adaptive Cruise Control the difference is ACC has the capability to maintain distance to point of reference, then it will adapt its speed to point of reference the distance can be set base from your liking base from it, speed will adjust from the point of reference Cruise Control will only on set the speed then regardless of the reference it will only maintain the speed Lets say 70kph, it will maintaing constact 70kph if there a vehicle infront, its up to you to reduce the speed you can reduce the speed, thru the stack by taping up or taping down No need to cancel, you can either increase or decrease the speed from the stack of the cruise control So that is the main difference ACC can maintain speed based from the reference point, which cruise control can only maintain speed based from what you have set.

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