A Decadent Expertise: Lexus Merges Culinary and Cars to Get a Magical and Sudden Retail Pop-Up

A tasty fluke crudo. A sharp Sancerre pairing. A slick open kitchen. And…a luxury automobile? Here is the exciting and distinctive retail pop-up encounter that Intersect by Lexus created.

Lexus recently partnered up with Union Square Hospitality Group — the brainchild of legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer — to make a nice”dining car” showroom. The restaurant, with a ground-floor café, a top-tier service team along with an immersive art installation on very top, will rotate executive chefs each six months. After we went, famous Parisian chef Gregory Marchand was responsible.

According to the restaurant website, it”is a place where creative minds meet and discuss ideas; where motivated men and women intersect with sublime expressions of civilization to go through the amazing. Neither a dealership a classic retail area, Intersect by Lexus is a place for visitors to be entertained, educated and motivated.”

And we were motivated. Here is what we heard from this exceptional experience.

A smart venture

The culinary world isn’t a stranger to retail pop up. For many years, professional chefs are hosting pop-up restaurant occasions. In a universe where restaurants are amazingly risky real estate investments, temporary pop-up culinary adventures are a genius choice to long-term leasing — just like having retail.

Joining forces, Union Square Hospitality Group and Lexus produced a new kingdom of pop-ups. And while Intersect by Lexus is a restaurant that is lasting, it’s the sense of a pop up with the chef spinning and artistic installments. Believe Bloomingdale’s Carousel but with caviar and wine.

There is no actual automobile (for some while there was, but it had been swapped out for a various tire-like setup ), however you still feel components of this automotive. Perhaps it’s the wall of toy cars prior to the toilet. Or the black stripes which resemble tires. Or the cosmetic car parts that direct you up the staircase. In any event, you can sense it subtly as the restaurant walks a fine line between providing an adventure and outright selling.

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So why does this work?

It is fairly straightforward. Food has always been a significant element for retail soda. You wish to provide your viewers a memorable encounter — and what better way than through exclusive and delicious meals?

It is all about the sensory encounter . Now, if an Intersect by Lexus client has a tasty meal or sees a Lexus automobile, they are transported back into a richly unforgettable experience — painting the new in a positive light.

What look like disparate and possibly conflicting brand theories marry perfectly due to something: luxury. It comes down to understanding your audience. A consumer who purchases a Lexus is probably a connoisseur of what luxury. They regular world-class restaurants and chase the very best experiences the planet can provide. So once you consider it, the pairing is reasonable.

Lexus also dug into their new assignment. “At its center, Intersect by Lexus is a manifestation of Omotenashi, a Lexus core worth characterized by an unwavering dedication to hospitality. The soul of Omotenashi is just one of complete thought to make sure the Intersect by Lexus and its employees are entirely in tune together and will anticipate guests’ needs before they arise.”

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Unparalleled customer support is a pinnacle of fine dining. And in Intersect by Lexus, the team clearly provided it.

This isn’t to say that each brand needs to aim to make a restaurant notion worthy of a Michelin star. But food has its own place in retailstores. A merchant brand promoting trendier products such as Five Beneath could think about a pop-up using a purveyor of excellent”fun food” such as Roy Choi and his gourmet Korean BBQ meals truck. It is an excellent chance to become genuinely creative with a sudden partnership.

Reeling in focus

When’s the last time you seen an automobile dealership for pleasure if you were not on the market for a vehicle? Now consider the last time you went into a restaurant. A fantastic dining experience is something customers want over and over. And even if they are less likely to see the exact same restaurant more than once (variety truly is is the spice of life!) , the rotational chefs encourage people to return.

Additionally, it is newsworthy. The New York Times Restaurant critic Daniel Krieger wrote an overview — providing Lexus a fresh and intriguing world of impact with meals readers. And he will probably be back when the following chef swings by to get a residency. Our guess is that there is a high correlation between both NYT subscribers and Lexus buyers!

On the floor there is also a room for artists. The most recent display has been an interactive, tech-heavy bit where spectators can see their own auras. So today there is chance for artwork sections to pay for the distance. And above all, there’s possible for stocks on social websites (with tons of Lexus tags). How frequently does this happen for auto dealerships?

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The most important thing is that this notion seems almost idiotic (automobiles and nice dining, who’d have guessed?) , but it is really sublime. It has brand awareness. It is experiential retail. It is a brilliant effort.



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