AI can be used to integrate insights, forecasting, action, and planning

Lord Byron said that the “best prophet of the future” is the past. This holds true in poetry as well as in commerce and other areas of society. This is certainly true in marketing where companies spend billions on campaigns and then rethink, readjusting and reimagine the next campaign as they go. For generations, brands have struggled to use insights from past campaigns to plan, target, and focus future campaigns. This is a challenge that CEOs and CMOs face, namely identifying what drives sales and turning insight into action. They must overcome this challenge if they are to make the digital economy personal and earn the loyalty and trust their customers through engaging and effective campaigns.

Adobe is focused on helping brands overcome this challenge and we bring our years of experience with artificial intelligence (AI). We’re introducing new capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud today, powered by our AI engine Adobe Sensei. This unifies insights from our Customer Attribution AI which measures each customer interaction. Marketing Mix Modeling provides predictive planning and forecasting that optimizes marketing spend for business goals.

This process, commonly referred to as “unified market measurement”, measures the impact of decisions across earned, paid and new media. The insights are used to make future decisions. It has its roots in strategies that have existed for at least half a century. Unified marketing measurement has never been more seamless, efficient, and successful than it is with AI.

Marketers have traditionally used a mix of planning and measurement methods to guide their decision-making, including multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling. Many marketers find it difficult to reconcile these two measurement methods. Marketers are often left with inconsistent and conflicting recommendations about how to proceed with future campaigns.

The digital world is facing increasing data restrictions and entering a “cookieless” future, where brands will have to rely on their first-party rather than third-party data for their decision-making. This has made it imperative that marketers do more with their data.

Unified marketing measurement is possible. Marketers can now see their past, present and future with AI powered by Adobe Sensei.

This work is made smarter by the AI Adobe uses — very smart. Every day, millions of customers use Adobe products across creativity, documents and customer experiences. We have trillions upon trillions of data assets and content that we can use to improve our AI and machine-learning models.


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Adobe Experience Cloud empowers customers in many ways to transform real-time data into insights that influence customer behavior. It allows brands to benefit from the most powerful “prophet” for future business growth: insights drawn from past performance.


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