All New 2021 Peugeot 3008 Facelift – Full Review (Interior, Exterior)

so for the new peugeot 3008 we manage a drastic transformation of the front face with in mind to not betray the previous version we needed to add more stages while keeping a stronger identity more precisely we extended the air intake grille up to below the new front led’s headlamps and even further in body color to the slanted day reading lights that are the new light signature of this front face we’ve done it to give more stability perceived with and status to the car then we carve the bumper itself the lateral scoops on the low central decoration to get the best possible posture on stance on the side face this new 3008 is equipped with the new 19 inches alloy grill evoking modernity on io efficiency on the rear face we focus our work on what is for us the main driver of modernity on perceived technology namely the taillights that stage up by transparent blades our three klow brand signature this signature will be enlightened night and day and by the way these taillights are full leds on all the range and feature a scrolling turn indicator about interior for the renewal of the peugeot ecocockpit the colorant trim team proposed a new setup of wood decoration and trims to perfect the entire setup with the new central 10 inches tactile screen and finally for those who need an extra character or dynamism we design a specific optional finish with the black pack where the black is under the spotlight we apply a specific color entry treatment on many different exterior parts that gives our new peugeot 3008 an exclusive finish as a conclusion i would say that the new peugeot 3008 is a nice part of our brighter design it has all the style characteristics to go on its journey as a leader well we introduced this new front face of the car it means that this car is high-end but that’s not all we wanted also to be more efficient and third we wanted to introduce new design codes of peugeot in this car so let’s go now to the interior design of the car what to tell you about that you know at peugeot brand the peugeot eye cockpit is our usp we decided to propose to our customers a new large screen 10 inches to enhance the driving experience and to enhance the ergonomy of the car we also decided to propose a new digital cluster to also enhance the driving experience and the technology of the car i will mention two main technologies that has been introduced in this new peugeot 3008 first one is a driving assistance system highway integrated assist in this car this has been already launched in the 508 and this is the best level of semi-autonomous driving system that we can propose at peugeot brand the second one is about the night vision net vision will be introduced in the peugeot 3008 but it is more a safety asset on a peugeot than any other car because the cluster is above the steering wheel the reaction of the driver and at the end of the day of the car will be immediate so this is the new peugeot 3008 a car that will keep ahead of all its competitors and i am sure you will enjoy it you you

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