BMW X5 vs. Volkswagen Touareg

if you hate the deluge of SUVs that have passed over the past years inundated the car engine landscape, this is the car that you love May blame the bmw x5 for yes when that late 90s came on the market then there was already a mercedes ml and develop a range robber, but those were actually off-road vehicles that happened to be a bit decent driving on the road and bmw actually turned it around they made a kind of very high robust luxury 5 series that could also do a bit or red and so was the concept of the sport utility vehicle actually got a bit into vogue and all the manufacturers out there a little tb de soon followed porsche and of course with the client but also volkswagen with the right turn and that right turn was one of those megalomaniac projects for Volkswagen in the late 90s, but not anymore successful because where the seat fail miserably the first tour was really quite a success, perhaps partly under the relatively modest car that has now been removed and so much has changed in the past 20 years on board decently old-fashioned atmosphere of that first tour has been replaced by a hitec all with a huge touchscreen that they and biggest thing you are currently on the market and you serve almost everything with it, well in itself it is whole large so a lot of space so as far as the touchscreen operation is concerned, it works quite okay you can also share it with all favorites so that you have a little insight into the functions you use often in itself it is good but i must say bmw with his eyed of which you still just have a physical button that you can turn that certainly works during the drive just a bit more accurate that makes it easier to operate the voice control also works a bit better and gets the right address in one go you sometimes have to speak several times so that is more user-friendly and you can also use it easier to adjust if you do not have an adaptive cruise, for example control hill but normal cruise control own hand button on the remote control, it will automatically go to a normal cruise control you can put on your preference for the safety systems you save under a setting so that you imagine all the systems that want to turn on and the one you don’t want to turn off here every time you Turning off the engine, the lane assist switches on again you can also not choose normal cruise control always remains or adaptive or speed limiter and you have to turn that on and off so and in itself it all works well qualitatively it is also not inferior foil bmw that soup some taste sensitive with glass shift knob but it is yes is just a little less easy to adjust to your advantage is then again on the second row of seats, which is really very spacious and one gets free a sliding rear seat a luggage compartment is even bigger than that BMW on the other hand you have to be really huge or want to take a lot with you wants that to be a real advantage and we can get that b & w with a 3rd row of seats so in itself and not all very much inferior to each other except for the price, it costs fully dressed with 100 bells and whistles and BMW 19,000 euros for 100 and 34,000 euros for diesels with a small 300 hp and that is quite a lot of money on the other side if you have that bmw you can get out of this volkswagen stumper laugh that has no heated steering wheel and no ventilated seats no laser lighting and it also has only 20 inch wheels in that beebje to miss 22 inch in those 22 inch wheels and logos and those and logos you will find them everywhere on this car outside in the door frames here on the steering wheel it is namely an m-sports package funny enough that I do not automatically that you get a super sporty chassis that is possible, but it does not have to be this one has the adaptive air suspension in combination with four-wheel steering yes and then it should actually be a very comfortable car, it is really nice to see that bmw’s bed layers models so 3 series chooses the 8 series z4 to whole Build dynamic cars while shading this x5 jana as you control everything really is a bit of a waterbed and if you have all of the sport set then it is actually still a waterbed but with more water in it so that he something less inversion but really dynamic no it will never be and if I do once not bad because if you wanted you bought a 5 series and despite that there is a lot of grip it will so you enter the corner that goes very fast with then that four-wheel steering and then he remains very stable there is already a little more grip than you think in advance and that in itself is very clever of course he also has the full package with a limited slip differential and brakes so you know everything is there too on and on I have to do it costs only 134 thousand euros it’s an achievement having said that really nice car to send it is not if you drive him on his only three quarters then it is then nice to really go for a minute he goes to the mac de Too big masses is too high in the car to really be a fun steering wheel but he is he is willing and that is good the engine also fits well with known 30 day so a 3 liter six-in-line with turbo 265 hp 6 hundred and twenty newton meters torque yes that’s fine because it means that you have a lot of power at the bottom wheels can get that the engine never really has to be very fast work to enable very smooth performance with the retrofit gearbox also fits very well BMW has of course very extensive experience with that automatically the software is properly adjusted to the character of the engine and therefore you actually send it very easily and naturally with you gas you already know how far you can pedal for that gear back here and answer her always find exactly what your question sounds like that engine is fine, the machine shifts very smoothly if you are sporty turned very fast it is in short really an everything so one a lot of money but I have a very well finished and especially very nice moving car I just like the bmw has on this tour and sporty looks that this then r-line at volkswagen but it is even less and sporty car then that x5 in which is too big and too heavy and too high to go really nice with steering, he willingly turns the corners Indonesia when the rule of law also still on winter tires that does not help but of the summer I saw this car on summer tires and then it remains one and some more distant car, he is more likely to understeer the steering is less immediately you feel even lighter at all this is not a car that takes you to get ready to bob discovery on the other hand as i also in sible i said they wanted coffee man Another type of car fact is that this tour is still real is more comfortable than that x5 is your missing antje comfort say it is just like someone who permanently rides on clouds springs into it the end in the dampers do not seem to intervene at all if you put him in sport, it all becomes a bit tighter of course, but never as willing as that x5 and that is not bad at all motorically it is not very much inferior to what bmw offers it being 3 liter v6 tdi diesel engine 286 hp so slightly more power than x5 but 600 now measuring torque dance again just a little less than that x5 for performance doesn’t really matter, this is a really complete improv a little faster for both it is especially true that that special couple that you very can easily and effortlessly pace very easily and that is nice he has the same machine as the x5 i must say that bmw because they have such extensive experience with the enjoyment of software tuning a bit better for each other, making this for example, if you drive away, there is a kind of delay for a moment Before you really get the full blast, wait a moment with all letting go of forces and he does not always immediately find the right resistance if you accelerate me wait a moment before something happens those are small differences, but these are cars that cost a lot then you can also pay attention to small differences and I think the differences are so small that I only when I get the scorecard from the week magazine filling in knows which one is going to win but based on experience my says feeling that x5 here and there just half a point more pac man that differ are very small except for the price that is best for the difference and that is now just in favor of this volkswagen

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