BMW X7 review

you can do a lot of things with the bmw x5 do not say that he is in any way even inches short and yet it can always be bigger this is it proves this is the new bmw x 7 and still gigantic re x5 with a well let’s say very controversial one stare in you mean check this front i don’t know what disease you are of huge gets swollen ways but which a BMW has the most severe variant of it and then there is the rest of that car has them all big in huge and it remains a bit of the question what do you have actually what you get out of it is mainly a full seven-seater it has three rows of seats and then you can also order a 3rd row of seats on the x5 but that is always a bit of my emergency solution for her small children or adults for short rides but not really a full-fledged one seven-seater this i 7 is 23 centimeters long and you will notice that on this standard 3rd row seat a bit thicker I am 1 meter 80 I will not say that it is super comfortable but as you can see my knees just do not touch the sofa and it is now really in a generous size seating position for the second row of seats my head is just right on that I’m with my hair filled the roof, but in principle if I had to be here for a few hours especially if the person in the second row of seats adjusts a bit then that is possible and you will not find that in very many as said you can sit in the back seat slide back and forth to your heart’s content and it’s the 3rd seat row you have your own seat heating in your own climate control 4 yeah you know now on the all front stand I can heal my feet easily lost under chair shapes so he is really super spacious and you sit here can put everything up and down electrically in all possible positions you have to be there have patience because the electric is not very fast then you have a car that can vary in cargo space from dick 300 liters to more than 2100 pain, that is of course a huge amount all the way up front then if you know the x5 then you can do this too it is the same operation the site where that is very nice with all those reasons when you get into it touchscreen voice control gesture control physically turn a push button that can be nicely finished through all menus because those good materials you see mercedes and audi are a bit further in terms of interior finish but for a car that is primarily aimed at the american market is not really on the whole high level so really a big compliment so yes all in all you just have really very practical versatile car and if you have a large family but do not want the mp4 then this would be a versatile but also luxurious solution could be the only but the price you get there for have to pay nice that you compared to the x5 standard seat row I will give the air suspension a slightly bigger wheels but the price difference with this 30d engine is the entry level for the x7 diesel 20,000 euros, of course, a lot of money and then you still have to take it somewhere the big problem with this car is simply the format in the Dutch built-up area is constantly working on the dimensions of this car it makes a difference that it is not wider than x 5, stronger and another 4 mm narrower well 23 centimeters longer and the x5 is of course not really small and therefore more continuously looking in your mirrors but also about that nose I am nowhere against four-wheel steering is actually a must but even then you’ve got to go huge turning circle in i camel a few parking garages we simply cannot enter with this car and if you are in it comes and you have found him places, it must also be a spacious one meter plate because it is nice that you can easily sit on the 3rd row of seats and that you can also easily get there, but that is only possible because the rear doors are very long is my small place you get that too not open to step out and so you are actually continuously working on that format and that is really not convenient for the Dutch situation to argue about the cure is that the fault of the car but it is the reality once you get outside their stomach because then it seemed actually very much again he is another 300 pounds heavier than x 5 which is already no peace of weight making that stables air suspension yes it’s a super comfortable thing really a bit bit of a rocking horse you notice the mass at the brakes dive it really down and if you then throttle again I now give it up that really have that moving back and forth and he also rolls it in bends this is of course not a dynamic thing that is possible at the car not with these dimensions and this weight so yes then everything on comfort and that in itself is nice, it is super quiet thanks to double glazing and that everything makes it a very nice car with several people to cover long distances, the engine also fits very well with this car it’s the same 30 d the 3 liter six-cylinder diesel that is also in our x5 endurance tests light 265 hp and 620 now measure strong and that’s enough look like you really start looking you will notice that this car is 300 kilos heavy and therefore a bit more effort for the same performance but also say yes you know it is quite enough that performance is actually always the rear axle machines from zf know well what to do to the deliver performance that you ask for and thus keep as many tourists as possible that is all actually very nice, only yes the consumption of our x5 endurance testing is another few miracles and this one is still 300 kilos heavier and has a bit more frontal surface so you will guess it is not advantageous car in that regard and that actually tells it whole story of the x7 you invest press and a lot of money to get a car get those practical x5 and less dynamic performance offers and of course you can make a case for it and he does have one certain added value only for the Dutch situation, I doubt that is worth the literal and figurative extra cost

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