Ford Everest Ambiente 4×2 AT review – Better than the Mux LS, Montero GLS and Fortuner ?

so I reviewed the ford everest titanium premium last time and I said that it was the most feature packed SUV in its class this is the opposite end of the spectrum it is the ambiente the cheapest automatic variant of the Everest is it still worth buying let’s find out on the outside the ambiente looks very similar to its more expensive brothers the titanium and the trend the most obvious differences are the grille which is painted in silver instead of chrome and the wheels which are 17s instead of 20s on the titanium and 18s on the trend I think the everest titanium is one of the best-looking SUVs in its class

The ambiente even if it has a few downgrades also has the same muscular fender arches the titanium the same bold looking front end sans the chrome girl so it’s still a good-looking vehicle if you upgrade the wheels and the grille no one would know that you’re driving a base model at least on the outside you’ll mostly see the difference between ambiente and its higher spec’d siblings on the inside the interior the ambiente feels a lot less expensive than the interior of the titanium even of the trend it doesn’t have the 8-inch infotainment system that the

Trend has instead it has this basic looking head unit with a dot matrix display it does have bluetooth though

The ambiente has fabric seats all the other variants including the trend come with leather seats the dashboard is made of hard plastic unlike on the titanium where it’s covered in stitched leather the arm rests are covered and padded leather though thankfully the seats are manually adjustable unlike the seats of the trend and the titanium which are power adjustable it also lacks the rear power outlet that the trend and the titanium have

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The ambiente also lacks cruise control parking sensors dual zone climate control all of which are standard in the trend and the titanium the ambiente is not completely bare though it does have some party tricks up its sleeve like Hill Start Assist electronic brake distribution and it has steering mounted radio controls mechanically the ambiente is identical to all the other 2.2 liter variants of the Everest it has the same 2.2 litre engine which produces 160 horsepower and 385 Newton meters of torque it is more powerful than the Fortuner’s 2.4 liter engine but less powerful the Monter’s the ambiene has the same six-speed transmission as all the other variants it also has the same suspension so ride quality should be similar to the trend if not slightly better since the ambiente has 17 inch wheels it has more tire wall also the ambiente has the lightest steering in its segment with discounts the ambiente is slightly cheaper than the montero GLS while I think that the titanium premium is the best SUV in the market

I’d have to say that the Montero GLS slightly feels more upmarket than the ambiente the Montero has more features and has a better entertainment system the ambiente is a much better vehicle though than the MUX LS which is stripped of all creature comforts the Everest trend is where Ford strikes a very good balance between pricing and features for about the same price as a Fortuner G or less with discounts you get a lot more features like leather power adjustable seats dual zone climate control seven airbags the price difference between the ambiente and the trend is about 140,000 pesos if you get the ambient air you could upgrade the entertainment system the interior and the wheels later on but what you will miss out on are the seven airbags the cruise control dual-zone climate control those features cannot be added economically later on so you’d have to decide if those features are worth the price difference but if you’d rather not fork out the extra cash for the trend at 1.5 million pesos The ambiente is still a pretty good deal also this is subjective but I still think that it’s the most handsome SUV in its segment even in base form

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