Ford Grand Tourneo Connect 1.5 EcoBlue 120 TEST POV Drive & Walkaround

Hi, Bartek Urban, let’s test Ford Grand Tourneo Connect. Yes, I know, the name is so long that you probably think that it will not fit on the flap but it will

The flap is huge, and the lettering is only Tourneo Connect The prefix Grand is the term for the extended version Anyway, you can easily see that we are dealing with an extended vehicle, because its proportions are strongly disturbed and it looks like a car dachshund It’s not surprising, because the Grand Tourneo Connect is 40 cm longer than the usual Tourneo Connect

That’s a lot. Before I check how much space there is, let’s focus on the look Ford Grand Tourneo Connect has a typical Ford front belt, meaning aggressive and modern It is also worth to say that the variety I’m testing is the latest version after the lifting, which Tourneo Connect got in 2018. You may like it The back or the profile is a standard in this class and nobody should be surprised If the car is to be a utility vehicle, it simply has to look like this from the profile and from the rear. Although there may be one change

Well, Ford offers only a raised hatch, and the competition in the option has, for example, a double door that opens sideways All in all, it’s a pity that Ford doesn’t offer this because the flap is huge and you need a lot of space to open it

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