How Safe Is Your Restaurant From A Data Breach?

Chances are when you are running your restaurant your first thought is not on security. You are concerned about countless other details that come with having a business, but not taking the time to protect yourself and clients from a data breach is a real concern.

Criminals have started to target smaller companies including bars and restaurants just because they have lax security in regards to accepting payments.



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We are not talking about workers skimming credit card information. Instead, we are referring to conducting your point-of-sale system and operate computers via an unsecured network.

Your company processes hundreds of transactions daily and is legally responsible for protecting each of the information that flows through your restaurant. Every card you swipe could be retrieved through an ambitious criminal and leave you with tens of thousands of dollars in fines to cover.

Since your organization is at risk, here are a few ways you should re-evaluate your network’s security.

Security is not a lock and key

You may assume that since your point-of-sale system requires a worker pin number to access, it is protected from criminals, but that is not true.

If your point-of-sale system is operating on wifi that’s also available to your clients, you’re in danger of a data breach.

It’s simple for a professional to hack into a POS system through wifi or ethernet that gives anyone access.

Each IP address on a restaurant community may be applied as an entry point for cybercriminals, and several basic network solutions cannot differentiate between”good” and”bad” traffic together with your companies internet.

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What this means is if you are not investing in segmenting your wifi to get a protected internal network or a public outside wifi, you are putting every client who swiped a credit or debit card in your institution in danger.

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PCI Compliance and Firewalls

Among the best ways to safeguard any information that moves through your company is to go beyond simply running everything which touches sensitive information via a secure network.

Implementing a firewall can do a lot to protect your company. In actuality, when it comes to PCI Compliance safety criteria , they ardently insist you have one set up to protect client’s card info.

Possessing a powerful firewall and using a virus protection software can stop malicious criminals from gaining access to a point-of-sale system.

A whole lot of these things seem complicated, but if you work with the perfect provider it is easy. We supply enterprise-grade firewalls that allow for protected segmenting for a number of wifi networks in addition to continual monitoring to be certain it’s updated and secure.

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