How the Gearbox works – SUV Peugeot 3008

Hello and welcome to the new Peugeot 3008. I***m now going to show you how to use the new electric gear controls developed for the EAT6 automatic gearboxes. Electric and cable-free, it is both easier to use and more responsive. It has been meticulously designed to offer controls that are simultaneously ergonomic, modern, and visually appealing. When starting the car, press the ***On-lock*** button to go from positon ***P***, for Parking and into position ***D***, for Drive. The button is found here, to the left of the gearstick. You also use the ***On-lock*** button to go from ***P*** to ***R***, for reverse. You can move from any position to another with just one or two presses of the button. Press the ***M*** button found here to switch to manual mode. You also press the ***M*** button to switch back to the ***Drive*** position. In manual mode, it***s easy to change gears using the paddles near the steering wheel. The left paddle to shift down gears, and the right panel to shift up. For even more dynamic gear changes, the gear controls also have a sport mode, activated using this button.

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