How to Leverage Holiday Sales With Your POS


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, meaning the Holidays season is officially here. So what can you do to take the maximum advantage of the time of year?

The solution is to use your best money making piece of technology, your point-of-sale system.


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For those who have a terrific POS system, it may do plenty of work for you, taking advantage of the season and leverage more earnings.

How? Well, read our following tips below, going over what your POS system can do to help you increase your sales during the Holiday season.

Review previous year earnings.

One of the first things you may want to do is to study your earnings from last year around this time and start making a baseline prediction from there. Using this method, you can learn where your existing sales are compared to previous year.

Depending on the information, you should assume that your vacation sales for this season will be at least 20 percent higher than your vacation sales from this past year. Creating an accurate prediction is very important to knowing how much stock to inventory, as well as how many employees you want to have within the Holidays.

Locate your top selling items.

This simple task is something your POS needs to be able to perform with ease. Your POS system should be able to easily show you what item you offered the most of during the prior year. Assessing the reports your POS system generates will help you understand what your hot ticket items will be.

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Check to find out if this year’s hot item is just like last year’s hot item.

Properly schedule staff.

Your POS system should be able to make a report of last years hours to find out what your peak hours of operation are.

If your reports state last year you’re busy in early afternoons during 7:00 pm, then you will have some idea of the times of day you are the busiest and will know when to have extra staff. It is worth testing the expansion of business hours to satisfy the higher need of those hours during the holiday season.

It is possible to raise the bar this season.

With a small amount of time and effort, you can correctly exceed the earnings you earned this past year. Take the time to review your POS reports, they can be used as a tool and will help you manage the stress of the Holidays


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