Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations to Magento Commerce

Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations to Magento Commerce

It’s clear that the shift in consumer behavior is occurring because of the rise of stay-at-home orders. Ecommerce has rapidly evolved from a one-stop shop to the only choice for millions of consumers and businesses. We have also seen global Magento Commerce merchants’ site traffic increase by 30% on average during this same time period. This is almost the same as what we see for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

eCommerce has been a key driver of economic growth for the past few years. However, this is a time when it is even more important. This reality is forcing brands large and small to prioritize investments in digital commerce technology to provide frictionless, compelling shopping experiences for their customers.

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Today, we are announcing that Product Recommendations powered with Adobe Sensei – our artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning technology – is now available for Magento Commerce merchants worldwide. Customers can now use automated and intelligent product recommendations to help their customers find the right products at every step of their shopping journey. This will increase engagement, conversion and revenue. In the past, effectively using AI was expensive and difficult for many SMBs. This meant that they had to invest in data scientists or other technology to help their teams manage it. Our merchants are now able to automate product recommendations and deliver an exceptional eCommerce experience. Brands can also save valuable time and refocus their resources on growing the business.

We have been in touch with more than 50 merchants since the announcement of the Early access Program for Product Recommendations last Oct.

“Working with Early Access Program was an amazing experience. We were able to set up Product Recommendations quickly and have seen an increase in revenue of thousands of dollars every week.
Marshall Wolf Automation Web Developer Tyler Jensen

Magento merchants have the option to integrate Product Recommendations today and reap the benefits:

* Catalog Sync and Auto-Distributed TaggingNo coding or development is required to instantly tag storefronts. This makes it easy for merchants to deploy the correct products while ensuring that everything is correctly deployed. To offload Magento processing, a merchant’s product catalogue is automatically synchronized to a dedicated cloud service.

* AI-Driven Retail ExperienceAdobe Sensei analyzes shopper behavior using multiple machine learning algorithms. This eliminates tons of manual effort that is required to continually produce accurate product affinities – at scale – for every shopper.

* Nine different types of recommendation:Merchants have the option to choose from a variety of “Recommendation types” that are powered Sensei, and then place them on their storefront. The recommended types include Trending, Viewed–Viewed and Viewed–Bought.

* The Embedded Merchant ExperienceThe integrated user interface allows merchants create, manage and deploy product recommendations from Magento Admin. They can also keep track of specific metrics like impressions, views and clicks.

* Streamlined User WorkflowThis streamline workflow makes it easy to create product recommendations in clear and well-defined steps. Merchants can recommend products to shoppers within minutes of activating the feature.

Pricing and availability

Magento Commerce merchants can now access Product Recommendations at no extra cost via the Magento Marketplace. It works with Magento Commerce 2.3 or higher.

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