IT professionals should consider marketing certifications as a smart investment

Consumer expectations of brand interactions in today’s digital-first age are high. Customers expect that every interaction online and offline is contextually relevant, engaging, and seamless. These expectations are not only the responsibility of one team. IT, marketing and other departments must work together to create exceptional customer experiences.

Marketers have to deliver compelling customer experiences and drive business growth. Marketers often put a lot of effort into testing and integrating new technologies in their tech stacks to achieve this. While technology is essential, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. The right skills are essential for designing and delivering customized customer experiences.

IT teams also assist marketing teams in identifying, integrating, and deploying new technologies that add value. They are responsible for ensuring that the right people have the skillsets they need to create and manage the personalized experiences consumers demand.


As IT and marketing teams work more closely together, a new trend is emerging: IT professionals are learning marketing tech and getting certifications. Adobe is leading the charge in making this happen on a larger scale.

Every company must rethink their marketing strategies and customer experience technologies in order to compete in the digital economy. Loni Stark is vice president of strategy & product at Adobe. “The demand for those with the skills to help these companies digitally change has never been greater.” Adobe certifications allow employees and companies to align on a industry-recognized standard for technical knowledge on Adobe Experience Cloud.

What certification means for IT professionals

It can help you grow professionally by taking the time to become certified. The certifications can be a way to validate a professional’s skills and knowledge in a specific area. They can also open doors to more opportunities and higher pay.

  • There are more opportunities to be a leader
    Many opportunities are offered to certified professionals to lead and influence strategic IT projects. IDC reported IT professionals who have one certification have twice as much influence over strategic IT projects than those with no certifications.
  • Higher earning potential
    Salaries can often be a sign of a professional’s knowledge and skills. IT professionals can demonstrate their skills and knowledge through certifications. Higher salaries can be a result of becoming certified. four Adobe Experience Manager certifications were added to the “Salary Survey 75” Magazine’s top 20 certifications.
  • Display expertise
    Although certifications don’t guarantee a specific salary for IT professionals, they do validate an individual’s skills. Adobe certifications are made through a rigorous process that includes identifying target audiences, reviewing job tasks, creating and reviewing questions, beta testing items and determining a passing grade. This is all done to show Adobe Experience Cloud application expertise.

Value beyond professional development

Certifications are not only valuable for professional growth, but they can also drive business value to the company that has these professionals. Organizations will see increased productivity and quantifiable outcomes if they have certified IT professionals as staff. Here are some examples:

  • Employee efficiency
    IT professionals who have certifications relevant to their roles are more likely to be able to complete tasks faster. IDC claims that app developers who are certified are almost 90% more productive than those who don’t have certifications and 60% more efficient than those who do not.
  • Greater agility
    Certified team members in IT organizations are more reliable and can focus on supporting customers internally and externally with content management systems. This results in greater innovation and agility.
  • Higher revenue potential
    Adobe Experience Cloud partners can be more confident in knowing that they are working with professionals who are certified and have the technical expertise to integrate the technology. Our data shows that Adobe certifications are associated with approximately $50,000 in annual revenue for solution partners.

It doesn’t matter what reason an IT professional chooses to learn on-demand training. Marketing technology is not just for marketers. IT and marketing must work together to deliver the personalized and engaging experiences that consumers want.


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