Loyal customers are the heart and backbone of your company

Loyal customers are the heart and backbone of your company, which is the reason why you make every little to large effort to keep them coming through your door.One of the best ways to form customer loyalty is through brilliant customer support, as nine out of ten Americans are comfortable in paying longer with brands that commit to providing excellent customer support.

Of course, customer support is at the hands of your flooring staff. That means their gestures and actions play a significant role in creating your clients want to return later. Here are four ways a trained staff can help you build lasting and better relationships with your customers that enhance their loyalty.







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Reduce Waiting Time

If you are running a successful company, the amount of customers in your shop will always be higher than the number of employees in your shop. Sooner or later, during shopping or sales season, there is likely to be a long-long line. Customers will be naturally made to await their turn, which is good, so long as it is managed properly.

If the line is moving at a speed that is fine, customers are usually patient and calm. But if the service is not fast, it may risk you with a lineup of worked up, tired, and impatient customers. This is where picking the best POS system for retail might aid you. This is where NCR counterpoint POS systems stick out.

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Keep your waiting for a bare minimum and try to keep customers hooked while they’re stuck in these long queues with these hints;

  • Acknowledge them why it is taking so long.
  • Provide honest waiting period if you must.
  • Subscribe to clients with loyalty programs and vouchers; make most of the wait time for the two of you.

Encourage Personal Interaction

Encourage your employees to get involved in conversations with your loyal customers. If they take time to understand the titles of the frequent visitors to the shop or swap stories with a mother or grandma who comes for veggies often, they will build a lasting relationship with your loyal core audience.

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Deliver a Staff Member on a Recon Mission

Send a team man or two on a little field trip to stopover competing shops. Ask them to focus on the customer experience. Do they offer you a warm welcome as you enter through the doorway? Is the staff friendly and attentive, or are they bunched together in a corner overlooking clients? How’s the checkout procedure? How did you feel about your purchasing experience from the shop?

Ask your staff members to produce a list of the findings and use this information to make a workshop to increase your service at the shop.

Show Appreciation for Your Clients

Everyone loves a simple”thank you” and”goodbye, have a wonderful day.” A few nice words and a gesture of hot appreciation go a long way. Train your employees to say,”Thanks for shopping with us,” to each customer in the exit or checkout. Get them snacks and samples of the things you need them to try. Be considerate and nice, and make them like you back.

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