Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d review

you have big bigger and you have had gls since 2006 the gls class before gl-class the very largest suv from shades bands and this is no longer 5 meters 21 in total In this way, compared to the previous one, the one for the face-lift grew 2015 was still gl-class, the wheelbase was called over 3.1 meters x 60 mm to be precise you would not be surprised that the gls is a seven-seater as standard I have rarely been in such a spacious mpv-like car so I do an SUV and we mercedes they say this is not just any seven-seater as with the cap class in which they say only kids can sit on the back behind 2 seats no here people must be up to a meti 490 I can find a spot and I’m in my 80’s actually only a measly one man I just feel very small in the back of this car and with this button I can just put this seat back into the middle row of seats and that is actually the pinnacle of luxury passenger transport for a now i still feel like a little guy because of the setup of the dashboard of course is the norm girl wide car then you have that dashboard which is the same as in the gle class kind of big beat the a kind of dresser cabinet with a big screen on which the mbx Mercedes control system which owns operating interface we have already told a lot about it and the operation of it yes that is possible in three ways you can talk to the car through it mercedes to call the car then ask what can I do for you you have the small bag with sock handlebar and you have the touch screen and therefore always in the way that you like [Applause] such a system that excels in beautiful graphics you can heartlessly vary right for you here in the middle you can itam all kinds of data callers beautiful but then you shouldn’t be too busy with that not safe at all yes and talking about safe they call it this at mercedes de s class under the essie dirty and say s class then you say really cities or the art technique the best that still has to offer is on such car that is also true, this gls class does its thing very much good in terms of assistance systems where it most extensive assistance package you naturally have a very nice car letter cord cruise control that keeps very good distance from predecessors and then there the lane change assistant works really very nice you do the steering you songs of steel can’t even let go of it then he goes to that one himself other lanes in this area mc is really very far tesla was first further, but they are now a bit more cautious about their latest with unizo software in that area he just does them gls very well air suspension is standard on gls and that of course gives the typical floaty feeling gls and texel american feel you have the option that I use the boldero so is not on this car but on the 580 must have a combination 8042 follows multibeam system you have a system what then really the movements of the carriage in a bend against and even goes a little dough hang in bends so you have a kind of motor behind Experience can imagine that you would like the country it is quite a lot of movement in this car even when cornering certainly the comfort mode but then you are in sport and then yes then he was stronger damping and suspension than punishment by that air suspension and then it does get busy again I do it anyway very well then he is which as you would expect yes nice that nice curves of course but this is of course the best car on the market if you want the 7 man on winter sports, we will do a car with which you do that would rather than with this one 400d for the time being the only one that will be 1633 hp 700 newton meters and yes you do not need more I would always take the diesel because you are not like that often at the pan of this one it is very difficult to go to one in ten but you shouldn’t say that to America, of course a 580 petrol with 8 cylinders and a 63 producing 612 hp but about 400d now I could live with that just fine and by the way this version starts at 123 1000 euros you can find out what that announced Maybach version will cost at least three times as much as there will be ensure that you will not often the GLS on Dutch roads from the previous generation who sold them career as gl-class not a total of six hundred have been sold but America is a completely different story, as we go 25,000 to 25,000 a year 30,000 on registration and that makes this gls certainly the most american mercedes the whole range

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