New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me the new BMW 2 Series active tourer hybrid this is a family car and from BMW and I want to present you today I will go through the interior exterior and I try to show you as many details as possible I hope you will enjoy it so first time we will start with the exterior of the car actually this is the e performance I have to tell you this is the hybrid version of the 2 Series active tourer from BMW so this is this this car have a petrol engine and also an electric engine it’s a plug-in hybrid that mean you can charge the car actually with the cable so you can see here the information 225 X II this come from electric so from hybrid active tourer LCE the engine 1.5 it’s the petrol engine also it has 135 horsepower there you can see the option the price of this car it’s 53 thousand francs dollars the starting price of this car is forty-five thousand francs dollars in Euro it’s a little bit less and also here you can see some technical details you can see the petrol and electric plug-in you can see the consumption there 2.2 liter and 60 kilowatt hour is the consumption of the car and you will be able to drive till 50 kilometer in the summer here is the charging port here you can charge the electric battery also you can see some information here about the charging state and the color there will change depend on what the car will do so let me let me open the blinkers guys and let me show you right now the way the blinkers look in the back you can see we have normal bulb light no LED lights on the blinkers here it’s also the tank there you can put you can put the petrol and also you can see the blinkers no LED light on the blinkers just a normal ball applied but the reverse light the normal night light its LED and it looked very nice in the BMW style with those lines three-dimensional mines there so it looked pretty nice the back of the car look very simple not many complicated edges and shapes that the car have also reverse camera LED lights on the number plate this is something super fancy and like that up here we have the reverse break up there you can see it and also a simple spoiler design up here it’s pretty simple the back of the car it’s simple but in the same time it is very nice really nice I like it very much also no wipers in the back so for the back windows you don’t have wipers to wipe the rain from the back window but yeah let me show you something guys for example here around the windows you have this kind of plastic but it’s not glossy it’s a matte plastic also on the roof there you can add some extra storage up there we have four parking sensors in the back and then one exhaust pipe on this on the left side and also you can see that they chose to make it all white they go all white even with a plastic down there on the bumper so it’s not bad looking it’s a nice looking car and also the rims they fit very well this BMW rims fit very well on this 2 Series active tourer these chrome rims I like it very much also you can see the brake disk inside there and brake caliper and actually I think it’s 17 inch rims exactly those rims are 17 inch so there are also very Kalama chol and they look pretty nice down here we have some plastic this part it’s all plastic to protect the down part of the car this is a very very good thing to do if you want to go in the car last longer the handle it’s simple as you see on the other models classic the shape of the wing of the mirror here is very nice have a good visibility LED lights as well on the mirror the blinkers I mean you can see it right here yeah I try to focus right now it’s good also guys up here we have the camera and the raining sensors that camera helped the car to read the traffic speed limit and also to help the car keep in the lanes for the lane assist we have six parking sensors in the front super awesome and also in the front the car has more like a sporty design we have full BMW LED lights adaptive LED lights in the front guys so this car have also toes amazing light in the night they are great the bumper has beautiful shape some glossy plastic some aerodynamic you can see the air come here and go on the sides or the choice to add this bumper kind of sporty bumper and make the car look much much cooler in my opinion you have some air intakes here in the bumpers and also in the middle you have the grill down there radiator inside also you can see here it has two clappers that they open and closed depend on the engine temperature for example when the engine it’s cold they will close when it’s hot they will open to cool down the engine the front part of the car looked much much better than the back in my opinion I like it very much I like the front part of the car also I like the way they design this tour this this tour card this family car it’s look perfectly the way it should look also automatic lift gate on the trunk that’s a good extra for the car and I like it as well here is the button the handle is a triangle up here as you can see on the door then you have this part here that you can take it out very easily if you want to carry longer items here you have some plastic at the entrance directly flat floor here it’s easily hooks on the left on the side the space here 12-volt board as well then you have this normal bulb light and some space in the left side here we have the cable the car come with two cables one cable that you can charge at home and one cable that you can charge at fast charging five metal cable come with the car that that’s a good thing also repair kit and some storage space down here it’s not a huge storage space also medical kit is there but yeah they have to have place for the battery as well so I’m quite impressed how much space you have to create a big trunk for a hybrid car because the hybrid cars they always have to have two engines two battery and petrol tank and stuff like that so you have not so much space but they they did a great job with the car and you have plenty of space folding down the seat simple pull this and then the seat will go down and actually I like the seats they are flat floor there so you can see it they are directly flat so you pull this down and then the seat you can even leave it like that if you want to carry things in the back the seat can stay like that also you fold it all the way down and then you have plenty of space here huge space in the trunk and with seat folding down flat floor you have a lot of space even down on the legs here it’s pretty good space no problem at all up here you have light normal bulb light then you can see you can make an idea of yourself on the space in the trunk so it’s not bad at all so let me close the trunk let me go inside to show the space inside the car guys so folding back to seat so until here it’s easy not that you have to pull this and push it you need two hands to push it all the way in the back and actually hear the same you pulled that to push it in back and then you have a very relaxing position in the car you have plenty of legs on there you have really really a lot of legs for after you will see in a moment I will go inside and I will show you and also I like the position of the seat guy so I’m going to put it all the way back you are like in a sofa home relax and for long trips it’s gorgeous gorgeous also the seats are in normal position here we have BMW at the entrance with some plastic the doors have one window big window and also here soft material on the door good quality also then we have some fabric material here in the middle the same material that the seat are made the speakers some kind of chrome design here on the doors then here we have some soft material rubber the button for the windows up and down here have some plastic and storage space plenty of storage space in the door and going inside here you can see that the plastic shape of BMW very very comfortable seats even for long trips and the fabric material in the middle pretty awesome also here we have the armrest with two cupholders classic from BMW you already know if you was in this car so back of the front seat some plastic storage space here we have some vents two USB port that’s an awesome thing that they had those USB ports down there plenty of space on my legs here huge space really big space as I told you before huge space great comfort for long trips even up here you can see no space at all even diffs is a hybrid car the space and comfort in the car it’s gorgeous good visibility on the windows I like that even this window little window in the back it’s pretty awesome and I like two visibility I like the way it is it is pretty good up here plenty of space on my Headroom also four fingers there yeah the legs room also very good even here on the right seat I think someone very tall was there in the front or maybe they just pulled it all the way back but for the three people in the back you can see almost I think I stretch my hand there have three people here will be will be no problem even for long trips so this is a good family car in my opinion it’s great here you have the armrest from the front kind of strange design there they I think they can do it a little bit better with the next version of the car will be much better I’m sure but the dashboard it’s quite good nice design even the center console there look pretty good let me go in the front and show you so for example the doors let me close the light first and then the doors guys I have one windows but this window is from two pieces so you can see the other pieces stay there on the body of the car quality it’s same as in the back soft material good quality on the doors as well some kind of chrome design some kind of plastic ray here and we have the fabric materials then handle speaker soft material here and then we have the buttons as well here a lot of space storage space in the door the buttons for the tank and for the trunk you can open it from there also BMW with some plastic at the entrance manual adjustable seats right here you can adjust it manually so and the seats have the same same design has to be MW have it almost it’s classic this design soft material side support they are pretty awesome for long trip I think the family cars those seats are perfect for family cars his fabric material seats here we have some storage space here you have kind of light buttons and brightness and controllers and the vents also feel good quality up here soft material on – here even here then we have the head-up display quite impressed that this active tourer have had a display that’s a good thing really awesome now you can see the dashboard have a nice design you have a great visibility on the windows and I think they do a great job with it it’s looking very nice the way they design it also here I’m worried about a little bit of blind spot you cannot you have not so good visibility maybe I don’t know I didn’t drive the car but I think but even so the window is much bigger this windscreen is bigger the mirror here a little bit of fatty edges but you are still able to see in the back then around the car you can see the visibility it’s really good it’s really good they did a great job also let me go forward to the steering wheel it’s a classic one from BMW I think you already know it from other previous cars model then here you have the controller for the digital display there it’s kind of a digital display you have a combination of all so it’s not the newest this one you know it already yeah and yeah what can I say you have a good visibility from here from the travel point of view there you have the soft material all over the dash here you have this plastic in gray soft material down here the flow box it’s also pretty big for this car impressive and then the multimedia system here we have some glossy plastic and multimedia controllers right here classic for BMW look really nice also here is the button for the activate safety settings also the vents pretty simple also the vents and the button blinker good visibility on the multimedia system also I’m not going to go too much in detail with multimedia system you already see it on my channel if you want to see a full review with the multimedia system from BMW check out on my channel guys I have it right there also the heated seat thematic system right here where you can also adjust different settings parking sensors here you can go in sport or eco mode and also on different function there I like this black glossy plastic and I like the fact that they had this electric handbrake finally BMW have electric handbrake on their cars finally they add it a little bit later but they had it also the controllers right here on the middle console that you can control the screen there it’s very simple to control it while driving it’s it’s simple here is the menu main menu it’s simple and this is the this is not a newest this one you can also use it as a touchscreen and it’s simple here we have information about the car all kind of information and you can change different settings also the consumption you can see there the car it’s also connected to the internet you can see the weather the navigation although it’s it’s fantastic the navigation I think is the newest this one it’s great it’s great it has a great map great information nice colors it’s work fast you can see no load you not loading no no stop it’s it’s just perfect it’s work fabulous also guys and you have the weather you can see the weather the car can connect to the internet you can connect to the Bluetooth and all that stuff here you have two cupholders one 12 volt port some storage space with an USB port right there in the middle I like the fact that this armrest you can adjust it also a space for your phone inside the armrest the position of driving it’s pretty good and also the visibility up here you still have a mirror or without me without a light microphone and the handle up there and also here you have some light normal bulb light so no LED light also on the roof so yeah ok guys I like this I like this sun protection roof there because it doesn’t have a fabric material usually won’t be the fabric material scattered tea very fast but here this is the menu guys it’s pretty simple I think you already know it if you see the latest BMW EE – I’ve 7 copied and display check out on my channel I have it there you can see all the information also the cockpit here is pretty simple you have the speed durometer and down there you can change some settings but I’m not going to go into detail I don’t want to make so long this video if you have question guys don’t hesitate to ask me also if you want to see all BMW on the market check out my other videos I hope it was helpful for you this video please check out my other videos and see you soon guys in the next

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