New BMW X1 xDrive 18d 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here the new BMW X1 XDrive this is the 18D engine the diesel engine version that I have right here with me so I’m pretty happy I know this is one of the most wanted city SUV these days and I’m really happy to review it again for you guys if you didn’t see the other video with the new BMW x1 check it out on my channel this is the x1 2020 version 2020 version of the BMW x1 so let’s go to the review the car I will show you some information about the price and engine and all that stuff and also I will show you the exterior of the car I think you will love the review because I will go really deep into detail and I try to show you every single small thing about the car also the car come with full LED in the front in the back it has LED lights almost everywhere outside its its full LED in the front also headlight and all that stuff and also in the back here you can see the information so BMW x1 X Drive 80 D diesel 2-liter engine 149 horsepower 350 Newton meter the price of this car it’s fifty-six thousand francs the same in dollars maybe a little bit less in Euro you can post the video and read all that option that come with the car the consumption around 6.3 1832 kilograms the car half

so if you’re into these details you can post the video there and read all the information about the color name and all that stuff I like the fact that they add this plastic protection here around the edges of the car this will protect the paint and it’s it’s really helpful you can change it also very easy when it’s get a scratch or something like that and also discontinuing under the car here around the edges of the doors and this is a super nice protection to have on your car and I like the fact that they do that I wish I have on my car as well some kind of plastic protection around those wheels but yeah I don’t have it so I have to put some kind of paint protection film there to protect it in time so you can see there even in the back they add that plastic protection and it’s very useful very practical in time six parking sensors in the front you can see right here the second one and then the third one right here on the bumper in the middle a very beautiful bumper the car come with this kind of neo bumper also it’s great for dry or dynamic because the air will go inside here and then the air will go outside here around the wheel just a little bit here you can see it the air come out here around the wheels and then it goes directly in the in the back around the car also a beautiful beautiful design I like this black glossy plastic and the fog lamps are also LED that’s a really really cool stuff to have it on a car so then I like those lines the way they design the bumper it looks so sporty it’s look aggressive and pretty nice I don’t understand really this this right here here

I think they take the bumper if you see my other videos with the x6 and BMW 3-series and one series you will see that this part here the air will go inside the bumper and then it will go directly to the brake disc and it will cool down the brake discs but in this car they don’t need to cool down the brake discs because the car is not so powerful and then they just leave it like that the bumper they just put that plastic glossy black plastic there for the design also you can see the BMW LED this is not the last LED light from BMW the laser one is the last one so you immediately know when you see inside there a blue line on the headlamps then you have the LED light or that car have the LED light this one has the normal le LED but they are also great the grill it’s also nice you can see there the clappers are closed right now you have this new system when it’s cold outside the clappers will stay closed and the engine will get worms faster and when it’s in it’s hot outside those clappers will open and it will let the air go inside to the engine to cool down the engine so pretty awesome technology in my opinion also the lines on the hood they are kind of simple nothing fancy and aggressive I want to show you there in the middle you can see the camera in the middle of the windscreen is the camera and the connection connected drive from BMW so you can connect to the internet there the camera it’s helped the car on Lane Assist for example reading the speed limit traffic signs and Thoreau there are also these sensors for the raining sensors really nice lines around here of on the on the side of the car you can see it has a line that goes all the way through the back the mirrors in white LED light on the mirrors as well of course under here no camera so on this model we don’t have any camera so we don’t have 360 degrees camera this car come only with the reverse camera I think you can take it as an option I’m not sure about that but I think you can you can add it as an option also glossy mirrors there and also the handles are kind of classic you see it on the previous version and keyless entrance inside the college’s I have to have the key with you and you can go inside and lock the car without pressing the button I like this black glossy plastic around the edges of the car it looks much much better in my opinion it’s look super fancy better than the the rubber up here we have also some lines when you can add some extra trunk up there on the roof and the shape in the back it’s phenomenal I love the shape of the car I think this is the perfect SUV for the city and for long trips you have plenty of space also for kids it’s it’s it’s more than enough you have a lot of space there in the back the rims look phenomenal in my opinion they look so nice I love those rims I think they fit perfect with the car and they look super sporty and in my opinion they are great look how small are the brake discs I’m really impressed how small they make those brake discs I’m really interested to see 100 150 horsepower have this car and this small brake disc can stop the car it’s quite interesting I think they are really good quality we have the p0 tires here 19-inch rims if you were wondering how big is those how big are those rims and the shape in the back and the bumper in the back look phenomenal I love those new design from BMW the way they design this bumper in the back it’s it’s really great also the LED look nice the spoiler up here look really interesting and help the car I already am ik a little bit and around on the side here have this glossy black plastic that looks super nice beautiful lines here around on the side of the car also the brake light there LED of course and now you can see it look how cool they look those LED lights you can see it also from the side of the car not only from the back but you can see it from the side and I like those LED lights where when they are a little bit bigger you know because in the night it’s the people can see you even for the long long distance on the highway for example or on the big road so I like that to be very visible from all the side also reverse camera and lady light on the number plate of course great as I told you LED lights almost everywhere and we will go down to the bumper because it’s my favorite I like the way they do this bumper a little bit in the back for example when when you have those two exhaust pipes you have some muscular part where is this gray plastic here that looks so so interesting the way they do it and the exhaust pipe are real guys and they look nice they have this aluminum over them to make them look a little bit better we have four parking sensors in the back not six as it was expected just four but I think it’s more than enough because you have also the reverse camera so you can see easily where are you and in every every time X Drive 80 D on the right side and x1 logo on the other side some light reflector for the night and another exhaust pipe so what do you think guys about that please comment leave me a comment by the way you can if you want to see the newest this car on the market also thank your for watching my videos so yeah anyway let go let’s go forward guys and I think let me go inside here and we will go also in inside the car in the moment let me open the blinkers I want to show you the blinkers I know many most of you are interested to see how the blinkers are looking and they are they’re big enough I think you can see it really easy and also there lady light the blinkers are LED so you don’t have to worry also you can see it from the side of the car LED lights also on the mirrors right here and also in the front you can see the light they look super nice in my opinion they look really really good and in the same time they can also keep that day light open so let me go and close them and then I want to show you the interior I think we will go in the interior of the car now guys to show you the interior so the trunk of course we have automatic lift gate here on the car I think this comes standard with the car I’m not sure but I think so and also we have a triangle up here and you can close the door manually if you want you have handles up there the trunk it’s it’s quite interesting and it’s good quality we have some aluminum here at the entrance in the trunk also I find that really good that it’s a flat floor entering so you can load your stuff directly flat there this is a good thing also we have in the left side some space here where you can put your stuff it’s kind of deep space there you have some hooks around there also here you have for the grocery kind of a hook and then in the right side the space for your repair kit or for the medical kit or stuff like that 12 volt port in the trunk very useful an LED light there on the right side and another hooks in the left and in the right also you can take this trunk protection out very simple I like this system from BMW it’s very simple to use it just two plastic there you pull it up it’s very simple everything go really fast there I want to take this out and then I want to show you that how much space you still have in the back so let me take this out guys it’s very simple just have to pull it but with one hand it’s it’s kind of complicated let me pull it out for you and put it here a little bit on the side and then let me show you the rest so you can see how big is the entrance in the car you can even stick their mobile parts or big items like fridge or like yeah something like wash machine or something like that you can also take this out this part but I’m not going to do that because you get you understand the idea and you can see now how much space it’s here in the back I find it really big the trunk it’s quite big and also you still have a lot of space under the floor here you can see it’s a huge huge space I was impressed when I see first time this space here you have like 30 centimeter deepness so if you take this out you have a huge huge trunk and I really like it I really like it that you have plenty of space here in the trunk I’m quite impressed with the space inside the trunk let me go to fold down the seat now guys and show you how the car look with the seats folding down so this price of the price of the car it’s 50 around 55 thousand euro and you have also leather inside the car you can see here a leather and very good quality materials a lot of new technology on the car here you have this handle that you have to pull it and then you pull this and in the same time you can fold down the seat you will see in the moment with the seats folding down that you have a great great great flat floor there so let me go on the other side now to show you and fold down the seats now so let me show you guys just this moment let me go inside here also I like this LED light on the handles you have a small LED here in the night it’s fantastic and it’s also super fancy it look really interesting in the night I just want to show you this too because maybe I forget until the end so you have to pull this up and you can fold down even the middle part it’s so simple to do that it’s one second you can fold it down and you have a flat floor there and you have a huge huge space here where you can carry a lot of items and also you still have plenty of space on the legs here if you look down here to the legs you have a huge space also on LED light under the front seat and kind of a lot of space there in the front also in the back from the back you can see right now how much space you have here in the back really huge space I’m really impressed with the space here and the fact that you have all the the all the trunk flat there it’s a really plus and also under the floor in the trunk you see how much still how much space you have there so it’s quite impressive it’s big enough I think it’s big enough for a small city SUV it’s quite quite great and it’s also looks super nice the car look fantastic in my opinion it is very beautiful it has nice design and also great technology you can see you can also leave the seats like that in this position if you want to carry more items in the back or I don’t know for all kind of purpose you can leave the seeds in this position here you you you don’t have to put it all the way in the back you have kind of a few option a few option on how you can leave the seeds for example it put let me put a camera here and show you that you have like three levels so you have one level second level you can pull it and push it on me maybe maybe you can see better from here from this position so you have more levels you can put it all the way back or you can put it like that or like that okay kind of for for position and weak when you put it all the way in the back guys you push it all the way in the back you have a great comfort to there so I think for long trips it’s it’s gorgeous gorgeous to have those this option in the car to fall down the seats all the way back so I think BMW add a lot of cool feature in the car and also this armrest in the middle you have leather two cupholders here in the middle very useful this is the classic from BMW you see it also on the previous models kind of similar and now you can see that those those leather seats are also classic from BMW the shape of them the leather it’s really good it’s good quality leather you can see also the trims and the stitches in the middle it it has some little holes there and you can see even the stitches the blue stitches there on the side and they are really comfortable as you know from the other previous model that those seats are really really comfortable in BMW and here the cool stuff is that you can also adjust the seats guys so that’s really impressive that you can put the seat a little bit in the front so you can adjust it from here you can fold it front or fold it in the back so how cool is that you can see here the difference fold it all the way in the front and all the way in the back so that’s that’s very helpful when you want to carry more items there in the back so I’m really impressed on how how many ways you can customize those BMW x1 seats so really cool I really I really really enjoy until now this new BMW x1 2020 model so let me go inside and show you here we have also the two vents kind of simple those two events I was expected to make it a little bit more fancy but you can also buy extra stuff from Aliexpress for example and you can add this cover like carbon fiber or stuff like that we have two USB see down there very useful I like that for 2019 really useful also back of the front seats plastic some storage space LED light under the seat there close the door and see the space on my legs let me close the door guys and then let me show you that on the roof here I think you know already what is that I will also show you in other views it’s the net you can install the net there if you have dogs or stuff like that in the back anyway handle hooks good quality on the roof here we have some LED lights with some glossy black buttons that also they look really interesting I like the way they look it is very fancy and very stylish let me go forward guys to go into the to the legs room actually I have plenty of leg room now the front seat it’s in normal position maybe let me go in the front again and let me adjust the sit in my position and then let’s see how much space I have because I want to make a real real measuring here and I want to tell you for sure how much space is in the back so I’m going in the front seat and you can see my legs it’s far away from the acceleration so let me adjust it we have manually adjustable seats here but BMW have this super cool system it’s very simple to adjust it even manually you can adjust the seats in many positions so it’s one of the best manual adjustable seats on the market so I really enjoy it let me go in the back right now it’s an it’s my position my driving position for example it’s me in the front and then it’s me in the back the same size so we see two people like me how much space we will have in the back so let me go inside and now you can see I have a huge space on my legs guys not take huge space on my legs and you can see even that the passenger seat it’s a little bit way in the back but in my driving position I have huge space here I don’t even need so much space and I can stretch my legs under the front seat really my legs are almost fully stretched there so kind of big big space in the front and also I have I have a good comfort position on those seats some LED lights even there and on the door so the choice you had to LED lights also this ambient light here on the door it’s quite fancy you can see we have two one under here and one up there in the night they look very very interesting the head space I think most of you are interested in this head space head space it’s huge I feel like I’m in a x6 inside this car the new x1 have plenty of space and also good visibility on the windows I have a great visibility on the windows they make another window there in the back so you have kind of kind no blind spot there so that’s a great great stuff to see also as you can see in the back they add the speakers on the roof in the back there the BMW in the new cars add the speakers on the roof plenty of space even here in the middle in the left side I still have space for two person around me you can see the speakers right there in the back on the roof in the right side of the car we have we have the the seat belt right there and yeah it’s quite quite cool and also plenty of space for free people here let me go back to the discussion so yeah the roof as I told you it has a good quality the space in the back it’s great here I wish was a little bit different with this center armrest it can be much more fancy the quality of it it’s it’s great it’s phenomenal it’s the same leather fantastic but the system there the the plastic and the system I wish it was a little bit different they can make it a little bit more fancy like in the x6 or in the serious one or free the new one I mean also the doors are great great quality guys you see before the ambient light we have from two parts the window because they want to fold down the window all the way down you have two speakers there on the on the door soft material quality also here as you can see really good quality on the doors leather almost everywhere we have this glossy plastic that looks super nice with ambient light around it the handle it’s also simple then we have these two speakers in grey like the BMW a choice to do it these days they look super nice also blue stitches soft material even down here leather and then we have the button for the electric window so plenty of space storage space here on the door pants and then yeah even this part here it’s soft material so I’m really impressed with the quality inside this car really good quality on the doors as well so let me go forward the entrance in the car here in the back it’s quite quite big and I like the entrance it’s it’s really see how big it is and also you have some plastic at the entrance down here with BMW logo they’re pretty simple but it fancy now it will go in the front so alright so here as I told you keyless entry is in the car on the front guys the same same quality great quality on the door also we have a little bit different design from the back it’s not the same we have just one big window with great visibility of course and also the same leather insertion same good soft quality materials here on the door on the upper side we have LED lights as same as in the back also a glossy black plastic there here we have the buttons for lock and unlock the car also the same handle up here we have the Harman Kardon speaker of course in all the car is the same hormone Cardone they have a collaboration with BMW and the sound it’s it’s great it’s fantastic good quality sound from these speakers also here on the door really good quality materials soft everywhere almost everywhere you have soft soft materials also the the buttons for electric windows even here a lot of space a lot of storage space the button for the trunk you can open an automatic trunk from this button and the quality is quite good really really good also I like that BMW add all that rubber around the windows around the door even down here even here they had this rubber extra rubber when you close the door you have much much better sound insulation inside the car here we have the M at the entrance M logo with some aluminum and some plastic also it’s a small entrance here we have only partial aluminium pedal just one in the left side but other just normal and then an LED lights right there on the legs the seat also parts your electric so from here you can adjust only only the lumbar part and and side support electric but other than that you have to adjust it manually from here from here and you have another handle on the other side it’s very simple to adjust it you can adjust even the front part the seat are also very comfortable for long trips and they are also sporty in the same time because they have that side supporter so you can drive also a little bit more aggressively with the car so you still have a good support between those seats but for the long distance they are really good and comfortable the same good leather as as in back of course they are the same a little bit of holes here in the middle as you can see they have a nice design there if you look closely you will you will understand immediately that also they look very nice they fit put in the car with other with the dashboard and with other systems also with the center console there look very nice the dashboard look nice here we have some space where you can put your stuff this kind of small space there then here you can adjust the steering wheel the way you want it in manually soft material on the dashboard even here on the side you have those lights button this is the old system with a wheel where you can turn on the light and turn off the light the vents are also simple some some chrome design there and glossy plastic the dashboard it’s soft everywhere soft material I think it’s rubber everywhere kind of rubber but it’s a good quality and soft material we have a head-up display on this car the head-up display it’s really great it’s directly on the windscreen you know on the BMW also handle microphone here we have an LED light right here on the mirror and then in the middle also of course SOS button some normal bulb lights or I think they’re led I’m not sure or maybe they’re LED yellow light up here we have the microphone then the mirror I wish was different the mirror is not so yeah but you can change it that’s not a big problem then the visibility around the car it’s pretty good really impressed with the visibility almost no blind spot there in the back even though you have the reverse camera but the visibility it’s fantastic I have to tell you I’m really impressed with the visibility and also I like those shape of the wind of the mirrors the BMW make those shape that nice shape on the mirrors when you have a create great visibility so I really like them I really like the lastest model mirror also that the dashboard and the way they integrate everything looks super nice the sting will it’s great the quality there it’s awesome also we have a speaker there in the middle on the dashboard then we have this ambient light that you have it also on the dashboard here under this glossy black plastic the vents are also integrated nice soft material even down here round glow box you can see the stitches there also nice integrated multimedia system and the chromatic system right here in the middle it’s very simple to use it you just you just have it sits in the perfect position you just don’t have to stretch your hand too much your access to all this button it’s very simple while you’re driving also the display it’s well positioning through the driver it’s big enough so you have a good visibility from the driver side the steering wheel we have the M steering wheel it’s awesome I love this steering wheel you can see here the M is from sporty saying will we have the buttons we have this grip great grip on the steering wheel also the clappers for changing the gear menu and the buttons right here is very simple to adjust different settings different things for example from the music here on the right side the media and on the other side we have the adaptive cruise control right here on this side the cruise control and all that stuff the lane assist of course and then the clappers for changing the gear manually if you want to play with the car a little bit and change change it with the clappers like in the sport car I seen most of the cars have those clappers these days and the head of the cockpit there it’s it’s quite awesome it’s the electric like the digital one but it’s not the newest one the newest this one is the previous version you will see it a little bit later the start/stop button here integrated around the steering wheel and you can see it better from this side also the sticks there where you can changed the wipers and yeah the blinkers on the other side and all that stuff let me go to the center console now here we have the armrest leather the same I liked I like the way they make those blue stitches the way they are they are all together they look so nice you have even on the middle console and also on the armrest on the seats the same system here you can put your phone and you can also open it just like that I wish it was a little bit different it’s kind of old style this armrest here we have a USB port down there that’s very useful these days but I wish you’d I wish they can do it differently I like the fact that we have electric parking brake on this car this is a great stuff better than manual here we have the controller’s for the multimedia system while you’re driving it’s perfect some leather there in the center console and we have the buttons different mode of driving sport mode then here we have the stick the stick look also nice but it’s kind of the old-style stick from the previous kind of previous models and then we have here two cupholders and you can even close that order I like the way they look is not bad but after I see the new BMW for example x6 the 3-series also the one series they look much better but this is also super nice and fancy but they the other BMW newest also on look much better than interior huge Globox I’m really impressed how nice how good they make these Globox I really like the glovebox you have plenty of space and it’s directly flat there I like the way they do it they do a great job with that I liked a lot of things I like about this car and also the cockpit it’s it’s quite awesome I think you already see it before the digital cockpit here’s the multimedia system it’s normal I think you see it already I don’t know I will not go too much into detail with multimedia system because I think you know it already here you can change different settings you can use the controllers of course you know while you’re driving it’s recommended to use this controller guys you have this button the shortcut button right here where you can change the different menu there you can go and navigation here we have the radio station it’s quite simple you can change the I am you can choice bluetooth you can choice USB you can go to to the radio in depend how you like to listen your music then you have the communication here the phone you can connect your phone and calendar and all that stuff then you have the navigation that’s one of the best it’s work really fast and it’s really really good you have great screen big screen great colors actually amazing resolution and it’s very responsive and I like also the screen the way it’s positioned it there it’s in the perfect position guys so you can see it very very easily you can see the colors you can see that it’s it has no no lag at all it’s very very responsive you just have to play with it in the left right so it’s very responsive that’s good that’s a thing that I really liked about this car this is BMW that they have this amazing multimedia system that it’s very responsive for example let me try to choice the destination and you will see that it’s in no time they load in no time it’s it’s so fast it’s it’s code directly there in no time you don’t have any any time to wait and it’s know perfectly where you are on the map and it is fantastic really they have a great hardware and software behind this multimedia system it’s really fast and as I told you one of the best Kinect BMW here you have all that weather news you can go online with the car so that’s quite impressive guys so we can see even the weather for the next days how will be the weather and yeah stuff like that so anyway pretty awesome also here you can see the consumption of the car and information about the car the way the car is driving and and all that technical details about the car now of course you have to have the engine start in order to see all that kind of information and I cannot start engine right here but yeah you know the system it’s it’s kind of it’s not so complicated it’s very simple you can learn this system very simple what is complicated is the newest test system that I see it on the x6 if you want to see the other videos with BMW x6 a free series 1 series the new one from 2020 check out on my channel guys there you will see the new operation system 7 and the multimedia system does the e7 the newest this one there is complicated there you need time to learn all that stuff and it’s also awesome really awesome this is the key of the car guys if you’re wondering how the key it’s looking like it’s kind of simple it’s very very light you just have to have the key there you press the start button and then you will see immediately and the display kind of the this is the older displays not the newest this one and that you can see in my other reviews I’ll make a full review also with a new multimedia system but here it’s simple you have all the info there down there even the speed limit you can read the traffic speed limit here you have the dramatic system kind of simple to adjust all that stuff it’s perfectly you have the heated seats right there in the middle yeah it’s kind of simple now here if you go to the car right now I think you can see much more information let me try to do that so now I think I’m able here you have all kinds of information about the doors about the light about the speed limit you can choice those intelligent safety systems speed limit assistant the pork assistant a control configuration and all that stuff so I’m not sure if I can see here you can change even the language the display the language and all that stuff is really complicated really it has plenty of plenty of settings here in which you can see or change different settings in the car the consumption you can see on this car it’s it’s brand new car it isn’t drive too much so I don’t think it’s a realistic consumption that you and see it right there so anyway by the way the display looked nice also you have a great visibility from from the driver point of view it’s really good and the car it’s awesome for this price I think for the city SUV like BMW with a lot of great great quality also you can see here the LED lights and the high beam the low beam they they look fantastic one of the most beautiful LED lights are on a BMW in my opinion they look super awesome and guys the price of the car fifty-five thousand is not so bad I see that the new BMW 1-series it has also the same price but it has the newest s technology I hope you enjoyed the review with the new BMW x1 2020 model guys please check out my other videos with a new Estes car like share subscribe and I wait you in the next video so by the way happy new year guys and see you soon in the next video bye you

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