New BMW X3 M Competition 2020 Review Interior Exterior

the new BMW X3 M competition it’s right here with me today guys this is a 2020 model and I’m really happy to review it for you I think it’s one of the the most view car these days and one of the most wanted car I think it has a fantastic shape it’s a great car also for the city it’s not so big it’s a perfect family car if you have two kids this car it’s fantastic it has a lot of space beautiful design you can still have a family car an SUV with fantastic sport design you can see the bumper you can see the the grill is from M the x3 M right there the logo also the full LED light also the blinkers you can see they are LED light the shape of the cars the lines also this white car can show us a lot better the lines of the car we have the light alloy wheels M special for M cars from BMW also ventilated discs we have the caliper the brake caliper M brake caliper sport also special for this car and those rims are made special for the M cars they are much much more lighter and they help a lot to the car to keep the consumption low also they are 21 inch if you’re wondering how how big they are but they fit perfectly with this new ex-free M also here around the wheels we have some plastic to protect the edges of the card paint of the car this is a great great new technique these days for most of the cars to add some protection to the paint in time we will not rust so easy also we have a beautiful shape down there almost all the M BMW have this shape here no matter if it’s SUV or sport car also it’s free M logo again on the side here with some crew glossy plastic on the side of the car that make the car look much more sporty er again the same protection here around the wheels in the front this plastic protect the the edges of the car it’s very easy to change it if you scratch it you can see here the the screws it’s super easy to change it you just have to buy it I think everybody can do it but it’s very very practical when you scratch the the edges of the car or yeah when some some small accident the coral cure on the side then you can change it very easily also a nice line on the side of the car beautiful lines make the car look super nice I think this is one of the most I don’t know one of the most beautiful SUV in this class also we have camera on the mirrors because this car have 360 degrees camera the mirrors it’s the M mirror you can see here the shape this is special on BMW M cars this shape of the mirror with this glossy plastic looks super nice a blind-spot technology right there in the mirror and see the triangle so this new BMW x3 M competition also have those those added extras for the M also I like the glossy plastic around the windows look very nice also up here on the roof you can see that the car have a big big glass roof also you have a support there where you can put your extra trunk here we have two gas tank usually the diesel have also the blue add blue there or you can put it also I love the shape of the the back LED lights from new BMW they look so nice really and when you drive behind the BMW with those LED lights you have such a good visibility and not only but they are also very nice they give you yeah they give you feeling you have this energy when you see a BMW amazing amazing design I really like the exterior design of the BMW and also I like the front LED lights you can see here BMW adaptive LED it’s not the lastest technology the last is this laser we don’t have laser on this car I’m not sure if you can take it as an option but you still have this amazing adaptive light that are more than enough in the night the handle it’s actually normal like you find it on the other new BMW x3 x1 or serious one or serious three here in the back six parking sensors of course you can see it in the back and also those bumper in the back look very nice with the shape we have the camera reverse camera LED lights on the number plate the BMW logo X 3m competition logo here on the right side in glossy black and two exhaust pipe real on the side and two on the other side and you can see the bumper have some interesting lines that make the car look so beautiful and BMW designer know how to do that better and they do some some beautiful car these days you can see I don’t know what your opinion but I really like the back of the car I like the car design I don’t know there are not many BMW that I don’t like the design also even the spoiler up here looks super interesting with the shapes with the way they do it in the middle it’s a brake light also there and it has an interesting shape that they do it we can see from the upper side as well beautiful beautiful design probably if I want to buy an SUV that will be my favorite the new BMW x3 I don’t know if M but it’s free the new excretes a superb you for also six parking sensors in the front we have the bumper from the M you can see some glossy plastic here we have the air intake here this air intake you can see carefully inside there we have the the the air that code directly to the break the the disc brakes to cool it down a little bit because this car have 509 horsepower and 650 Newton meter it’s a very fast car for a liter engine amazing fast car and also here in the middle of the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake also the air intakes that go here to cool down the engine a little bit beautiful design as well as I told you down there we have some rubber to protect the down the under town part of a car we have a camera right here in the middle of the front camera and then we have the grill that doesn’t have those new clappers to close and open because this engine really need to cool down most of the time so it’s get no point to put those those clappers and also for those who buy this car with with this engine they don’t care too much about economy or the efficiency but yeah they still have some some improve it improvement on the economy here we have the cameras the raining sensors cameras for the lane assist camera for the traffic light sign reader and yeah now we will go inside guys and I will show the interior of the car of course automatic lift gate in the back as expected up here we have the buttons as you can see LED light that illuminate the trunk in the night very well very very good big big entrance really good this car it’s not only beautiful but it’s also the new extry it’s also very practical and I like those designs the way BMW make those doors to close and open it’s super nice in so busy to wash it when you have to wash the car it’s so easy and it stay clean for a longer time because most also all the parts stay inside the car so they have a great great great system so I really like that system and then look at the entrance in the car it’s huge guys you have a huge huge trunk here it’s a flat entrance it’s perfect for carrying stuff you have hooks you have some aluminum at the entrance some fancy design you have LED lights also on the right we have these handles to fold down the seats you can see it’s already one seat folding down there you can fold down also only the middle part or you can fold it all down kind of big big trunk there also you have this protection for the trunk very useful so I have to tell you this is my personal opinion this is one of my favorite car and I don’t know if I have to buy an SUV probably this will be the first place here we have speakers on the last pillar in the back also the protection there you can take it out here usually is this medical kit and then hooks here for the groceries and you have everything you need here I think you have all you need even 12 volt port is right here you can see it right here the 12 volt port and it’s all here it’s just perfect perfect too bad that it’s not electric because these days I’m really a big fan of electric cars and look look how much space you still have under there it’s pretty awesome that you still have place under the floor there to put your stuff I’m really like ice a really big fan of electric cars and maybe when BMW come with electric cars then will be something else until then Tesla it’s a great great I think it’s the best company with electric cars also here you have the protection for the Sun or for the yeah for the other person for intimate e inside great quality on the doors you can see the stitches leather stitches fantastic quality also here down here have some chrome you have the handle we have here the X logo on the chrome then we have this leather down here as well great great quality almost everywhere it’s leather the halfway of the door we have the speaker right there in grey that look very nice also again here’s some leather when it when you have the hand where you have the hand most of the time then we have some storage space down here and I think the down part there is some plastic but other than that very good quality here also you can see when you fold down the seats it’s a flat floor good quality on the on the seat here I like the way it feels also from here you have some hooks there if you still need it behind that plastic you still have some space on the legs there that’s that’s quite awesome let me go on the other side and try to fold down all the seats and I want to show you how the car look with the seat folding now you can fall down also only the middle part pretty awesome if you want to carry skis or something like that long items also with all the seats folding down you can see that you have a huge huge interior space here guys a lot of space even down on the legs like I said plenty of space you can carry a lot a lot of things here without any problem big entrance in the car as well and yeah you can see it now from the from the back side the way it’s looking yeah like I say one of my favorite car I think the the practicality it’s at the high level and the way that the beautiful exterior it’s super awesome also it has a glass glass roof up there all over the ladder all over the roof it has a glass that helped the light come inside much much more easier and make I love the cars with the glass roof this those are my favorite here in the middle the center armrest I don’t know I cannot open it let me see alright so the armrest leather classic from BMW two cupholders right there leather everywhere very good quality also on the side here usually it’s plastic on other cars but in this one we have the leather very good quality very good comfort for two people in the back and also here we have the button for the seats from here you can adjust this this part of the seats you can put it in the front you can put it in the back the way you want it you can adjust it yeah it’s kind of I think you get the point it just need kind of two hands you to pull it and then you push it all the way back let me put it down the camera you push it and then you can see you can adjust it all over the back or a little bit in the front or the way if you want to stay more comfortable you push it all the way back so you can see the difference here between this and the other seat so it’s kind of cool to be able to leave the seats all over the back so for the long trips this will be fantastic and I don’t need to talk about this quality of the seat of the leather because my BMW had some great great quality leather in the cars and this leather will last for years without any problem back of the front seats as you see we have sports it we have just kind of rubber or yeah rubber and plastic behind the seat there to protect the seat other than that you can see it’s plenty of space here in the back let me go here we have an LED lights really fancy handle hooks also this place for the net if you want to install the net here on the roof good quality big big less roof all over the roof it’s a glass roof behind here and also the leg space it’s huge plenty of ladies room as you can see then the dashboard we will go there in the moment also the seats in the front are in normal position and I still have plenty of space here in the back huge space on my legs on my head as well huge space maybe two hands there great visibility you can see how big are the windows fantastic comfort and visibility and I stay really good here with those seats on the bed even for long trips I like that window in the back so you have almost no blind spot inside this car I think this new ex-free it’s almost perfect here in the middle we have the vans we have the climatic control also heated seat in the back 12 volt port right here and then yeah you have everything you need almost everything you need in this car in the middle also plenty of space even if the the seats in the front are way in the back I still have plenty of space on my on my legs and also on my head even here in the middle and I can stretch my hand in the left side let me close the tour you can see now stretch my hand there stretch my hand here three people no problem in the back I don’t know I think many people will buy this car because it has a lot of space here inside it’s a really really good car also leather great quality in the middle armrest for the driver you can see the steering wheel the am steering wheel the start/stop button in red the dashboard design the new operations system seven the II drive seven as you know it multimedia system the newest this one the cockpit is not the newest this one is just the multimedia system let me show you the glass big glass window in the front Harman Kardon speakers one of the best on the market also the same good quality on the doors as in the back leather you can see here the stitches and you can see also the X here with chrome handle the buttons for the saving position of the seat electric seats adjustable also here we have some leather in the middle again down also leather on the armrests the buttons for the electric windows and also the button for the trunk now going down a little bit we have the speaker right here in grey and then we have some storage space here where you can put your stuff pretty good pretty good quality the X 3m competition logo here at the entrance in the car with glossy black and also a little bit of chrome aluminium pedals em aluminum pedals also awesome they look great electric seats adjustable here you can adjust the seat electrically the way you want it as I told you before the seat was way way in the back usually for my my driving position I have to put it much more in the front adjustable the same great leather side support you can see it’s very good quality the leather and also up there you can see the stitches you can see the M logo there on the seats they are really awesome in my opinion really really great great seats special for the M cars made and the side support little holes there and everything for they have a great combination between soft you can see how soft their for long trips but they make this combination BMW they are really good with that they make a great combination between comfort sportiness and they do a great job with those since the armrest there and also some great quality around around here on the center console that’s that’s pretty a good good thing so let me go forward guys and show you down here we have a space a small space where you can put your stuff and here you can control the lights and also the interior ambient light the brightness I have the vents pretty awesome and again now the problem was that my camera doesn’t have battery and I have to change the battery and I forget where I was left so I have to show you again the seat guys sorry for that but you have to just wait for a little bit now yeah other than that you can see again those seats also they are they have good quality you can adjust even the front part here as you see before the stitch is there in the middle and yeah anyway the glass roof of course look also nice pretty awesome and then you can see it’s all over the roof this class and it looked fantastic I tell you when you open that it looked gorgeous also here the armrest in leather you can open it you have plenty of space here also an LED light and USB port right there very useful and very big it’s big enough to put a lot of stuff there and then aluminium pedals you already see it the space here also you already see it before and then the buttons for the light and up there we have the the controller’s for the fog lamp as well here we have the vents also with chrome design around it it’s not so fancy like on the materials but it still do the job perfectly soft material all over the dashboard up here you have some fake stitches there I think because it’s not leather it’s kind of rubber head-up display pretty awesome speaker right there on the dash and also all over the dash it’s soft material very good quality and then we have some chrome design here in the middle then we have the vents the button the climatic system in the multimedia system right there also I have to tell you guys that this screen this dashboard it’s made perfectly for the driver you have a great great visibility from the driver point of view even down here we have soft material the Globox it’s big enough LED light there you can see it for yourself some chrome design at the handle there and pretty nice pretty pretty nice in my opinion the way they designed the dashboard with the doors they do a great great job start/stop button in red as you can see it then we have this digital cockpit is not the newest this one it’s before the newest this one you can see also there x3m logo also you have create great information there in the front really really those buttons here you can see we have the setup button for the driving style so you can you can customize it very easy while you’re driving you can press those button and you can also configure it the em1 and em2 buttons that are on the steering wheel so you can configure it very easy only on the M cars you can do that you can configure 8 the engine and all that stuff from those buttons right here the m1 m2 you can configure it and every time you push a button the the the car will change the settings of the driving for example the suspension the way you wanted the acceleration the steering will you can see from here you can change sport Comfort Sport Plus the way you want to change it and the comfort you can see how easy you can change those settings just by pressing that button there also I like the colors of the cockpit and the brightness the resolution looked pretty awesome and also the steering wheel it’s one of my favorite pretty great those buttons here are really useful then yeah now you can see it better just like that and then the other button you already know it here’s the noise for the exhaust pipes if you want to hear more noise you can turn it on turn it off the sensors the cameras around the car because you know this car have 360 degrees camera around it so it’s very easy to park as well let me show you right now I just want to show you this cameras put on the car the car doesn’t have any more battery it’s almost dead that’s why it’s giving me this error so anyway the stick here in the middle guys it’s the M stick you can see it also you can change different setting you can customize it from there there’s ambient light inside the M logo on it and it’s quite small I like that it’s more electric hand brake auto hold as well some glossy plastic in the center console also the controller’s right here on the right side the menu buttons are the shortcut buttons this is very very useful while you’re driving it’s much much better to use that while you’re driving it’s helped you keep your eyes on the road as well then here on the on the screen the screen is big it’s very responsive you have here the media the music and all that stuff with Bluetooth and phone and navigation and you can see the map it’s one of the best also on the market it’s very responsive great colors a lot of information and it’s it’s work really fast it’s loading very fast every time I put a destination it’s just loading in no time so that’s a good thing that’s one of the best and I love this multimedia system from BMW I have to tell you it’s very easy to use and in the screen it’s perfectly to the driver so you have all the information right there in your eyes it’s it’s great and also it’s a very big screen and yeah I don’t want to go into detail because I already made a full review with the multimedia system from BMW you can check it out on my channel here we have the application from the car also you can see we have the weather application but yeah the car doesn’t have battery and always close and then you can see the news also here you can see the information about the car you can change different settings as you see before the am setup this is special only for the M cars the head-up display as well you can customize the way you wanted the head-up display depends what you like to see there in the front M Drive X here you can change the driving style the four-wheel drive four-wheel drive sport then also you have the driver profile the status of the car the wheels the bar the check up there on the left side so annoying when it doesn’t have a battery anymore and then on the left side now you can see here all kind of information the control check service and they have all that stuff anyway I think you get the point and most of you already know all that settings it’s very very deep it’s very complex system and I have to tell you it’s one of the best you have a lot of information here and you can customize many things and you can see many things it’s also very responsive and I really like it really like those system from BMW I see all a lot of course these days and I have to tell you that it’s one of the best on the market and also in the last one you can see the errors of the car right there and also here you can still see for example you can still change the language and all kinds of settings the touchpad you can see from here you can change in every language that you want for example in it you can put it in English so you can see everything it’s in English right now you can change the unit the sound and yeah almost everything from from from those settings right here you can see the driver information as well and also technology inside the car the efficient dynamic sport play here you can see the sport display as well and yeah it’s super annoying I don’t like that when it’s closing all the time also you can see how great visibility I have from driver point of view it’s an awesome visibility guys and I love the cockpit look also super nice the steering wheel as I told you one of my favorite the M steering will hit it steering wheel you can see even the colors from M here on the understand wheel also it’s a very very good quality as you touch it as you grab it you have a great crab also leather here in the middle you can see the stitches the buttons are also the same as on the other one they are very good and simple to use clappers for changing the gear manually if you want it from here very simple and then you have this stick where you can change different settings there on the display you just press the button you can see it’s change different settings right there that you like to see also when the car is closing show that em Honda on the screen the mirror it’s big great visibility in the back as well nice tiny edges they’re mirror up here on the roof with LED light speaker handle good quality on the roof I saw his button here we have at the controller for the glass roof from here you can open it and close it very simple to use and then we have those LED lights up here on the roof that you can open it in some glossy buttons so yeah the visibility on the side of the car it’s also very good you can see it’s almost no blind spot there even though the car have 360 degrees camera so you can park the car very sleek and see on the screen everything what it’s around the car also another cool stuff here I show you before middle console very good quality and something that I love it is this it’s free AM competition logo there so beautiful look how beautiful it is look so nice and also we have a space here for charging the phone and USB and the cup holders right here in the middle so also the 12 volt port right here between the cup holders super nice really really nice anyway so I guess guys that was the review with a new bmw x3 M competition I hope you enjoyed the review guys I hope it was really helpful for you as a conclusion at the end I have to tell you that this is one of my favourite SUVs not that I don’t like the bigger one it’s 6 or X 7 but I don’t need it and I think this is perfect it’s a perfect combination between SUV city SUV and a beautiful car sport car and also very very practical a lot of inside so I think BMW really killed it with this it’s free and they do a great job it is a beautiful car and yeah what can I say also this car right here it has 509 horsepower it’s very powerful down here we have the climatic system I think you see it before also heated seats the car has it it it’s it it’s very easy to use it and up there we have the multimedia system pretty classic yeah what can I say guys the car it’s great the price it’s it’s a lot of money but it’s a great great car the normal ex free the price for the normal ex free will be much less and then on this x3m competition I hope you enjoy the review guys if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me check out my other videos I have plenty of videos with the newest ace car on the market here are some information about the car if you’re interested I hope you really enjoyed the video please check out my other videos and I wait you soon in the next one so the price for this car is 107 thousand dollars so anyway see you soon guys bye

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