New Ford KUGA ST-Line X 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have a big surprise for you the new Ford Kuga 2020 ST-Line X is right here with me and I will review it for you

I will review the interior exterior I try to go in as many detail as possible and I hope you will enjoy it it was really really a big surprise to see this car today and I’m quite impressed to see it in real the shape of the car the design the quality in the interior it is it’s fabulous

also I have to tell you something even if the front grille it look like the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta the the car have some round shape and it look a little bit like Ford Kuga as you see it before here in the right side is the Ford Kuga the front end look a little bit like Kouga and I don’t know Ford try to make these round shapes and the cars look more like a Porsche you know like a Porsche Cayenne I know and probably for to know that Porsche Cayenne have a lot of success and you can you can see even in the back there the back end look the shape the the lines look a little bit like a Porsche Cayenne this is my impression

I don’t know guys I’m really curious write me in the comment and tell me what’s your impression I think the rims fit good on the car I wish there was a little bit bigger if I’m not wrong the car have right now 18 inch rims but I think 20 or 21 and they will look fabulous on this car the back of the car the bumpers design it’s it’s phenomenal in my opinion I don’t understand why they put on the blinkers here the normal bulb light I was expect to have LED lights even the reverse light it’s on the normal bulb light he usually the cars these days use LED light I’m not sure you can take as an option or you can change this taillight but now going on the mirrors the the blinkers are LED light the turn signals and the shape of the mirror also in my in my opinion it’s it’s very nice and even the mirrors are big and you have a great visibility you can see also the blind spot technology it’s right there in the corner because the car come with a lot of safety settings safety features I think it’s they have the lastest technology of safety from Ford also LED lights on the blinkers in the front you can see here and not only that the car come with LED lights in the front

but even the high beam low beam it is full LED light and also adoptability the latest technology from Ford and you can see the shape the round shape it’s it’s look like a Porsche I like a Porsche this is my impression I don’t know guys it’s just comment and tell me what’s your impression when you close the blinkers you can see the daylight it’s in the same position as the blinkers anyway a few information here Ford Kuga esterline X as I told you we have the diesel 190 horsepower automatic eight gear shifter the base is priced forty five thousand five hundred is the beginning price but the price of this car is fifty thousand francs around the same in dollar I think around forty seven thousand euro

and to be honest I think the car totally deserved this money and if you want to see why just stay with me until the end here’s some information about the card consumption it’s a four-wheel drive car just to keep in mind that now beginning with the front you can see immediately this kind of Ford Fiesta big front grille that I wish it was different but to look at the hood look at those lines the lines look so / super nice and they are very close to the Porsche and I like the sharp edges on the hood and the round edges on the on the headlamps up here we have a camera for Lane Assist and reading the speed traffic limit and the reigning censors it’s also up there but look at here look at the round shape and going a little bit down on the bumper and here a lot of my shapes also the car have six parking sensors in the front just to keep in mind these guys that you have six in the front six in the back parking sensors nice lines and design also here some glossy plastic and even the fog lamps are LED light just to know that now going down here some glossy plastic we have the rather in the middle there some big grille here where the air come here in the middle is the rather for adaptive cruise control emergency brake

and all that safety settings here it’s a big real big big grill not big it’s a huge grill you can see the radiator inside there and the air come inside here and then go to the radiator and then cool down the engine here in the front we have a camera so the car come with a camera in the front and also in the back you will see it in the moment when we will go inside and it’s not bad the design is not bad but I wish that the grille was smaller because the car these days come with smaller to no grill at all and Ford come with this new Kouga and heat choice to add this big big huge grill that’s kind of a surprise and that going down to the tires we have Continental tires you can see the brake discs we have ventilated brake discs and we have this 18 inch tires and the rims look also very nice in my opinion the color of the rims they fit very well with the car with the color of the car but I wish there was a little bit bigger in my opinion 20 or 21 they will look fabulous on this car just just my opinion anyway I like the fact that here around the wheels they had this plastic glossy that protected the car but in the same time it looks very very good


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and also down here have some plastic that you can change it very easily in case you scratch the car or something happened down here with a stone or or something like that so it’s great it’s great and it’s practical those plastic around the wheels are very good and very practical even up here we have the the plastic and also the shape when you open the door in case you hit something or someone hit your door you can change those plastic very easily here that goes the same in the back for the wheels then in the back as I told you six parking sensors also in the back and a fourth in my opinion was really inspired when they designed those bumpers and I like the way they did those lines and the way they design all that all this car it’s it is nice and I like the way they add also this glossy plastic down here and look at these guys those those pipes they are real exhaust pipes are real and they look super nice they look super sporty also they take out a little bit of BAM bumper in the back you can see it’s kind of taking out and it looks so sporty and so nice and I don’t know why just tell me your opinion just comment down in the comment section and tell me what you think about the car bumpers I like both in the front and also in the back here we have the fog lamp right there in the left side but in the right is just a light reflector I’m really surprised why they don’t add full LED light also in the tail light

I’m curious if you can change this I just forget to ask that but I’m really curious also the car have a reverse camera as I told you right here also it has a washer and also LED light on the number plate this is something just to keep in mind I like the way it right Kouga here on the back just pretty nice Ford logo up there and also if we go a little bit upper we have brake light LED light here some glossy glossy black plastic and nice spoiler roof spoiler there look super impressive also the antenna it look nice small modern and here you can add some extra storage on the roof that’s a good thing also to be honest if you look from this angle right here you don’t even notice it you don’t know what car it is it’s a Porsche or its it’s a Ford so it’s quite impressive I like also the design of the windows around the windows and they add a little bit of rubber so I wish I think if they will add around the windows there are some glossy black plastic it it will it will be much better for the design but still a very nice design and I think it’s a big improvement from the previous version in my opinion look at those headlamps look how nice their I like the chrome insertion there it’s super nice yeah pretty impressive also here on the right side we have the tank and also the AdBlue it’s close there so it’s pretty simple to add to change those things to add those diesel and also add blue going in the back guys but first time I want to show you here we have LED light so just keep in mind the tail light the main tail light it’s LED light we have an automatic lift gate and something that I liked very much it’s that here is the button and here is the handle you have an LED light in the trunk up here then you have this protection for the trunk that it goes alone up so you don’t have to all the time with your hands pull it up put it down you just go out o matic a big entrance in the trunk and you have a flat floor down here it looks super super nice just a lot of hooks everything you need a little a little bit of space in the left and in the right side here but here we have a speaker so I think you can see it that it’s a speaker by the way the car come with Bang & Olufsen speakers great great sound inside the car here we have a 12-volt board here are the handles to pull down the seats and from here you can pull this out without any problem so anytime you want to change wanna take all the carry big items you can take the protection for the trunk out under the floor we have huge space here guys the triangle the vest and also the repair kit is there big big space down there so it’s really a practical car in my opinion no wonder ford come with with the Kouga with so much space and it’s much more spacious than the previous version also big a little bit more longer and also more wider is the car than the previous Kouga also you can pull these handles and the seats will go down also this should go down but I just I just don’t wanna force it so I will go inside to show you and then you you can see that the floor it’s really flat look at that super flat and this is really really practical thing and I like to see this on the car on the cars when when when those seats are going all the way down and you have a flat floor here in the back it’s really practical so you can see right now everything is down and you can see how much space you have here in the back it is really spacious in my opinion so I don’t know about you guys but in my opinion it’s a lot of space and even down here you have plenty of space down there between the seats is also a lot of space also around here around the windows big windows from one-pieces here in the back it’s all over here it’s plastic just we have a speaker there handle is nice in chrome but all this part here is plastic nice design but plastic just keep in mind that behind it’s plastic only here we have leather red stitches very beautiful also the handle the button for electric windows some light reflector and then we have speaker and kind of plenty of space storage space there in the door now going forward guys and I want to go in the back here to show you how it looks from the back and look at this space inside here it’s it’s really great great great space here and let me open this door then we have more light and I can show you down here to the like room and there in the middle you can see even the the step there in the middle is not so big so you can put a lot of stuff here in the back while you have your seat folding down so if you need to carry plenty of stuff you can you can have your space there you can see the front seats are in the normal position so you don’t have to worry that the front seats are way in the in the front because this is a really really spacious car and I will go in a moment inside and you will see the head space and all that stuff let me close the door automatic lift gate in the in back here on the trunk also you can open up the trunk only with your legs I’m not sure where is this sensor but it should be a sensor down there where you can where you are able to open the trunk but anyway let’s go forward guys and I want to show you this is the hand down here I can fold down the seats or put it back I will put it back and then I will show you how does it look like so you have more option you can pull it back all over on the back or you can leave it a little bit straight great great quality on the seats I have to tell you we have a combination of leather with Alcantara in the middle nice red stitches you can see there this seat the only sit there it’s not all the way on the back but those are all the way in the back and the comfort is pretty good also you can adjust it manually from down here a little bit in the front in the back the way you want it it’s pretty simple to adjust it and also if you want to carry big items in the back you can fold down the seats in the front a little bit or you can adjust it the way you want it this is an extra to have it on the car I like very much also those stitches those red stitches look super super nice in the quality it is it is very good inside the car right here also in the middle there we have an armrest I will show you in the moment that you can put your drinks there Alcantara right here in the middle good quality have ease of fix for kids here you can put two cup holders like I told you before and yeah I’m quite impressed quality on the seats it’s good behind the front door front seats we have a storage space and all over just leather we have two vents in the back as well right here the quality is pretty good then we have heated seat in the back you can see the buttons here and then we have right there I think 150 or 30 volt outlet you can charge your laptop or something like that I try to focus there so 150 volt outlet so as I said anyway pretty pretty nice to have all that option here we have a handle hook and also a light up here on the roof the roof quality it’s also very good just keep in mind now let me close the door let me show you the space on on the knees I have plenty of space on my knees guys here you can see almost two free hands I can stretch my legs down there huge space even though the front seat sits way in the back so it’s not in my driving position it’s much much more way in the back and I still have plenty of space on my legs on my head four five six finger no problem and also great visibility on the windows everywhere you have a great create visibility I like the window in the back that brings a lot of light inside and it’s it is great also in the middle huge huge space on my head even on my knees here I have plenty of space and you can stay with your legs together even so so I’m quite quite surprised of the space here but even for three people is no problem for long trips it feels great and it look great and the quality is quite quite amazing inside here we will go now in the front and I will show you also the dashboard and the new digital display the multimedia system and we will talk a little bit of the front of the car here we have keyless entrance in the car you can see here the lines so you can go inside without any problem another cool stuff that I want to show you guys every time you open the door this rubber will come out because this is not a plastic it’s a rubber usually I see some cars with the plastic here but it’s bad idea because when you hit something the plastic will scratch your paint so this one it’s rubber only rubbers of you every time you open the doors even in the back you can see this rubber will come out and will protect your door and the other cars so I think this security system should be on all cars and you you get out one worry about the door so this time in the front we have soft material everywhere here if in the back it’s plastic here it’s soft everywhere it’s nice really nice great quality everywhere up soft material and then going down we have the handle the buttons lock unlock and now we have this glossy kind of plastic with nice design that we will see it also on the dashboard a little bit later and here we have leather red stitches light reflector then we have electric mirrors adjustable and also electric windows we have as I told you Bang & Olufsen speaker pretty great quality on the speaker on the sound I have to keep you in mind that and also plenty of storage space even down there you can stretch your hand inside the door you can put a lot of stuff the door bands are are very good began to range in the front as well and now we have here the testee line logo and then a little bit of aluminum look good nice in my opinion electric adjustable seats in the front for the driver for the passenger as well very easy to adjust in every position you can see this here how much in the back it’s the driver seat as I told you before it’s way way in the back and guys just look at those seats look at the quality and look at the the stitches the red stitches look how big there and also the have side support the quality it’s impressive as I expected after I reviewed the Puma guys if you want to see the Puma check out on my channel after I review the Puma and this new cougar Ford Kuga it’s it is on the top I have to say I don’t know but the interior it feel really premium also you have an armrest leather red stitches you have a small space here you can take get out and then you have another space inside there sure in the moment so huge space there also 12 volt port you can put it there the things you want plenty plenty of space so pretty helpful and again you have another space here where you can put your your stuff your key or your phone whatever you want to put it there we have aluminum pedals they look nice nice design and also we have an ambient blue light there also here are the buttons for the light so for the fog lamps as well and also for the high beam and low beam as well and also the button to open up the trunk and yeah soft material all over the dashboard guys so we have soft everywhere and also head-up display as expected right here two speakers there on the dashboard and yeah here the vents they feel nice as you touch it you can see how smooth they are kind of smooth and pretty nice that the layout of the dashboard is pretty nice now the steering wheel guys great great quality I like those little holes leather with red stitches super nice designers as expected and also it’s thick enough and you have a great grip here are the button to set up the cruise control and all that out cruise control and set the speed limit and all that stuff and in the right side you can you can adjust the digital cockpit you will see it in the moment also there we have the pedals to change the gear manually if you want to change it manually we have the start/stop button right there behind the steering wheel on the side I think you can see it from this position and then also glossy glossy Play right there on the dashboard the same has on on the doors you can see the design and the trim look look super nice I like the layout I like the the quality of the materials I like the way they design it and also you have another speaker right here in the middle that looks fancy and also another one in the corners so you have another vents here in the a-pillar and look at the layout the layout of the dashboard is nice open up the flow box pretty huge big enough and you have plenty of space also there in the blue box the vents right here in the middle easy to adjust you can see right here that the quality is pretty good then we have the climatic system I will show you a little bit later I will open up and I will show you here you have heated steering wheel heated seat in the front also heated seats in the back then we have on USB port USB C and also on USB 2 you can charge your phone Wireless right here you have a space in another space down there and also a 12 volt port pretty nice here we have leather with stitches in the front it look nice where you’re resting your knee and here we have plastic in the middle one of my favorite gear shifter right here just in the middle with a little bit of chrome around and then we have the parking brake electronic parking brake and also Auto hold and those buttons are for the parking sensors and automatic parking so the car can also Park automatic this is something that just keep in mind we will go to the multimedia system as well in the moment great visibility in the mirror you can see how big windows you have in the back so you have a great visibility in the mirror I like the fact you have a glass support up here again something that I like about this car then we have two lights right you’re in an SOS button pretty simple so also up here you have a light with mirror LED lights great quality handles great quality on the roof really good quality and also we have a microphone up there on the roof let me close the door and show you the visibility around the windows so you can see around the windows it is pretty good visibility also we have a tall driving position inside the car I like that and also in the back maybe a little bit of blind spot in the corners there but other than that the visibility it’s pretty good and also the seats quality it’s one of my favorite thing inside this car so also now guys I just want to show you that car have ambient light on the cupholders on the legs and also where you open up the car where you have to handle and behind every button inside this car is this kind of bluish color it’s pretty nice I like the color I like this ambient color to make you feel more like relaxed you know when you know when you’re driving you can open up the franck guys as well pretty simple pull it up two times and maybe some of you are really interesting how it look a 2-liter diesel engine on this new Ford Kuga ST line X so just keep in mind here is the engine and yeah I don’t know how many of you are interested in that but I just wanna show you just in case some of you are interested in these details so yeah anyway pretty simple we will go forward guys and just want to show you the key if you wondering how the key look like this is the key and you can see right now also the tail light are open the lights right now you can see they are pretty nice in my opinion they look a lot like the Ford Focus in the back to be honest and I like it I like the design also you can open up the trunk from here from the key pretty simple push it 2 times and it will open also you can close it from down here but I never find that sense or I don’t know in which way it is and how I should do I just try with my legs but it’s not working I don’t know I quite crazy anyway I will open up from the key it’s much more easier also I like that the car have LED lights on the number plate but I just don’t understand why did not add the LED lights on the turn signals anyway guys I just want to show you the LED lights in the front because I like very much to design of the headlamps I think they look very very much like Porsche like Porsche Cayenne also makan for example from this angle you don’t even notice what car it is if you don’t see that big grill big Ford Fiesta grill you don’t know what car is from here from this angle for example it’s really impressive so if you want if you want a Porsche you don’t have money for a Porsche you can buy this Ford Kuga or you can buy the Ford Puma it look also as a Porsche and I like that a new approach from 40 that I think they do a great job I like also this digital display in the front here this is a big step forward for them and I think they did a great job with it you don’t have so many option to customize it but you can still have the navigation here in the front also you can change different style you can see the consumption the the computer the board computer and you can see the tire pressure and when you have to put ad blue and you can customize in different ways and I think it’s much better than the classic one just this is my impression you can see here also the audio you can change the settings right here directly on the on the screen also navigation telephone and you can also customize what you would like to see on the screen as you can see in the left side you have the temperature of the engine of the water and then in the right side you see the tank how much diesel you still have and yeah by the way here are the buttons on the right side on the steering wheel from here you can adjust the things you have a head-up display as well that you can activate this activity from here from those buttons pretty simple all those buttons you can control the things right there on the screen and ya down here you can see right now guys that the ambient light better here is the climatic system as well it’s pretty easy to use it and it’s it’s it’s really good it feel nice it’ll look nice and yeah I think it’s doing a great job now the new multimedia system from Ford I think I have a full review on my channel if you want to see the full review can check it out it’s pretty simple you have those buttons down there you can go through menu to settings very simple and here you have the settings you can go to the general and here you can change the language and let me go to English and I want to show you guys most of you speak English how I want to show you I wanna go through through the detail of the multimedia system and I want I want you to be able to see all these details now the visibility from the driver point of view from here it’s pretty good in my oppression in my opinion and then when you when you change the climatic system from down there you can see it immediately on the screen up here so it’s it’s quite interesting if they are link it together then you can change the temperature here the major kilometer miles the way you want a choice and you have all that options there again going back guys and then you have the sound here on the sound you can change different settings the bus the mid-range and the sound mode the time the Bluetooth the phone radio driver assistant on the driver assistant you can see all the safety settings that are on the card like Lane Assist traffic sign recognized so rearview camera blind spot cross traffic alert travel Driver Alert and all that stuff you can just really doubt they are a lot so all the safety settings all the safety systems that Ford have in 2020 they are right now on this new Cobra so brightness of the ambient light inside the car you can change it from here it’s pretty hard to use all that with my hand shoe but with my glow but yeah anyway going forward here you have the we Wi-Fi the mobile apps the navigation violet mode voice control and display all those settings you can change it also the car it’s connected to the internet so you have this traffic information live and every time you leave the car not started for sometimes the car will go in this safe mode and try to save the battery but I will be fast here so I will go fast to the details and then here you can go to find mobile apps and stuff like that you can connect it with your phone pretty easy navigation here can go to navigation and then here you can see the navigation and actually to be honest the the navigation is pretty good you don’t have any lag at all I have this on my hands and it’s it’s the gloves and it’s really hard to use it on the screen but I have to tell you and you can check out also the multimedia system video the four review it then you can see how responsive it is because it’s very responsive and it’s loading very fast the time loading it’s fast the hardware behind it and the software it’s pretty good so they do a great job it’s not so complicated like in a Woodie for example or was land but it’s still doing a great job now I guess that was all the information about the screen the digital screen guys it looked nice the color is nice its pleasant and when you drive many kilometers I think this blue will help you relax a little bit and yeah what can I say I’m really impressed with the car I like very much the quality in the interior the exterior it’s it’s my favorite the bumpers in the front in the back one of my favorite also I forget to show the reverse camera I have a button here for the reverse camera so every time you push this button you will see in the back so also you have the controller’s here at the volume and the turn and yeah changing the station and the music you have it right there in the middle so also here is my favorite gear shifter it’s pretty simple to use it just left right it’s it’s kind of cool so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the review with a new Ford Kuga 2020 ST line-x I hope it was helpful I like very much the exterior design the bumpers are awesome I like also the seats and the quality in the interior and yeah the price I think it’s great for an SUV so guys please don’t forget to if you want to see more of those videos like it share it and thank you very much for watching check out my other videos and I see you soon in the next one bye guys you

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