New PEUGEOT 2008 (2020) – NIGHT POV test drive (crazy ambient lights & 3D i-cockpit) GT Line

hi guys good evening and welcome to the channel welcome to and Knight point of view Drive of these cars of the second generation of the Passat 2008 I have the key here so as you can see cool illumination of the lights LED lights on the front when you turn on the car now this the top train models of the GT line with this lovely orange color LED lights 17-inch wheels let me show you the side view of the car so you have the black roof nice contrast and now we move on to the back of the car where you have this 3d let me open the car again so the 3d shape of the LED lights which are connected with this black part an overall looking very good I love the real exhaust also so once again GT line trim the top trim model tell me in the comments what do you think about the design and now let’s see how does this look from the inside so this is it now there’s sort of like a carbon look then you also have whole seeds and the eye carpet and very very innovative interior and let me show you this in more details alright guys so let’s start the car with the button here and it goes to life as you can see ambient lightning the small steering wheel which looks very good you have the eye cockpit so digital cockpit in front of the driver with different views available so whether you want to driving information navigation whatever you want in front of you you can have it looks very very cool indeed this is the main screen touchscreen and also you have this touch panel and also some of the buttons for the AC for example but this do you have to touch the screen in order to change the temperature or you know adjust the air blower so yeah that’s the new trend among all the new manufacturers new cars actually so yeah tell me in the comments what do you think about it let’s open let’s turn on actually these slides here so as you can see and now we have better you know a bit better view this is the gear leaver for the automatic transmission well known from other special and Citroen models my steering wheel flat bottom flappy pedals for the changing of the gears and I think we are ready to roll now alright guys so without further ado let’s take it for a spin going into drive and starting our night drive around the city so as you can see you can clearly see the I cockpit now with all the main information that you need in front of you and let’s stay on this I pit so people were commenting on my 208 video that they couldn’t see the you know cockpit that was because my GoPro is always a bit below my eye level but now I adjusted you know the steering wheel and everything so that you can also see it from a point of view Drive of my GoPro so yeah but there are actually a lot of you know positions that you can take and well in most cases you will see the cockpit this is the main screen as I said either touch or these buttons here this particular model has the diesel engine it’s producing 130 horsepower and Wright is very smooth with this automatic transmission which has very nice soft changes when you press this you can have the different profiles where you can adjust the team and the lights and everything that you know you need in front of you and that’s cool if they’re you know few owners of the car a few people are using the car then it’s good to have this and basically you can also change the teams there are actually three teams available so you have the blue team that we have now and I will now change to red if I press ok you will now see that this is changing so this is the red team now we can also change this to quartz okay so this is sort of like a green team tell me in the comments which one do you prefer in my opinion the best one is the first one so let’s go back to the blue one you also have a wireless charger for your phone so it’s actually here USB port another USB port as you can see the drive is very smooth with this automatic transmission here is where you have the indicators so a special place for them so guys tell me in the comments what do you think about this interior I think they really did a good job they improved it very very much compared to the predecessor and I even think this looks better than some you know bigger SUVs in the market but share your thoughts with me in the comments now this car is also equipped with the driving modes they come in the higher trim models and I will now switch it to the Eco mode so this is the Eco mode now you can immediately feel on the throttle that you don’t have as much power as we used to have on the normal mode and it’s definitely for you know saving fuel so if you are on a longer road trip this is definitely you know can be useful but let’s go back to normal mode and if I switch it to the sport mode then you have the full throttle response and I also believe that you have a fake sound with with this I think it just look it just sounds I don’t know too good to be true I don’t think this is the engine sound guys so this is diesel engine obviously mmm not a single diesel I think has nice sound maybe only the strongest ones on the market from no premium car manufacturers but here I don’t think this is the sound so this is the sound you get from the speakers which is in my opinion coating but share your thoughts and tell me do you think that’s cool or not now I have this LED lights on so that you can clearly see better but now we can turn them off and now you enjoy the ambient light the car drives on the same platform has the Peschel 208 super smooth drive now in front of me we can also change the views this is the personal view where you adjust what you want now currently we have the power boost and torque it only works I think in the sport mode which we are currently in so that’s why you see Nandi power and everything and how much of it are we using okay so I decided to you know take a bit different if you know so we see a more of the steering wheel and yeah well yeah guys I’m interested in your opinion really I’m really really impressed with this car I think the special designers are doing a great job with their latest models so 508 2008 3008 508 really really good job in terms of design tell me in the comments what do you think about that also tell me would you take this or for example Renault Kaptur or maybe Citroen c3 aircrafts or Nissan Juke tell me in the comments also do subscribe to the channel guys in order to see more videos like this more car reviews more car related stuff vlogs everything and well yeah I think it’s time to you know say goodbye of course I’ll see you on the next video until then enjoy and see you bye bye

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