NEW Peugeot 2008 GT Line 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me the new Peugeot 2008 GT Line and I’m really happy to review it for you as always interior/exterior and I try to go in every detail as possible also we will start as usually with the exterior exterior of the car and I have to tell you I’m really amazed the beauty of the exterior I think it’s a big step forward from what Peugeot 2008 was before in previous years this is a big big step forward big improvement full LED headlight full LED tail light in the back also the blinkers are full LED and see it here in the images amazing design of the car it’s a little bit more bigger than the previous version also the boot the trunk space is much more bigger 434 litre in there in the boot with the seat up you can see also there GT line logo also it has some plastic around the wheels that protect the paint of the car that’s another cool stuff that I like about the car also those rims they fit super nice and on the car I like very much it is this design of the LED in the back and also in the light in the front you will see it at the headlight you can see it’s kind of a free dimensional design there that look fabulous the patrol logo a lot of plastic glossy on the upper side also on the roof spoiler and you can see it here closely that they use the latest technology of LED light and also the price of this car it’s 40,000 francs $40,000 and I find it really awesome also on the mirror you have the latest technology blind spot technology in the mirror LED light down there we have an LED that illuminate the floor in the night when you open up the door so very useful then going in the front you can see it here also the LED light on the blinkers it also looked nice we have this cloud design that it’s super interesting it’s for the first time when I see a car with the daylight on the bumper so they integrate that line on the bumper so it’s quite quite interesting I’m not sure when it’s something happened with the bumper how can you change this LED line down there but pretty nice pretty awesome design beautiful lines you can see a lot of lines on the bumper a lot of sharp edges in combination right there we have full LED light in the front the new as this technology from Basel so here in the back as well you see it before we have to 2008 logo here on the left side on the right side we have the GT ya that you know that’s a special model 155 horsepower reverse camera LED lights on the number plate of course in this lion logo in the middle from Peschel also writing in the back on the glossy black plastic right there and pretty cool design I like it pretty interesting those edges the way they do it right here it’s quite interesting you can see also the signature page inside there the tail light in the back we have six parking sensors you can see them right here three on the left side three on the right side we have the fog lamp right here and the bumper around there we have some plastic and then here we have two exhaust pipe some fake ones and the real one inside there some glossy plastic round down here and again another exhaust pipe so we have two exhaust pipe some elastic here you can see this kind of chrome plastic here on the bumper down and again the other light on the other side right here those are the fog lamps so anyway quite quite interesting also we have a wiper here in the back for door for the window and then I like very much this roof spoiler look awesome and not only that look very sporty and awesome but it also helped a car our dynamic the airflow very nice in the back also I like the lines here the way they do the lines on the roof looks super fancy and very sporty also we have here the brake LED light up there on the spoiler this is the roof where you can add some extra trunk there on the roof – and from the right side you can see here from here that Pattillo see plastic are also here on the roof where you can add this trunk I like also this part right here in the back you can see black glossy plastic and then we have those lines in grey that make it look nice also the Losi plastic around the windows as expected and also some rubber around up here so also pretty pretty nice pretty nice design and also you can see those sharp lines that go through the door there pretty interesting on the way they design it quite interesting here the line is going to part and then you are able to to see it from this angle and go better so yeah yeah I don’t know I I like the design in my opinion it’s pretty nice also here on the left side we have the tank it’s pretty simple to open it you don’t have to open it from interior you have you can open it from outside without any problem also here we have this plastic as I told you before to protect the paint from scratches from storms and it’s it’s awesome it’s very practical then down here and plastic a lot of plastic on the down part of the car of course you go off-road with this car or a little bit off-road and then you can scratch it very easy the down part and then this plastic you can change it very very easy and it’s much more cheaper to change the plastic than to change and repaint the whole car so from this part from this side you can see better the design of the car and also the mirrors see it before the blind spot technology right there also interesting design in black nice edges here we have the GT line logo black glossy plastic and yeah down here you see it before this plastic old all over down here on the edges we have this plastic going in front Michelin tyres the car come with Michelin tires very interesting design we have the 18-inch rims here 250 55 air 80 so if you’re interested they look nice they fit perfectly with the car of course you can add some bigger rims if you wanna make the car look much more sporty but I think those are I just perfectly fit with the car the handle right here keyless entrance in the car keyless technology so you can have the key in your pocket and you can lock in all of the car very very simply also up here let me show you the camera guys here is a camera and the raining sensors camera for reading the traffic speed limit and also for Lane Assist if you want to see how this car it’s driving check out on my channel the other day drive I make another video with this visual of 2008 the new one 2020 there you can see the full review and test drive so here have the fog lamps also LED light of course beautiful design beautiful lines I like the way the shapes and the way they do it of course in the front six parking sensors again you can see these those lines they begin to make it like Toyota I know then Japanese cars are they have a lot of lines sharp edges sharp lines in the front and this as you start to have it the same here we have the grille we have the rudder right here in the middle for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that cool new technology safety safety settings safety feature that car come with semi autonomous driving it’s the name they call it like that adaptive cruise control and also 2008 logo I like the hood super like I told you before a lot of sharp edges an interesting design I never see a hood this design like this one it’s quite nice guys I tell you this is a special car and I’m sure they will sell a lot of this 2008 in 2020 I just think that because the car look fantastic the quality in the interior it’s awesome you will see it in the moment when we go there and also the design it’s super nice guys I love the design I love the space you will see also the space it’s much bigger than the previous version here is the engine if that tell you something from forth this is for those of you that really want to see how the engine looked like but for many of you I know doesn’t say anything and just to see the engine so this is the engine with 155 horsepower so now let’s go inside guys we don’t have an automatic lift gate in the back here up here you have two handles working or you can change there is the triangle that you can put it right there the same as on the other cars for example also I can have the same triangle up there then we have a flat floor entrance in the car that’s something that I love it I like that that can load your stuff directly flat they’re also very interesting the way they design this booth here in the right side you have some space some hooks a light there and you have the repair kit and medical stuff right here on the right side or medical stuff and here you have a space where you can put it as well something and then this is the way if you want to live with flat this is the way it looked you can see how how fancy with a little bit chrome right here is this handle when you can open this then you have another 10 to 50 centimeter deepness here you can see it’s quite deep so you can take it out if you need more deepness you can take that out and have a bigger boot and then under this you can open this floor again under this floor you have another space there where you can put your things around there yeah you don’t have a space for a spare tire but you can put your things around there I just like that so this is the boot 434 litre so it’s bigger than the previous version previous version have 410 liter this one have 434 later with the seat in this position just like that with the seat down you have around 1400 and something I don’t remember right now so well but anyway bigger boot than before and I think it’s a great great step forward also there you cannot fold it down only the middle part for example when you want to carry long items so that’s kind of a little bit of downside for some of you that want to go to ski and day one they won’t have to person in the back but you can still make this work around if you fall down only once it’s oh yeah here you can see with the seat holding down how much space you have I find it really good space it’s really good also we have a glass roof there it’s not all over the roof but it’s kind of half of the roof it’s bigger than the normal one and I find it really good I wish it they will make it all over the roof then will be an amazing amazing cool stuff big entrance in the car also from the side here also you can see plenty of space you can carry many things here in the trunk no problem at all the space so yeah quite quite quite awesome and you can see you have almost flat floor down here you have some space here guys also on the legs where where the legs are I can also put some things also the pump in the middle is not so big as on the other cars for example you can see there you can still put something if you really need to fill up this car fully now going to the doors we have the split into window you can fold it down all the way down we have plastic on the doors in the back although the design it’s very nice here we have kind of carbon-fiber design and then down there we have glossy plastic so you can see it here closely other than that kind of a lot of plastic in the back on the doors but then we have the speaker there a small one and then a big one down there here we have leather I like this where the armrest it’s leather with a grain stitches and then we have electric buttons for the windows and some storage space kind of big storage space in store like the door the design of the door it’s nice I wish it was a little bit more for good but in the in the front door its its other other story in the front door is much better you would see it in the moment now the entrance in the car some plastic and and normal the space is much bigger because of this bump there it’s smaller so that’s that’s an extra that I like it another cool thing that I like it’s two USB port here but that’s a great creating in 2020 we need those USB port and this new visual 2008 come with those USB port we will see in the moment amazing seats very good comfortable seats Alcantara leather and soft stuff material combination you can see here the header with the stitches here in the middle we have Alcantara also with the stitches guys down here we have some fabric material that that fit perfectly together we have the ease of fix right here and in my opinion they did a great job with all seats they look so nice they are so comfortable I sit on them even the headrest looks super awesome and fancy I really feel like inside a premium car when when I go inside these 2008 here another downside I don’t have this center console with two cupholders but for many people it doesn’t matter here we have some blast in the back of the seat and some storage space there now lets me go inside to see the space on my legs closing the door more realistic here wait see it so the space on my knees it’s awesome amazing even the very tall people can sit in this car I stretch my legs almost fully there and the comfort it’s amazing as I told you before you can see the driving or see it’s in normal position there I have plenty plenty of space there on my knees and also on my head a lot of space as expected the shape of the car helped you it had a lot good visibility on the windows you can see here no problem with the visibility even though in the back here in the corner maybe a little bit of bad spot for the driver but for me it’s perfect I like those buttons here LED lights button here glossy plastic it looks so premium have handle I have hooks a great quality on the roofs of material nice as as you touch it very nice material I like that that way I’ve told you that this car feel premium there you can see you can see that the glass roof look also nice you can close this manually I like that it’s much better manually than electrically so you can you can do it very simple and I can also open it up that roof there if you want to electrically so going in the middle plenty of space as expected as well out of space on my knees and so for the left and right side a lot of space huge space on my head stretching my hand in the left side almost fully almost fully and also on the right so you can have three people here no problem maybe not for long trips but for short trips it’s quite good good facility also from from the back here and then yeah you can see now the dashboard it’s fantastic it’s fabulous I think by Joe 2020 have amazing amazing design on dashboard and they integrate it’s so nice the designer it’s a great great great great person I think it’s so so has so many skills in the front big windows great visibility here it’s other story the design it’s awesome on the door I love the design here we have soft water everywhere this time not like everywhere here soft material then we have the carbon fiber design here that integrated nice with the dashboard and it’s soft kind of soft and then we have this glossy plastic in black then down there beginning with handles leather handle you can see the green stitches they’re very nice and then also we have the buttons right there all over up here it’s soft material and yeah even here when you rest your arm the button as I told you here Electric for windows and for mirrors speaker and some storage space right nice design what can I say much better quality than in the back that’s a good thing we have the Peschel logo here at the entrance on plastic I like the fact that they add a lot of rubber here around the doors for a nice it’s it’s much less reduction noise reduction and also for dust cannot go inside the car so easily so it’s much much better yeah now we have aluminum pedals on the car car come with those pedals that’s pretty awesome in the price and I find the price pretty as my alarm I can’t believe the price of the car it’s $40,000 it’s quite a good price manual adjustable seats you can also take as an option electric adjustable seat you can take as an option massage sit the seats come also with heated seat but also as an option so you can choice for the driver you can choice all those settings they are awesome the seats sport seats the same combination Alcantara leather and soft material now the dashboard guys I’m in love with this dashboard it’s so futuristic like you’re in a spaceship from the future and it looks awesome here is also the seats you can take a look better sports seats side support awesome quality I really love those I have to tell you they are very comfortable check out my drive test and I told you there as well that those it was amazing Lane Assist button here you can activate is activated here we have the same carbon fiber soft material nice on the dashboard I love it I love the way it looks I love the way they design I love every shape on the dashboard I also start stop button right there a nice integrated in the dashboard let me go inside here we continuing with the same soft dashboard all the way to the door and we have also ambient light inside there on the Torsen you will see it in the moment I like also the way they integrate is vent they’re so nice you don’t even see that there its door so it’s I think it’s one of the most beautiful dashboard ever made in the car also we have the focal speaker in the car and you have you have an amazing sound in the car great quality also soft material on the dashboard soft soft soft all over here a focal speaker right here in the middle so it looks like premium they try to make this car really premium and they did a great job guys I really like the tour I really recommend this car I think it’s awesome I think all those and even even here when you touch those things there feel soft they feel nice quality they don’t feel cheap plastic so I like the car a lot this is the true nobody pay me to say that you have to see the car when you see it you will like it probably too so nice visibility also around the car maybe a little bit of blind spot in the corner tears but no problem here you have also an armrest that you can adjust it in the front in the back the way you want it open it up you have some space there and quite quite I think in my opinion a lot of space you can see that that it go also will it in the front under the cup holder so it’s quite good space I like the space there it’s very practical you can put plenty of stuff there then you have the cup holders right here where you can put your things so I’m gonna see plastic around here is the tea if you wondering how the key look like pretty simple I wish it was a little bit lighter it’s kind of happier to have it in your pocket here you have the drive mode changing from sport comfort eco if you want to see all those difference between them check out my other video with test drive electric and brake pretty awesome I like that very much and also my favorite stick right here for changing the gears in the middle right here I think you know it super awesome it’s very simple to change the gears and it sits in a perfect position I like it very much that’s true then we have 12 volt or you can have also the wireless charging down there if you want it or up here I don’t remember I think it’s up here but yeah you still have the USB port on the side I can close this and open it up the way you want it I think it’s here the wireless charging inside I don’t remember well up or down anyway here you have the USB C port and here you have the USB normal port so very useful again as I told you a great job visual you did a great job there are the buttons for a heating seat here it’s nice design great quality under the wheel here with a little bit of rubber all that buttons and shortcuts for the chromatic system they design it’s so nice guys I don’t know they they they did a great great job with this design here it really really make a difference it’s so simple to use it you can go to many I will show you at the end of this video all those buttons also good quality on the band’s here in the front it’s great quality here we have an LED light you will see it in the moment that ambient light try to show you the glow box guys the glow box it’s so long you know Paige you’ll make very long low box in very spacious and I appreciate them for that and I don’t know how they do it but they make it so long inside there you can put plenty of stuff so that’s a plus for all the pigeons cars that have this space I like the cockpit we have the new eco pit so it’s the digital instrument cluster and it’s a beautiful design one of the best on the market and super awesome you cannot see it so well on the camera but if you look with your own eyes you will see the three-dimensional object there in the middle and it’s it’s fabulous also the blinkers are right here on the side pretty cool so they are not directly in the front and the design of the point of the cockpit is it’s super nice super nice I like the colors the resolution the way they design it’s it’s fabulous its futuristic it’s nice they they make a step forward from the other car companies from here from these wheels on the steering wheel you can adjust different settings there I want to try to focus the camera a little bit on the cockpit so you can see it better so we can change different settings that you can see the car the speed or you can see the navigation or you can customize the way you want I have some customizable ways to make this cockpit to look like and also any choice navigation it’s show you the route and stuff like that it looks super awesome check out the drive test there you can see better because you have to start the engine in order to set navigation and yeah I cannot start the engine right here inside the shop so yeah from here you can control everything see put to control it is simple to change the different settings there and yeah I don’t know in the in the video you cannot see the free D but in Rio you have to check out this car you will you will love it I told you it’s something different something nice maybe from this part I try to move the camera a little bit so you can make an idea the way the three-dimensional object look like the way it looks in 3d but anyway you can see you have a great great visibility there on the front you can adjust the steering wheel the way you want it we have a great steering wheel GT hence you understand when you have the jet a logo down there amazing grip very nice and very light steering wheel and also you can adjust it the way you want it up down front back so you can adjust it perfectly for your view and in my opinion it is one of the best on the market today I can’t believe they they add all that feature in this in this price so it’s kind of amazing here are the shortcut button I will show you in the moment a little bit later but yeah what can I say I like also the ambient light inside the car here is the screen but you can see you have to start the engine in order to play with it otherwise it would close up if you don’t have the engine start it will close up fast because they want the car want to to save energy so that’s a little bit stupid in my opinion but yeah anyway here is the mirror so you have a great great ability in the back it’s very nice mirror it’s very tiny edges not so much plastic there it’s just just the mirror you can see the edges there so fancy and I like that as well LED lights all over the roof inside the car you don’t find any bulb light so everywhere it’s LED also there is the SOS button and the button for the roof you can open up the roof as I told you and also here is the mirror with to reality very nice and then we have a handle up here also very useful so guys what can I say great great position of driving here the LED light the green LED light you can see it on the doors on the dashboard right here the line looks super fancy and look serious and yeah what can I say love the dashboard amazing amazing design amazing the way they put the dashboard in the cockpit to the driver it’s perfect it’s just perfect the dashboard and everything is all it’s just the way it should be and yeah I really like this car now I just want to show you and I want to put another video right here with some of the multimedia system feature and then check it out at the end of this video you will see also the car price and detail of the engine so alright guys so we are inside the 2008 page or 2008 and now just let me show you right here the multimedia system it has a great great position you know its position it to the driver it’s perfect position also amazing visibility but now let me show you here we have the shortcuts for the multimedia system so you just have to press the music and you have the radio you have great colors great resolution it’s a big screen very big screen and nice here you can change different settings right here on the display guys also you can go right here you have the Wi-Fi date and all that information about the car but very simple it’s just go to – here is the here is the kinematic system where you can change the climatic you can change how much temperature you wanna have in the car you can also close it from here then you have the navigation button right here you go to navigation the navigation it’s much better much more improved you can see super smooth I don’t have any complain about this navigation it is it is gorgeous much better than what was before then you have the car information right here we go in the car you have start/stop and all that safety settings that you can change in and close from here even down here you have the light parking comfort and so you have the security system safety brakes the car come with all that great the blind spot technology here are the light and here are the park information and stuff like that then you have the telephone right here the phone you can connect your phone then you have the application so you can connect to apple carplay Android auto you can connect your phone right here very simply I don’t have time to do that right now but I told you I tell you it’s work perfectly it’s work amazing it’s connection it’s it’s fantastic here you can see all the information about the connectivity the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and then the last one is the settings right here where you have the profile you can change the video information how you want the equalizer and all that information about the audio settings and all that stuff and also the damn here you can change the blue you can change it in red or you can change it in let me put it in built in red so you can see right now it’s everything red inside the car even down here so yeah I guess that was the that was the review with the navigation we go back forward to the other but anyway amazing colors amazing amazing design of the multimedia system and also the cockpit it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous car love it so guys at the end I want to show you a few information about the card engine 1.2 155 horsepower the price 40,000 around $40,000 38,000 euros so that was the info guys with the new Peugeot 2008 GT Line I hope you enjoyed it please check out my other videos thank you very much for watching my videos guys and see you soon in the next one bye guys stay safe and wash your hand bye

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