New Peugeot 5008 Allure 2020 | 7 Seater Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today i have with me the new peugeot 5008 allure version uh and also on this car is the diesel engine uh we will go to those details a little bit later but first time i just want to show you the exterior of the car also we will go in the interior um as you know i already have another review full review with the peugeot 5008 but this time i want to show you this car because it is a seven seater and it will be really interesting to see it uh also the car come with a diesel engine 131 horsepower an automatic gearbox and also eight gear shifter and the price of this big suv it is around 39 000 dollars so it’s a great great price for the car also here you can see the consumption and all that information about the car so you can pause the video read it out um the the most interesting thing about this car uh is the price also with the technology that come through right here you can see the blind spot technology keyless entrance in the car of course you can see there on the handle it has a lot of new technology uh the only downside you can see it right here on the on the headlamps because they are not led light it’s just normal uh ball pipe even the turn signals and even the high bin lobin it is a bulb light so the only led is the day the daylight so you can see it right there the line that go through there even the fog lamps down there are normal bulb light so this is the only downside but other than that um the car have a lot of great technology you can see the radar right there in the middle right here in the middle is the radar for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that great uh safety feature and also the car have the lane assist and also can read the traffic speed limit the front grille pretty simple in the peugeot style and guys for a for a big suv like that i think the price it’s it’s very good it’s a great great price i think it’s one of the the best buy uh price quality suv on the market in 2020 so i let you decide please send me your feedbacks and tell me what you think about that i’m really curious what you think also the rims you can see it here you can see the the design and the the little pieces and the little um things that make the car look much more um nicer and interesting uh also here the car come with the plastic around the edges of the wheels that plastic protect uh the car in time from uh rust for example from scratch and stuff like that the car come also with an 18 inch rims you can see it right here uh braking disc of course ventilated braking discs in the front in the back and yeah what can i say you can see here from the side also the car have big big windows you will see when we go inside that the visibility is phenomenal right here even in the back the same story with this plastic around the edges of the car that protect uh from scratch and from rust in time in my opinion this is a very very practical um thing to add those plastic around the edges of the car in the back right here on the side you can see the lines the lines look also very nice around there and also up here around the edges of the windows on the upper side you have some chrome and down side you have some black rubber tinted windows in the back huge huge windows you will see in the moment when we go inside you can add also on the roof some extra storage without any problem the roof spoiler right here in the back look beautiful nice design some glossy plastic around there very aerodynamic design so pretty nice uh right there you have the led brake lights in the middle of the spoiler and going down you have right here uh the led light is only for the tail light but the turn signals it’s normal bulb light and even the the reverse light it’s bulb light so no led in terms of course you can you can add it as an option you can buy it as an option to the car and it’s something that i totally recommend you uh down here the car come also with the reverse camera the lights although for the number plate uh are normal lights no led by the way garage gaelica if you are from switzerland check it out on the internet car planet punch you can find the cars the price and also you can come for a test drive if you want to other than that down there we have some chrome design on the bumper and other than that the bumper it’s from made from plastic it has six parking sensors um in the back this is a great great feature down there also the fog lamps are on the side so you can see now you can see it down there uh and yeah other than that this is the the exterior it’s a pretty nice car it’s a huge car it’s a seven seater car uh this one that i present you here and you will see how much space it has in the interior i was quite impressed to see how much space it has and to see the price uh it is a good good price uh for what the car can offer up here also you have the camera and also the raining sensors that camera help for the lane assist and can read the traffic speed limit as well so yeah it’s just something that to keep in mind um yeah what can i say let’s let me show you the engine bay of course most of you want to see that it’s very easy to open it up uh it is a manually though so you can you have to hold it with your hand right now i’m holding it for you but uh yeah you can put that manual stick there and yeah use it just something to keep in mind now let’s go in the interior guys here it’s something that uh it was blow my mind so for example first thing to notice is the entrance huge entrance up here on the door you have also triangle up there but look at the entrance in the trunk it’s huge i mean it’s it’s so big you can carry so many so much big items here also you have a flat floor some plastic at the entrance huge huge entrance and it’s it’s phenomenal i mean i like it very much look at look at this from the side look how huge is the entrance also you have a trunk protection there you can take it out without any problem you have some storage space up here you have the light then you have this trunk protection that you can take it out without any problem here on the right side some space also cup holders for the seven seater as i told you it’s a seven seater you have some hooks here in the corners but other than that guys i just want to show you here you don’t have nothing under here they are just the seats so there are just the um and yeah maybe when you when you fold up the seats then you have a small space there under where you can put your stuff so you can you can put this up and then you have some space down there to put your stuff anyway the seats are very similar with what you have on the second row uh they are very good quality you have that leather with with fabric material in the middle um so they are very comfy not so big but super comfy and you have plenty of space also look at this guys how amazing you can fall down all the seats even the seats in the front from the from the front passenger so how cool is that if you have to carry long items i mean huge items like a surf uh plaque or something like that um it’s amazing i mean it’s it’s great no not many car can do that also the tank the diesel and the add blue it’s here on the right side uh open the door another cool stuff that i was impressed is the entrance in the door i don’t know if you can see it so well on the camera but the entrance it’s a huge huge entrance here really big and you can see that the seats going all the way flat so it is indeed a huge huge space here very practical car it’s one of the most practical um seven seater car in my opinion and who great price really great price uh this the the legs room there uh you don’t have to worry about that because you can adjust those seats the way you want it from down here you can pull it in the front let me show you just like that and then you pull it in the front the way you want it and after you put it in the front and you find the perfect position then you will have you will have in the back plenty of space so yeah uh in terms of space you don’t have to worry too much you can customize the seats the way you want it you have free individual seat you have easelfix for all three seats here in the back and i think also from the city in the front i’m not sure about that but anyway i don’t know if someone will draw to have more than three kids but it’s more than enough anyway up here you have the headrest the same story the same leather combination with fabric material it’s very easy to fold down the seat just one second you fold it down uh you have huge space on the legs down here you have a 12 volt port uh you have the bands and then down there you can control the vent speed so yeah no usb port maybe that’s a small downside but other than that it’s just it’s just perfect perfect going inside here and i want to show you up here you have some led lights on the roof they are not working now i have to put the contact you have a handle the roof quality it’s good it’s very good uh and going in the middle the fact that you don’t have any any transmission tunnel here any bump it’s perfect i mean you can sit three people without any problem uh in the car just another thing to keep in mind another plus another bonus huge place on my head four five six finger there anyway i don’t know it’s really big um and then in the left in the right i can almost stretch my hand it’s amazing amazing space for free people here no problem huge space on my knees as well a lot of space on my knees i can stretch my legs in the front there also yeah pretty good space also on the head great space visibility on the windows it is gorgeous also the position on the seat is good um it’s a great great huge windows as i told you from the exterior that the the visibility is one of the best one of the best visibility you don’t have any any anything there to restrict your vision outside also here in the back you have this light that you can adjust it the way you want it pretty simple so that’s another great great stuff yeah what can i say let’s go in the front um and then i will show you in the front guys uh everything the the cockpit the the space there and yeah you know uh peugeot in 2020 start to make some amazing car with great design the dashboard and a lot of new technology in the car at the great great price and yeah also the futuristic design it’s awesome you look like look at this window how big it is the quality up here on the doors it’s quite good you have some fabric material some chrome design insertion it’s it’s pretty nice handle you have the button for electric windows you have leather all over here on this part where the arm are resting some storage space in the door bends and then you have two speakers on the door so that’s that’s pretty good um yeah by the way guys let me fold it back the way it was before i will not fold all down because i think you make the idea about that i will also write you now the size i will write you in the video the size of the of the of the boot of the trunk and how it is with all the seats folding down now um look at this seats i want to show you how easy it’s also to fall down this seats right here you have here on the side a handle that you push it like that you will need two hands you push it forward and then with other hand you just put it up i need to hand so sorry about that so now it’s the normal position so you can make an idea about the seats the same design as in the back uh only that they are much more comfortable in the front here you have side support and they are bigger and they are great for long trips you can adjust it of course manually adjustable seats uh but the the comfort on the seats it’s gorgeous i mean it’s great great great great now going forward um i like very much the the dashboard design and the glow box it’s pretty big you have plenty of space here in the globe box that’s a good thing the airbag on and off it’s also there and going forward let me go on the other side to the driver’s side there it’s more interesting to see uh on the doors we have also the buttons for the electric windows also i like very much this rubber they add a lot of rubber a lot of great quality and when you close the door it has a nice sound you know like quality sound when you close the doors you have soft material on the front doors even up here even here you have uh store uh stuff material you have led light inserted in the door there and then here you have leather so a lot of soft material a lot of good quality so you don’t have to worry about that the buttons for the windows of course and the electric mirrors adjustable speaker here and yeah and that’s the front door pretty good quality not bad then the pedals are normal pedals no aluminum pedals uh the seats are also manual adjustable the same as you see on the passengers the same seat and yeah the dashboard now will go inside and i will show you part of the dashboard you have a small space here where you can put your stuff then you have also the uh the wheel for the brightness of the display the vents feel good look nice pretty simple soft material all over the dash right here it’s soft material nice as you touch it then you have here the controller for cruise control this is typical for uh peso cars you will find it on almost all the car all the new cars then uh the great great seats and the great steering wheel uh one of my favorite steering wheel it’s so easy to use so simple so classic so you will also find it on the all pedro version you can adjust it manually very simple from down here super easy to adjust it you have pedals for changing the gears manually if you want super easy no problem then yeah the visibility is quite good let me close the door let me show you you have a great visibility from the driver point of view here in the middle you have also the multimedia screen it’s the small one uh as you’ll make also some bigger ones these days uh but anyway the design of the dash it’s phenomenal here we have um leather armrest pretty nice pretty fancy huge space down there you can take also this on the side like that and i have to tell you guys here i can stretch almost half of my hand inside there it’s a huge huge space so you can see right now it’s one of the most spacious spacious uh storage space here here is the key of course just a normal key now going forward two cup holders some led light down here as well look very nice in the night with the door led and stuff like that also glossy plastic here on the center console sport mode electronic handbrake some storage space for the key and then you have this shifter here shift by wire gear shifter from peugeot then you have the controllers for the different driving modes then you have start stop engine button and down there in the front some storage space for your phone then you have 12 volt port and an usb port so oh that’s great that we have an usb port here in the front really useful uh even here you have soft material on the dashboard that’s something to keep in mind so keep in mind that here on the side we have um soft material so the quality on the dash is quite good you have fabric material there that go through the to the doors soft material on the dashboard nice nice layout everything it’s it’s just perfect and even those buttons they look so uh futuristic so premium if i can say like that then you have also the climatic system down there with controllers uh pressing the start engine one time so we have the contact and here in the front guys you will have this beautiful beautiful new cockpit it’s not the latest one e-cockpit 3d it’s just the normal e-cockpit from peugeot but it’s still phenomenal i mean you have almost the same same features you can see the the to tourometer the speedometer you have all the information nice colors nice resolution you have all the information right there you can customize the way you want you can have also the navigation in the middle so you have an a great great view um right there also you can customize many things so you can chase uh between the the the different function right here and it looks also very nice anyway not going to go too much into details because i have already a full review with this new peugeot ecocockpit and also multimedia system i don’t want to go too much into detail check out on my channel if you didn’t see it yet i have it there the full review so you can see it there without any problem um so yeah what can i say guys um i guess that was my review with the new peugeot 5008 was a short review i know probably i will make a longer one on my channel with more details maybe a test drive i i already did once but if you’re interested in that just write me and tell me and i will make another one for you if you are really interested also if you have question please ask me anything you want subscribe if you want to see more of those kind of video that will mean a lot for me uh guys also like it share it and thank you very much for watching my videos i await your feedbacks with pleasure i read all your comments um as always stay safe and i guess i see you soon in the next one bye guys oh

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