Peugeot 5008 MPV 2014 review

The Peugeot 5008 ruled us before with its deceivingly stylish good looks a midlife nip-and-tuck has helped to keep things fresh with new headlights grille and restyled front bumper the large sweeping dashboard means the interior is as cool as the exterior and the chrome dials and raised gearbox some neat features the layout of the buttons and switches is straightforward and doesn’t look cluttered top 5008 models come with a heads-up display and all models get bluetooth thankfully that sloping roofline doesn’t impinge on passenger space so whether you’re five foot four and a half like me or almost but not quite six foot like Matt you’ll find there is plenty of room even if you’re over six foot tall there’s enough Headroom and enough legroom now you can also recline these seats and move them so you can get really comfortable maybe even have a little sleep on a really long journey but I can’t go to sleep I’ve got the rest of this MPV to show you starting with the third row this third row is easy to get to thanks to the flexibility of those seats I once here if you’re a child you’ll be absolutely fine now though the kids are at the grandparents you and your partner have done an Ikea trip can’t wait for delivery no problem turn your 5008 into a van watch this the high seating position and large glass area really does give you a great view of the road and a sense of safety which is excellent for a family car I mean it did score the maximum five stars in the Euro endcap crash safety tests all models come with six airbags traction control and electronic stability program as standard engine choice is good our favorite though is the 2-liter diesel HDI and comes with either 148 brake horsepower or 161 brake horsepower however for buyers on a budget go for the 1.6 HDI because it returns almost 60 to the gun and feels powerful enough for most people when you drive sensibly this car feels comfortable and fairly composed the seats are supportive and comfortable and it feels smooth and quiet as occupants are protected from wind and road noise it’s not bad to drive either the steering is precise and it feels fairly stable through the corners admittedly a Ford s-max is more fun to drive but if you want a car that feels fairly composed even with a full family on board this could be the car for you to improve that further go for the dynamic roll control because it limits the amount the car moves around in the corners which might even help prevent sickness feel rear seat passengers however it’s not all good I’m disappointed to tell you that storage is poor the glovebox is tiny and where are the cupholders then it might look cheap but the entry-level model is so badly equipped you wouldn’t want to buy it anyway you really need to go for the next one up which is the active for a decent amount of spec and then Pozos are not exactly renowned for good residual values but then you let it off because it looks good it’s comfortable for the family for long journeys and both incredibly versatile space why not check out its competition though watch the Ford s-max video here the Citroen c4 Grand Picasso video here the latest car buy video here and to our channel by clicking here

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