Peugeot 5008 SUV 2017 review

I’ve got a quick question for you would you pay 2,000 pounds for an extra 20 centimeters which is what it’s about how much would you because that’s exactly what Peugeot is expecting us to do with its new 5008 because it starts from 24,000 pounds whereas the slightly smaller 3008 slots from 22,000 pounds obviously you do get more with a five thousand and eight there’s more space inside there’s more room to carry stuff and most importantly there’s two more seats in every other way though it’s identical to its smaller brother now if you want more detail on the 3008 then just click up there to watch my full in-depth video review of it and one of the standard features of the 3008 and this 5008 is the interior design I mean in this class there is nothing to match it for style nor quality I mean it not only looks great it feels great as well all cars get an easy-to-use infotainment touchscreen with Android auto and apple carplay as standard plus there’s a 12 inch digital drivers display on every single model while all but the entry-level car gets satellite navigation in-car storage is pretty decent so you’ve got large door bins all around and there’s some extra storage space look underneath here there you go and if I just pop into the front as well as your usual front door bins and glove box there’s decent storage here and for the gaily view got some cup holders here and if I just pop this open there’s plenty of space under there as well the 5008 gets the same engines as the 3008 but the sweet little 1.2 turbo petrol may struggle with a fully loaded 7 seater so one of the punchy 1.6 or 2-liter diesel engines will be a better choice now just like the 3000 mate you’ve got this sporty little steering wheel which is a little bit confusing in a car such as this because it does make you drive it a little bit faster than your shirt and one thing about this car is the initial turning from the student seems very very sharp for a seven-seater you’re gonna have all your passengers feeling a little bit sick on the whole the 5008 handles pretty well for a big car though being slightly longer means it’s not quite so agile as the 3008 though this doesn’t really matter the extra length in the wheelbase does seem to improve the ride somewhat it’s quite impressive over bumps actually in fact you can thank the jacked up off-road a suspension for the in comfort however just like the 3008 the 5008 is 8 bit of the fraud it’s not actually a 4×4 it’s front-wheel drive only but most mods will be able to tell the only thing that really sticks out from there they don’t it’s like illogical occasionally you glance in the rearview mirror and you noticed that back window is a lot further away and yeah you’re jacked up so it’s got that SUV feeling but it does feel a bit more like an MPV another thing about having the windows so far back is that rear visibility isn’t quite so good so it’s a good job this car comes a standard with parking sensors equipment levels are very impressive as is the safety kit all cars come with stuff like auto emergency braking and speed sign recognition so now we come to the main differences between the five thousand eight and three thousand eight so the extra 20 centimetres is actually between the front and rear wheels that means more cabin space and if you look down here I’ve got absolutely loads of knee room also the five thousand mate has individual seats here in the middle of row so I’ve got one two and three they also slide independently and recline independently the seats tone to that in the 3008 I’ve got some picnic tables here the only problem is they’re not that sturdy not compared to those in a Volkswagen take one victim its pressure and yeah your food will be flopping onto the floor you do get some some blinds though which is handy if you want to carry children in the back and keep the Sun off dump however have you noticed the major problem in this car yeah doc Headroom it’s really really tight admittedly this car does have the optional panoramic sunroof got the blind covering here at the moment because there’s too much Sun coming in but you know I tested her three thousand eight with the sunroof and it had more Headroom than this I can reclined the chair slightly but even then you know there’s hardly any Headroom which is just odd for this kind of car me it’s a real oversight by Peugeot so if the middle row is compromised how about the third row after all that’s why you’d buy the five thousand and eight over three thousand and eight now getting into the very back is pretty easy so the doors have been nice and wide and the seats slide out of the way like that I’m gonna leave that one there because I want to show you something if you look you’ll see with these seats as far back as I can go there’s no legroom but if I just slide it forward a touch with enough legroom for the people in the middle of row then I’ve got sufficiently Agreements actually all right back here and this is the thing to note look I’m sitting up straight and I’ve got enough Headroom I can fit my hand between my head and the roof so it’s actually better in this back row that in the middle right which is just insane and I think you know for an SUV rather than an MPV this this third row seats it’s pretty impressive the CT mechanism is very similar to that on the old five thousand eight which was an MPB people carrier and folding them away is more vocal lava than in something like a Volkswagen Touran as as various flaps to faff about with to create a flat load floor now there are some core features which I really do like for instance the load cover it’s dead easy to relieve and it’s nice and light plus you can put it in a secondary position so just slot it into place here I can then when I fold the seats the way you’ll see there’s somewhere to store it that’s really nice now I just want to put this seat back down again there we go out of the way because the other cool feature I like is this so if I fold this out of the way and just lift this up no wait a minute look that came off mmm you won’t have that kind of thing happening on a German car I don’t think because I do like this look the very most seats they are removable and unlike with MP visa volt it’s actually reasonably light they weigh about 10 kilos so I can use it for a bit of a workout mid review or raises that’s not the real reason you want to remove the seats you want to remove them because it gives you some extra space under here and you could use that to carry your Persia Acuto or maybe even their new a bicycle now if you want some more information on those two items you can see me review them in a separate video which you’ll be able to click on at the end of this video speaking of which the 5008 looks just as futuristic as the 3008 from the front and from the back but from other angles such as this one this one this one and this one those extra 20 centimeters just make the 5008 seem a little bit more and gangly and that brings us back to the original question is the extra length worth the extra cash well I don’t think so and the main reason for that is the compromised Headroom in that middle row seats I think it’s actually to do with the seat design because it is better in the 3008 and as a result I think there are better cost recurring seven people than this admittedly they’re not so stylish and this is actually a really good value car when you consider it starts on 24,000 pounds but if you click up there to go to car wipeout co dot uk’ you can see what offers you can get on any POJO overall then the five thousand eight may not be the most practical 7 seater but it’s one of the most interesting and for image-conscious buyers that will matter just as much if you enjoyed this video please like it showed and subscribe to our Channel and click on the video windows to watch my review the Skoda Kodiak and pirgos electric scooter and bike

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