These 10 Tips for Writing Headlines That Will Instantly Increase Your Advertising Response Rates

Without a compelling headline, even the most powerful advertising copy is pointless.

A headline that is effective will determine whether your prospect customer will read your next sentence in your sales message.

If you want to sell, your reader must be attracted to something that interests them.

These 10 tips will instantly improve your advertising results, regardless of whether you already have a great headline or are just beginning to write your next sales letter or ad.

1. Your headline should include your prospect’s name. Everybody wants to see their name in the headline. This will grab their attention and make them want to read your ad.

2. Use the phrase “Use Quotations” in your headline. Your headline will be perceived as a testimonial, and therefore has credibility. Credibility can increase your response rate and create more belief.

3. Your headline shouldn’t be “BIG”. Advertisers believe that larger headlines will get more attention. Sometimes, bigger is not better. Your headline should be readable and convincingly large in comparison to the rest. Your credibility can be eroded if your headline is too big.


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4. Your headline should not end with a period. Your readers may be unable to focus on your headline if it ends with a period. People are trained to pause at the end of a period. If you end your headline with a “!” An exclamation point will add excitement to your headline and encourage your reader to continue reading your ad. It’s worked for me. You can also leave your headline unfinished or use “…” to get your copy to move into your body.

5. You can use one, two or three subheadlines. Subheadlines can be used below the main headline to build interest and excitement. Your subheadline should be shorter than the main headline or the one before it. Your reader will eventually end up reading the main body of your ad/sales letter.

6. Although there are many ways to create great headlines, I have found that the easiest and most effective way to do it is to start with the benefit of your product or service and then add “How To…”. If your greatest feature as a web designer is the ability to get websites up and running in 3 days, then you could use “How To Attract New Businesses Worldwide While You Sleep” as the headline.

7. Use “$” dollar numbers in advertising. This tip: If you help people save $2,500 or make $2,500 more with your product/service, add a decimal point: $2,500.00. Which is more money? $2,500.00 or $2,500.00 If you’re stating a price for your product then make sure there are as few as possible “0”s. If your product is $2,500 you don’t want “$2,500.00” or “$2,500.00” printed. Print something around $2,499. This is less intimidating.

8. Combining a grabber with your headline can produce amazing results. Grabbers are tiny gadgets or trinkets that you attach to your report or letter. They can be anything from million-dollar bills to fake checks to bubble gum, paper chips, real money, string, magnifying glass, pencils, string, string, real money, string, string, magnifying lenses, pencils, pencils, fake checks to fake checks. It is important to tie your grabber with your offer in an interesting way. You can also combine headlines above and/or below your graber to really boost your advertising’s power.

9. Your headline should be newsworthy. “How to Get Your Tax Refund in 10 Days!” This headline is very benefit-oriented. However, you could also try a newsworthy approach such as “Local Tax Planner Refunds Taxes to Clients More Than $1,000,000.00!”

10. Use testimonials as your headline. Get the most specific and detailed testimonial you can find and use it for your headline. Example: “I made $32,000.00 more in six weeks and an additional $10,000.00 in two days!” This is an example of a particular testimonial. It’s unique because it’s true, newsworthy, and you can attach your real name.








10 ways to distribute your brochures

Your business brochure can be a powerful marketing and advertising tool. It is important to design it with care. If you want your business to grow, the biggest brochure is not always best. If it is not distributed well, even the most professionally produced brochures on the planet, they will be of little use. What is the secret to effective distribution?

Direct mailing is often the first step. The leaflet is distributed to a large number of people using a mailing list that you purchased. Mass mailings can be very inefficient. If you get more than 1 percent response, you’re doing well. This is a costly way to do business.

You could also hire people to distribute brochures in parking lots of shopping malls. This is a wasteful alternative to mailing and many leaflets can end up being thrown away. This will likely cause more irritation than it attracts.

A third option is to use a local newspaper to get your publication to the masses. Your brochures will be placed in the magazine and sent to subscribers. This is similar to advertising, and likely has a similar response rate.

Fourth, keep the pamphlets in clear plastic holders so they are easily accessible to anyone who visits your place of work. If you haven’t done so, shame on you.

Fifth, make sure you have printed material on hand for those who have to wait in line for services such as the post office. People waiting for services have nothing to do but read your message. This could prove useful publicity. The Post Office will charge you accordingly.

Sixth, doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms are similar to a prisoner audience that might be willing to take the time to listen to what you have to share. The medical profession generally will only accept material that is relevant to their work. This one is worth a shot.

Number seven: Make sure to distribute your promotional material at trade shows and exhibitions. If the show is related to your business, it is likely that prospects will find this a great place to source information.

Eighth. Eighth. This is a great way to build up a list of prospects so you can market to them repeatedly.

Ninth. The brochure can be used in place of a business cards. A brochure can be thrown away if it is too large. You can design something that conveys your main message in a smaller format.

Tenth: Do you have a list of all your clients, past and present? This is your gold mine, so send out a brochure to everyone. You might be surprised at the response if you’ve done a great job in the past.









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