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Volkswagen Golf vs. Ford Focus

a new decade, a new wave and that not a moment too soon because though the old one was still very strongly behind the troops, it was a car who was no longer the outspoken winner a year and a half ago, for example of this new Ford focus on the market and it knew everything in a multi-test including the old wave and now the new organized, that focus can serve nicely as the point of seeing how much progress has been made from the outside the real case is a wave is a wave is a wave within you recognizes and so as such,

but in here they are really with the gross brush gone through it and so it all looks a lot fresher really a car for the new decade few physical buttons a lot in menus in the touchscreen I must say that digital world also looks really nice you really have to go to something from the mercedes a-class to get over this with that digital clock shop that you also love everything can do with it super fast touchscreen with beautiful graphics that is all real top the finish material use he is no longer as far ahead as he was in the past when you do this against that focus then you see the really high-quality look but is possible just give me a yes what must be solid impression and that is in itself very nice ergonomic I think it is a little less successful very few physical buttons and that means you fell it quite touchscreen should do so if you want something simple,

she wants you If you want to dim the dashboard lighting, you first have to go from carplay to the main menu and the wall of search and setup and then you have to go to display and then you can eventually adjust the brightness level of your screen that is not a matter of necessity in itself, but that focus is just left here because you can press the steering wheel button and with that ready in one go the annoying thing is to operate such a bag while driving that ensures that you start looking with your support you often do below and there also happens to be the disk controls for the volume and the temperature sometimes you control something in the touchscreen there is no town radio slightly louder or softer or the temperatures than half goes up to down that is not a problem but it is not ideal and it is not necessary but that focus it all looks a bit less beautiful but there you have a knob in rotating town temperature lower or you can handle it the role he had your volume a bit high that’s all just a little bit easier so this one is better for the stayed focus in ergonomics what better for each other than looking at space backseat then not the waves both have them plenty of legroom but the headroom in this wave is a bit better we go them space this wave is slightly more spacious with the sofa up and focus wins with the bank down

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[Applause] under the skin, the new wave is one further development of the well-known mqb platform is called mqb ego and that gives actually also a bit on how this car drives or serves our old one and with a torque wrench all bolts have half a tooth turned on he is a little more sporty she went the good word is more dynamic so there is actually something about it i willing he feels a little more alert to the shin sends dive that nose a little faster inward now this is a version with active shock absorbers we are wide range so you can really enjoy it comfortable but quite sporty make the car look very inviting to play along he will never surprise you with they suddenly laughed and dragged I give it is all safe predictable but every millimeter of the damper is neat, it checks it is quiet little to the front whistle it is just really an all-rounder a car that you can do a lot with even if you unexpectedly dive too hard into a bend,

he would never surprise he just does everything you tell you a little more willingness than before which is very very good on my tour often many well-known motorcycles, the entire range is of course again is being expanded but for now the biggest news is the one the 5th taizé true I am now driving that is the well-known one point 5 days 4 cylinder with 150 hp and has cylinder shutdown so if you are now up to about 80 kilometers per hour little you will see your logo appear on the screen do the through the fabric in therefore no longer participate this increases efficiency but the big news is coming of a time harbert system will be stuck to 7-speed dsg and that switches only inappropriately the engine from the starter generator you release gas on what engine is completely dead and then you could just max out with zero consumption you can actually do it all use momentum to reduce consumption and I must say that attention leadership pleases us very well so has ups tsg can off when we have it useful I have that more often with the e point zero daisy three-cylinder at this reverence 5 and has so much torque from so deep below it doesn’t really matter used to be very smooth very familiar,

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he goes quite fast when you accelerate a really smooth car and that start of the engine yes I must say under normal circumstances is just quiet driving you will not notice it is going great smoothly if you are as now who spends grass and only now comes real going in personally I don’t think so nice but half of the time it is not and it makes the car as said more efficient is actually the old wave plus 1 in everything oh Oh but well you are golfing you may already have become 1.8% dynamic in this focus remains the undisputed driver’s car in this part of the market it is not even so much that that harder can make him carry a little more stay line with pilot sport 3 tire rolled but i think if those tires are placed under the wave, the transverse acceleration in itself is not quite so is much greater in this focus but it is more the way you do it not so much that it can do more, but that it is possible and that he wants it too don’t make me send you steering is much more direct, that rhino had nice inwards around the butt behind it would it be here just wit I can challenge him with you he involves you more when driving you feel it again in yes that’s what the focus is always done right and that is fortunately still the case with the new generation motor part for something different than volkswagen this they also and a point 5 but it is a three-cylinder and you can get it in a number of capacities variants but for the money where you get 150 hp at Volkswagen you get fort 100 and 82 hp and that makes this car it is nice and fast to super well insulated,

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it is quiet you belong to a not working much torque from below but at the moment that you then buck him then you start to hear that it is one engine resources devour online number is but that is rather that which you encourages then that it is really against then you can not this 182 hp variant get with a double clutch bucket but good if you make manual baking as is then it is actually not such objection it is really a bowl that really nice shot through the harbor throne it is just always here in everything communicates with you more and he does that at a reduced price rate because this version includes crust all option on it are just under 35,000 euros and that is a lot of money understand me not wrong, but that wave that is a first and style or first edition I must and well that’s nice that you have one limited edition but which also have a bunch of 45,000 euros 45,000 euros that you just got me a big one not so long ago and what do you have extra some things panoramic roof and the DSG of course it is not that he is a lot fatter in his stuff and then I can imagine that you say and the regular price list then well if you start from the style and you dress them fairly evenly, it remains a price hole the advantage of this Ford focus arises from a few thousand euros so the scorecard could be very exciting

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