What a Successful Restaurant Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

Over half a year has passed since the information of a novel coronavirus first broke, and it’s still uncertain as of yet when the pandemic will be over, and things can return to normal. Some industry experts are saying that the restaurant business will never completely come back to the way it was and are bracing themselves for a new normal post-pandemic.

Restaurants have been hit harder than most businesses. As they navigate the changing times, many are looking forward and trying to ascertain what a thriving restaurant may even seem like post-pandemic. It is still unclear as of yet, but several trends have emerged so far, and business leaders are looking towards some key areas of change:


Even following the thread of contracting the virus dies down, clients will still be focused on their security, and that’s why a successful restaurant is going to be one which has prioritized safety measures above all else.

Tables will probably continue to be spaced out further apart to allow for social distancing. When weather is fine, outdoor seating will be more popular, and can assist restaurants recover some of their losses from decreased seating. You will also probably see limited seating at each table in the post-pandemic world. Social distancing guidelines might be raised eventually, but restaurants and customers alike will stay cautious of large gatherings.

So far as cleaning and sanitizing go, it is going to continue to be important to do this thoroughly and regularly. Ramp up cleaning efforts and ensure proper personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and masks are worn whenever possible.

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Ensure that your employees are trained on proper handwashing and apply your handwashing coverage as much as you have the ability to. Train staff how to effectively clean and sanitize surfaces. Most restaurants will have to get a good cleaning and sanitization program in place.

Finally, successful restaurants are those that restrict facial contact wherever possible. This may be achieved by utilizing contactless services such as delivery and curbside pickup. You might even invest in technology solutions like kiosks that can manage tasks such as taking orders and processing payments, so you can keep customers safe when enjoying a positive yield.

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When the danger passes, restaurants will be working hard to regain a few of the losses they have experienced. Those that achieve success post-pandemic are those that have reduced their losses as far as possible by simplifying their menus. This permits a restaurant to extend their stock as much as possible, cutting down on waste and increasing profits.

Even post-pandemic, this will probably continue, as it helps restaurants achieve increased profitability by using their inventory. Begin by reducing the amount of common items like appetizers. These may increase the spread of germs and probably will not be missed too much.


The biggest areas you will probably see big changes in are the services restaurants provide. Before, many restaurants largely relied on dine-in and table-service earnings for a large bulk of their profits. After COVID-19, restaurant goers will still dine in, but other services will be heavily emphasized.

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Online ordering

Online ordering is among the biggest revenue drivers for restaurants now. Although the pandemic has significantly increased the use of online ordering, its popularity has been rising well before the virus struck. Post-pandemic, clients will have gotten so accustomed to the ease of online ordering that its incidence is very likely to keep on increasing.

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Delivery is more popular today than it’s ever been before. With the growth of third-party delivery solutions, just about any restaurant is capable of offering a delivery service. Whether you utilize these third-party providers or run your own delivery service, it is going to be practically impossible for a thriving restaurant to stay profitable and competitive without offering some kind of delivery service in the future.

Curbside pickup

Curbside pickup goes alongside delivery among the most popular services available. Customers enjoy the security and convenience of having the ability to pick up their orders and enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes without needing to pay a shipping fee. When the pandemic is over, clients will probably be busier and will not have enough time for on-premises dining each time they would like to order something. A thriving post-pandemic restaurant will have a quick and effective curbside pickup operation. Putting the correct technology in place, such as rugged tablets, to take orders and process transactions curbside is vital to the achievement of curbside pick up service.

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Ghost kitchen

Ghost kitchens were popping up in cities frequently prior to the pandemic, but they’re only popular now. Having a ghost kitchen, you do not offer you any on-premises dining. You operate on a delivery-only model. This can save on operating costs by allowing the owners to remove quite a great deal of overhead costs associated with conventional restaurants. It is anticipated that phantom kitchens will become more popular in the long run.

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Kiosks are also on the increase. With these devices, customers can place their orders in the kiosk and have them shipped directly to the POS and kitchen screen. This cuts down on wait time, improves accuracy, and boosts order size by means of automatic upselling prompts. But perhaps the main quality of kiosks now is that, if cleaned regularly and correctly, they can keep clients protected from contracting any viruses by reducing facial interactions.

Moving Forward

There’s a whole lot of doubt for what the condition of this industry will look like when the virus is no longer a significant threat. It’s hard to determine precisely what affects your restaurant will have to implement so as to remain successful. Even though this is a stressful time for restaurant operators, it does not need to signal doom.

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